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Days: 43.9
Mean Score: 6.40
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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
25 minutes ago
Watching 7/25 · Scored 10
2 hours ago
On-Hold 11/26 · Scored 7
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Yesterday, 2:35 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 9.4
Mean Score: 6.67
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  • Chapters1,695
  • Volumes183
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Sep 19, 12:31 PM
Reading 2/369 · Scored 9
Sep 19, 11:31 AM
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Aug 25, 11:21 AM
Reading 300/705 · Scored 10


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Ren-Amamiya 18 minutes ago
Dont worry, you can talk to me anytime.
I personally didn't like hataraku maou Sama. I loved the first episode but it became boring really fast. You know, the mc is satan, he's evil, kill people, in the human world he lost his Power and became a normal Boy and want to stay like that.. it's like he never killed before. He even became the typical harem Boy Who want to save Everyone o.o ... I dunno maybe im wierd, this show is really Popular but i personally didn't get it. The anime try too much to be serious and add an actual plot. I personally didnt find it really funny either (except the first episode).

Still give it a try, maybe you'll like it (by the way the first episode is the best)

About Jojo.. i have a unpopular opinion but i liked part 2 more, it was not episodic like the other part so..
Ren-Amamiya 1 hour ago
Sorry about that i was busy so i was a by Lazy with my comment but that's not because i didn't want to reply to you. Thanks, i'll finish Devils line and i'll start Tokyo Ghoul after :)

Oh yeah, i recently finished Stardust crusader, was okay but too episodic.. and i was hoping for a longer fight against Dio. I mean .. 2 season of 24 episode for only 3 épisode with Dio.. it was sad :/ i see that you dont seem to like jojo anymore? I mean, your Jojo score are lower than before, right?

I'll probably continue later but honestly, part 4 don't look very interesting to me.. i Heard it's also episodic too :/
Ren-Amamiya Sep 20, 7:34 PM
Im not into Harem/Ecchi either but even the people i know who didn't like Ecchi really loved Kill la kill so im a bit curious...

Okay i'll try to find something to recommend for you.

By the way, i know that Tokyo Ghoul anime is a mess but should i try the manga? I really want to give a chance to this serie!
Ren-Amamiya Sep 20, 1:28 PM
XD you didnt like Guilty crown either, i really didnt like it. I used to have very high expectation before watching it but it was, like you said, mediocre. i stopped around episode 7.
Sorry then, i 'll try to think more about what to recommend to you. You want something Sci-fi if possible, right ? Do you like a lot of anime genre ?

I don't know battle cats, it's also a mobile game ?
Yup, i play a lot to pokemon go ^^ Do you play too ?
Ren-Amamiya Sep 20, 4:43 AM
Omg guilty crown... I tried tis anime a few years ago and i didn't like it at all. Everything is random and nothing is explained. And wait to see the boring villain (blond haired guy with flowers).

mmhh.. Wich genre you want to watch ? i see that you liked the Koukaku Kidoutai movie. Maybe you can try the serie as well ? it's really sci fi, i enjoyed it a lot. The second season is even better. You can also try the second season of Bungou stray dog.
Noragami is also a fun watch, there's a bit of Action/Supernatural and Comedy. Yato is a great character. There's a lot more action in the second season. I also recommend the ova (very comedic and funny episodes)
Ren-Amamiya Sep 20, 4:20 AM
I personally really enjoyed it ! The disappointing thing, however is the lack of horror scene. It's really focused on the psychological aspect (kind trying to find out how to escape from this hell). If you're looking for action/gore serie, you'll be disappointed by Yakusoku no neverland but if you want to watch something about a dark world with psychological strategies, you'll like it very much!
The 3 main characters are also very smart.
Ren-Amamiya Sep 16, 7:37 AM
Hi! So what's your tought about Psycho-Pass? :)
Elenohara Sep 15, 12:21 PM
Asa, baga Psycho-Pass ca-i bun.
Ren-Amamiya Sep 14, 2:25 PM
I never watched Gurren Lagann but i need to try it one Day because it's one of the most popular anime on Mal. Im just a bit sad that my Brother spoiled me the Death of a character... The Blue haired guy. He even spoiled me Light's Death in the past before i watch Death Note xD
Ren-Amamiya Sep 14, 11:28 AM
I also like electronic music as well!
I rewatched Naruto and it was not as good as i tought.
I want to rewatch some anime when i'll have the Time for it like Psycho-pass, Death Note and Code Geass.
How about you?
Ren-Amamiya Sep 14, 8:43 AM
I totally understand and i don't recommend Dragon Ball, it's always the same thing and it's exactly how you said about it.
Lol, i also watched Fairy tails when i was young and i liked it.. but when i think about it now, it was horrible xD 'power of friendships'.
Detective Conan has over 900 episodes and the story never progress, it's annoying at this point.
About Death Note, i still liked it even after L Death but i agree that it was not the same thing without him.

I like rock/metal music and also a lot of anime opening like Zetsuen no Tempest, Death Note, Psycho-pass (the second opening is sooo good), Banana fish (first one) and more :) how about you?
Ren-Amamiya Sep 14, 5:35 AM
You mean massive show like Bleach, Naruto, one piece etc ?
Well when i was New to anime, i started with all the massive show like Bleach, Dragon Ball, D Gray Man and Naruto. It was very enjoyable for me but after, i started a lot of different thing like Death Note, Code Geass,Erased etc.

I don't know why, but when i think about massive show, it seems boring to me now and very repetitive, specially Naruto, Dragon Ball and Detective Conan. There's also a big problem about these show, it's the fillers. Like i said, Naruto has like 500 episodes but 204 are fillers x.x and in the first Naruto serie, i didn't know it was fillers so i watched the 204 fillers episode and it was soooooo bad.

Some massive show are really fun tho, like Bleach and Gintama.
How about you?
Ren-Amamiya Sep 13, 3:00 PM
Cool, i learned something! Didn't know 'bunã' the 'ã' is pronounced like 'ou'. Interesting!

Well, i'll be Honest, i don't think you'll like orange. It's Sci-fi because 26 years old Naho (in the future) sent letter to her past self (10 year in the past ( to explain that one of her best Friend is going to commit suicide. Sonthe past version of Naho try to change the fate of her Friend because she want him to be alive in the future. It's full of emotions and it's also shoujo style.
Ren-Amamiya Sep 12, 6:24 PM
Im Glad that you like Psycho pass :)
Yeah Makishima is the main villain, i also think he's the best character! :P
Mr_Sakata Sep 11, 8:08 AM
cool, hbu?