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btech2009 Oct 3, 9:46 AM

Yeah....just read that Trump has "it" now :(

I on the other hand start every anime at night....because I have to work during the day....although I am still not going to my university. But I understand your point. One's mental state is generally negative at night and so it is better to begin a new show during the day...if that's possible. have you already begun watching "Dragon Ball"? I guess it is one of those anime that can be binge-watched ^^

As you say, your "hatred" for "Jojo" and "Dragon Ball" probably stems from the fanatic fanbases surrounding these series plus your personal life experiences. I don't think the series themselves are unbearable...I too plan watching both in the future.
In context to fanbases, I think they can just be ignored....and should not be taken into account whilst watching a series. Because it's just straight-up immature behavior. Take you and I for instance....our taste in anime doesn't overlap for miles....still we are friends. There's nothing wrong with establishing a fan-base...TBH I follow r/GoldenTime and r/HousekiNoKuni on Reddit. But I can't force people to watch them. I don't always end-up watching what people recommend to me either....because.....reasons ^^
But I think as far as fanbases go....I might be doing implicitly the same thing that you do explicitly. If a show is loved by a majority of people...chances are that it doesn't have anything unique going for may be so designed so that it just "ticks all boxes". AND such anime tend to be either very popular or highly rated on MAL....but still I like the rare, underrated and obscure stuff much more in comparison. I hate "Your Name", "I want to eat your Pancreas" and "Hotarubi no Mori e" with all my heart....but still they are very popular on MAL. I am sure there would be fanbases surrounding these movies as well. I am genuinely curious to know WHERE do you encounter such fanbases? I mean are they everywhere but I am just not noticing them?
And can indeed share with me your bad experiences with male homosexuality. BTW...who is "Mihai Panait"?

Like I said....pulling off a romance in 1.5 hours is very hard.

Ok....I didn't know those were crane flies?! Yeah I saw huge mosquitoes only once when I had gone camping to "Vansda National Park" from my school when I was in sixth standard (so around 1999-2000). But I remember seeing these huge mosquitoes sitting atop camping tents in the morning. Now that you've brought up Crane Flies....I am not sure whether they were mosquitoes or not?
So you renovated your house...that's great Rares! And yes I too like it when you call me "Shaswat" ^^

I have never played any Pokemon games nor am I familiar with their universe/world-building. But I am really really impressed by your level of imagination. I have read through all the starting forms and the way they evolve....your descriptions are very lucid for me to paint a mental picture of these creatures in my head. Plus you really have a knack for you intend to pursue a degree in "Linguistics" or "Literature"?
And yes....thank you for helping me brush up my reading of Katakana. Yes...I was able to read all of the Japanese names that you chose for these creatures ^^. You are doing great work Rares....I am really impressed ^^....and I am looking forward to knowing more about your ideas for the game.

Well I don't intend to compete on YouTube because then it would take all the fun out of it. I am already competing in academic research and that has taken it's (fair share of) toll on my life....I can't afford more "emotional drainage" by creating another platform for competition. I just make AMVs for the fun of know there are certain shows that have impacted me a lot. And I have been listening to "Western" music since I was 10. So, for the time being, I just like to generate these "slideshow AMVs" depicting key moments from a series and playing music with lyrics that are somewhat relevant to the situation/characters. I really enjoyed making the Golden Time AMV. I understand that very few people would watch these (say about 20-30 people per video?) but I am content with that. I share these links in my family....and even they don't watch anything because no-one's into anime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So I'll just continue creating these without any expectations/returns in's just a creative outlet for me. And thank you so much for recommending "DaVinci Resolve 16"....I am currently using a cheap (yes I bought it for INR 570) software "HD Movie Maker PRO" but it has a very limited arsenal of features.
BTW Rares....I ask for your honest opinion. Are my AMVs terrible? Because I am sure I have seen worse on YT :P

Thank you so much. Yes can't go "all out" like you (I have actually never devoted 9-10 hours a day to ANYTHING in my life....I am just not dedicated as you are....I am consistent but you have some serious dedication which is really inspiring)....but I am practicing daily. And the motivation to practice also sometimes comes from weird places. Yesterday I started "Tong Ling Fei"....had to pause to read the SUBS like every minute. Then I started "Arte"....and it felt like "do I even need to read the SUBS for this" :D.....I mean I would only understand about 20% of what is being spoken if you removed the subtitles from Japanese anime....but "Tong Ling Fei" is on completely another level. So I say to myself...."I am able to understand ~20% Japanese anime because I practice....I should continue practicing" :)

Yeah Cricket is like a religion here in India. I am also not following any sports lately I mean say about a couple of years?!

You are welcome. And I see that you are making new meaningful friendships on MAL...that's really great. I am very happy for you. I too am getting requests...all of which I accept. But it is generally people asking me to recommend shows to them. Once I send a list...I never hear from my friends again :D .... I guess it is also my fault that I don't follow-up with "so did you watch any of the stuff that I recommended?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ news, it is always something bad happening somewhere....that's sufficient reason for me to avoid the news. But on a deeper level, I simply can't handle news related to sexual assault and torture. Although I am 33 now, I somehow can't handle this type of news (the likes of which you shared in your comment). There was something very bad done to a Dalit woman recently in some village in India. I had purposefully avoided that piece of news....but then I get emails from asking me to sign a petition seeking justice to her cause....and they describe EVERYTHING in gory detail in the email. When I (am forced) to learn of someone being tortured and raped I lose faith in humanity (I have already lost most of it by now) and wish for mankind to go extinct. I strongly believe that we stole Earth from animals and birds and trees....they are it's rightful inhabitants.....not us....not such people at least.

Well I am glad that you made up. And Kudos to your Grandmother for being so active at the grand age of 79. My Grandfather was the same....he was an income tax lawyer....and he worked (continued to go to his office) until 3 days before his death at 84!

Well I perceived "Rares" as something "that is not available" as a really cool meaning to a name. I mean why be something that is easily accessible...I mean there are so many intellectual people who aren't easily approachable...they can be interpreted as being "unavailable"....atleast for the time being. So meanings of names depend upon how we interpret them I guess....and in that context your name conveys a really cool meaning (even if what I looked up was wrong).
Speaking of short are not alone Rares. My mother's name is "Ila"....which means "Earth". She too complains of her short name...especially because SHE named me "Shaswat" ^^

Well...I call "Gintama" the greatest anime known to man. Now that's just my opinion and this honorary title too I have ripped-off some blog that I had read on the internet. But...I see that they really, really, really put in a lot of effort in writing every single episode of "Gintama". And that writing effort demands an equivalent amount of "watching effort" at the viewer's's like that atleast for me. You may deem this foolish but "Gintama" is the only anime that manages to make me cry no matter how long the hiatus before I resume watching it....and that is an incredible feat in character development for an anime.....given that there is so much of other trash that they churn out every season.
So I guess you dropping "Gintama" has more to do with it being slow in that the entirety of the PLOT moves at a very slow pace. And I have seen YouTube analysis videos which say that identifying the plot itself demands that one pay keen attention....right from EP3! In my I said....I am excessively invested in the characters on an emotional the series has the same impact on me irrespective of when I resume watching it. In fact I feel like starting the "Ryogujo Arc" tonight....given that I have praised the hell out of it in this comment :3
Ren-Amamiya Sep 28, 4:33 PM
I'll try to reply you more often now!

Well, it's not rare to see a girl calling a guy a pedo because his favs are female only but i think it's not right because a ot of girls have only guys character as favorite. Me for example (and it's not because im a pedo lol).
Can't blame you, i think i gave myself a hard challenge xD
Lol.. There's some pokemon that we really don't want in our team, even in a Nuzlocke challenge xD I was sad to find a Zigzagoon as first pokemon. I think Linoone look great but i don't really like using Normal pokemon type honestly. How about you?
USing pokemon that you never used before is a good idea as well in my opinion, everytime i start a pokemon game, my team always look the same (like Soul silver, i beat this game multiple time but my team is always the same). Not surprisd that Tropius is the weakest, most grass pokemon are weak :/ I almost never picked a grass starter beside Bulbasaure.
Hariyama Yoshitsune, is it a reference to P5?
I like Breloom as well. I wanted it in my team but because of my Nuzlocke rule, it wasn't possible and i got a damn cascoon instead :(
I think Sharpedo can be a great choice? I admit that i never used it before. Never mind i think Walrein is a much better choice.

Wait, Shiny Charizard was different before ?? I didn't even know that!
Also, i know most shinies were yellow/green because of the old game boy color palet. It wasn't really colored. So we're stuck with ugly shiny.

So i looked and these one are orignial pokemon but with different time and some have new evo like Phanpy right ?
Are they going to have a new look like the Fairy/Fire Machamp?? im curious to imagine a fairy machamp XD
I can't wait to see their model.

Wow, you created a lot of pokemon already. You have the 'picture' in you head ?? I've read all the name/specie/type and it's pretty cool. Can't wait to see their pictures, though i can imagine a bit already with the description :)

what is SMT nocturne ? I don't think i know this game.
Really? I still like Joker a lot, he's even a guest character in Super Smash bros ultimate and im playing as him all day xD Im also always using ' Ren Amamiya' as my username. He's really cool and i found him to be really cute (both phantom thief and his 'normal' look).
I feel dumb, i didn't know what is a 'protuding chin' so because im curious, i looked on google and im still not sure what it mean XD
YEah i look a lot like her, (same haircut, same type of glasse, short height...) only thing is that my hair are black instead and my eyes are green. Even my brother told me like 'wtf she look just like you'.

I agree. Ryuji was honestly my least favorite guy. And he's kinda pedo in a way i don't like. I didn't find him funny. I understand that guy like girls and all but i felt he like girl in a disrespectful way. Also it annoyed me how he forced joker to go on the beach with him to flirt girl. I annoyed me that we can't refuse -_-
Yeah, i dated Futaba as well and i don't regret it. I think Joker and her have a great chemistry and they look very good together.
Nice! You won't regret it, royal is also really good.

Mmmhh.. Well, there's BBcode. You can put picture, spoiler bar etc on your profile. I think there's no color for the writting. (i think?). You can look my profile if you want an example:

Nice! pokemon crystal/silver is so fun.. One of my favorite pokemon game.

Yeah im better on paper though but i think im doing a good job on electronic tablet.
The only reason why i didn't watched pokemon since a long time its because i know it's really childish but it's still have a spot in my heart (first season) I watched this show everyday at the tv as a kid.
Well i recently started the MAgi serie (i see it's in your fav) im enjoying it so far :)
Natsu-Yuu Sep 28, 4:16 AM
HAHA definitely. I was kinda spoiled that he's the villain but I was shocked when I found out his motive is this stupid. I couldn't listen to his rants, he just sounds like a baby.
I'm sure p6 will be amazing, but it'll probably take at least 5 years. At least they're still releasing p5 stuff like Scramble.
Personally I unsubscribed from anything related to the fandom until I got Royal. I didn't even know how the package looked like, I was really serious about not getting spoiled.
Yeah, I know the arcanas usually match the personality, it's really interesting. Maruki's arcana fits him imo.

I usually just use magic skills myself. Plus once you get Megidolaon they're all useless anyway (unless you want to capture a persona, then you have to hit its weakness) So Akechi (almighty), Morgana/Makoto (healer) and Ryuji (physical) is a great team for my playthroughs. Baton pass is usually only useful against bosses.
I see. I recently played Pokemon Emerald (my first and probably last Pokemon game.) and the fact that being shocked sticks with you even after you win a battle left a bad taste in my mouth too.
I'm not a fan of Pokemon but sure!

Sorry, I didn't even notice it's both GoT lol. I loved Game of Thrones 1-4 but it's really gone downhill since then. Now I (very slowly) read the books. What they did with season 8 was honestly one of the biggest disappointments in television history.
I don't watch a lot of tv with real people either, it's hard for me to get into them. My favorite show is The Office, and my favorite movie is the Truman Show, but I really don't watch a lot of things with real people to have a long list or anything.
I recently watched Banana Fish and loved it, maybe you'll like it too.
I never played Minecraft. I'm not really sure Subnautica would be my type of game, so I might just watch a playthrough or something.
It's just a really beautiful place, I'd love to see the northern lights.
Japan and Italy are some places I want to visit, I've been to Greece and Spain already. Nobody will travel anytime soon though.

Once you max her, all of her services are free. I made her make me curry basically every night and never had a shortage of sp. It's worth it.

Yeah, I like her more than Makoto too.
Ren-Amamiya Sep 27, 12:25 PM
Damn, how are you? I feel like we have so much to tell to each other.
You know my problem so i wasn't using MAL that much.

I'll try to reply quicker to the pokemon comment because we also need to talk about Persona.
Yeah i noticed you picked female in every game, as for me i think it's 50/50. I pick the design i like the most. But most of the time in video games, i play as male because im tired of the whole waifu thing. I feel like female are popular only because they're female (most of the time) and i think a lot of them are overrated. But don't worry, i don't see you as pervert, anyway i noticed most people like character of the opposite gender. It's the case for me as well.
My male character in pokemon Sword/Shield look great because of the customization but i admit that the base character look dumb.

I started my Nuzlocke in Ruby but i was so busy i didn't continue yet.. But Ruby is really fun so far.. Much better than the remake.
So, here's the rule i picked.
- I need to give a name to every pokemon i capture.
- I can have only a pokemon per zone
- The pokemon i capture is the first one i found in every zone
- I can't capture 2 pokemon of the same specie, even if the previous one died
- When a pokemon die, i put it in the pc or relase it and i can never use it again.
- if all my team is KO, it's a game over and i need to start again.
- no master ball allowed
- no legendaries allowed
- no heal item allowed (but i can use pokemon center). So yeah, the gym leader can be hard to beat.
Here's my team so far: Mudkip (named Sushi), Zigzagoon (evolved into Linoone, named Ace, reference to my ferret) Seedot (named peanut but died from a critical hit against the first gym leader). Patethic i know xD , Taillow (evolved into Swellow, named Skye,) and Cascoon (evolved into Dustox, named Brillant). Before i stopped, i found a plusle first instead of Electritrike and i was really sad. Plusle really suck lol

I hope the mega evolution will come back one day. I think the gigantamax thing really suck and it was a really bad idea.. Even the mecanic itself is just so boring. Pokemon became huge as a titan and most of them look just silly or bad..
Mega gengar shiny look so cool! White fit it so well, especially because it's a ghost. Why is normal gengar is not the same color ? :( it's shiny is so boring.. (normal gengar i mean).

Yeah, im fine with mega mewtwo Y but Mega mewtwo x.. Just eww..
Btw, i see you watched a pokemon anime. I kinda miss the serie because it was my childhood.. How was it?

I want to say that i really love your idea. Even based on Africa and alll, it's a nice idea and we never got a pokemon based on this region. I love it. I love your pokemon idea as well. I wish to help you when i'll have the time :) I'll try to draw one for you. I have my electronic tablet so drawing is really fun.

So you finished both PErsona? Tell me your experience :)
Persona 5 is my favorite game of all time. Even the character are really good. Im speaking as someone who have hard time to appreciate female character but i think the character in P5 are so well written.
I can relate to Futaba and HAru honestly. And Futaba is basically how i look but i have black hair instead lol.
I love Ren (mc, also my username and my profile theme), Yusuke, Futaba and Haru the most.
I dated Futaba (i dont care if people are saying that shes like a sister, shes not anyway and she's the best girl for me.).
Anyway i also recommend you to play royal one day :)

Anilist is fun, you have unlimited fav and you can post stuff like on FB. But i use both account (MAL and anilist).
Btw what have you watched recently?
Nara19 Sep 27, 9:45 AM
We have the exact opposite. Technology is very good at school, but at home as much as it is bad for teachers as well as students. It is difficult to make contact during online education.😄
I currently only watch seasonal animes, almost all of them and the antecedents of the fall season animes.
Are you planning to watch some good anime from the fall season?😊
xXxmelodyxXx Sep 26, 3:14 PM
Yea there going to be right wing conservatives group in every country. And there will also be people that do believe that COVID is real, but choose to not care about it and still do what they want with caring how it affect people.

I don't like dropping any show.
Natsu-Yuu Sep 24, 1:15 PM
I also see a lot of similarities between him and Adachi! However, Adachi has no redeeming qualities (I hate his guts lol).
tbh, I disliked Akechi in vanilla and never trusted him but was still sad when he died. In p5r, he becomes even more complex, gets his own social link and everything, it was really interesting to see.
No, I was just trying to max all social stats for the achievement. It's also makes it easier in ng+ to have everything maxed already so you could have more time with your confidants.
No spoilers, that final palace became one of my favorites.
In that case, I wish they'd just make the game last a whole year lol.
I always do them on the first day so that I could focus on confidants, plus I hate it when the team nags me every day to do it so I just do it right away to shut them up haha.
I have... Complicated feelings about Akechi's mask. I mean it just looks ridiculous. The rest of the costume is fine though.

I had no idea there was a scene for dating some girls but not all! To think I still find new things about this game.
I'm really happy to hear that, he's like the human version of a puppy lol. As much as I like Yusuke, Ryuji's a must have for me, since I rarely use physical attacks with Joker. Ryuji has charge, so his attacks can be 2.5x harder than Yusuke, plus you have no other use for his sp so charge is really handy with him.

GoT is a game about being a samurai in a land taken over by foreigners, he's called "the ghost" because other than him almost all samurai were killed. He's trying to save his uncle and his country. Apparently it's based on a real battle! I loved everything about it, story, characters, combat, it also has the best graphics I've ever seen.
It's your choice whether you want the game to be like Sekiro or Assassin's Creed, you can be stealthy but you also have the option to call all enemies to you immediately and fight them all at once (which is considered honorable for a samurai). My game was a little bit of both, but when I got better at it I started just fighting them all to save time. I played on Normal.
Actually, no. Is it still worth playing?
I'd love to go to Iceland someday.

I can relate, they really feel human sometimes.

Yeah, it also sucks that you have to pay her so much money. I probably wouldn't try to max her if I didn't know how useful she is, Morgana was already driving me crazy and once I heard she can let you go out at night she just became my number 1 priority. She also makes you coffee and tools which saves so much time.
It's okay, she's not my favorite phantom thief either. I still like her personality a lot though.

To be perfectly honest... I don't know either. I thought about romancing her but her fans creep me out so much that I just couldn't. Trust me, it's not a meme. She's pretty overrated, but it is what it is.
Kasumi is probably more popular than Makoto at this point, she's Royal only. She's the new girl that everyone yells at you to romance. I played Royal completely blind and when I found out how loved she is I was really shocked.
YoukaiFox Sep 23, 5:37 AM
Its ok mate.I get it so please don't apologize ><!!

Oh I see.I like tropical places too.I have been living my whole life surrounded by mountains...and now I m just not bothered lol
I mean I can see a mountain chain right here from my window lol.
Same!! there r mostly famous mountains and caves here.I have never visited kenya tho.
I m beach person too btw.Altho I dislike it when sand gets into my shoes lol.

really ? That's amazing!!! A normal pokemon beats a legendary at speed...amazing !!
Wow.Electride is based on cables and apes huh.Love the inspiration for it lol.
Really ? That's amazing!! Oh sweet~
U really love pokemon huh?
U haven't told me about this before tho. So u have their art and stuff already envisioned in ur head ?
That's really cool btw ><!!
I would love to know more about them tho><!!! ur work seems really interesting !!
Aww thanks!! I would love to know about the essentials if u don't mind tho.
So u have already made upto 4 gym leaders and their teams ? That's great!!
U sure r dedicated.

Oh I have heard about that!! Never played it tho.
I have horrible luck too.But I did manage to pull out Gilgamesh (SSR) somehow on my first try in Fate/Go lol.Pretty sure I used up all my luck for the next week then and there lol.
Yes I agree.That's so disheartening and disgusting tbh.
Oh ok then.I will take ur word for it .

Yes I know mate.I m really into dinosaurs so I know a lot about them ><!!!
I have been obssessed about them since I was 5 lol.Lapras r amazing too :)
Yes It is illegal.Poachers still exist tho .Also a lot of ppl I know like their meat...brr...
hmm I guess they clean up the mess there then.I m not really into them so I m not sure what they do.
I love shrimps tho.They r amazing imo.
I would choose seawater aquariums too.I would love to have jellyfish btw!!!
If u ever get an aquariam please send me a pic ><!!
Its sounds like its gonna look really pretty.
Ohh nice!! All of them r really good choices.

Umm...I didn't mean literal worshipping tho.I meant that we love them so much so much that ppl think we worship them lol.Sorry for the misunderstanding btw.
The reason y they r so loved is that plenty of the muslim prophets had cats as pets.
Also 1 of our prophets had a cat whom he loved a lot and would always have him around his side even during important meetings.
So like 1 day the cat noticed that a snake had gotten into the food bucket? pot ?( I dunno what the heck they r called lol) and realizing that it would prolly hurt his master he went after it.
The thing is...when he tried to kill the snake..he accidentally fell down in the pot too and somehow the lid got stuck.
And...since the pot was already on the fireplace...and someone without noticing ...started the u can guess what happened to the poor neko...So obviously he went down as a guardian neko for the prophet.
It's said that he went to heaven according to the books.
Also nekos r cute so no wonder ppl love them.
They r many legends surrounding cats too.
Oh lol.Reddit would never smell good tbh.

Oh Its really popular in India too!! I recommend never giving it a watch tho cuz I m pretty sure that ur braincells will rot if u ever looking at them.They r a hazard to humanity.
Omg lol!!! 7 yr olds use tiktok there??? My 7 yr old sis just watches those awful troom troom vids instead...
I think my last 2 remaining braincells died after reading that awful engrish lol.
Ohh poor guy..he lsot his teddi :(
Yes true.Oh my goodness....even kids swear ???
My siblings have no idea what swearing is tho.They r innocent lol.
Imagine hearing a brat swear when u r preparing for an exam tho...must suck :(
Yikes....Pretty sure it should be banned then.
India thankfully banned tiktok recently .I m so glad about that.
Horny highschoolers...that's no surprise...

Oh how wholesome!!! I m dying of the wholesomeness :)
Welcome~ I appreciate it :)
Eh really ? That's disgusting!!! Ew....washing urself with used water plus eating their own lice....yikes.
They really ate anything then huh?
I gave up understanding it lol.

Oh congrats about that mate.Yep i agree!!! I felt the same .
Yes!!! No wonder Persona is my fav game series of all time ><!!
Oh I see.
Hmm I expected that lol.
Oh ...I m scared now .I wonder how demanding its gonna be..

Ohh sweet~ Same here!!
I can see y they would br hard to pronounce.I know hindi so its a piece of cake for me but non hindi/sanskrit speakers would face difficulty in pronouncing names like ganesha,parvati,vishnu etc.
Yep true.It has 33 million gods so that's to be expected lol.A few r really hard to pronounce even for me lol.
Yes!! Me too.I really like their stories btw ><!!
xXxmelodyxXx Sep 22, 3:38 PM
Well, it pretty much normal here. Though the case not really disappearing because people like to still go clubbing and there are actual people that don't believe in the virus. I guess there people like that in every country.

I have a tons of favorite anime series. I have watch so many series that it is hard to choose just one.
xXxmelodyxXx Sep 20, 4:06 PM
I am doing good. Been busy with work and just moving into a new apartment. The pandemic didn't really change much for me beside not being able to eat at certain restaurant with friends.

Mine is Killua, Dazai, Archer Emiya, Tohsaka Rin, Zoro, Eren
Nara19 Sep 20, 11:31 AM
We’re still in school for now, but we’ll soon switch to online education if all is true. Although it is difficult to learn I prefer the current situation of online education. I live in a village that is a bit far from the city where I study. Since I don’t live in a dorm, it’s hard to get in because of the few buses not going due to the epidemic. Therefore, it would be better for me at home.
Have you watched any good anime lately?😁
Nara19 Sep 20, 4:53 AM
Hi, np😊
I'm fine, thanks. And you?
xXxmelodyxXx Sep 19, 4:32 PM
No problem. How are you?

Yes I love FMA and HxH
Natsu-Yuu Sep 15, 12:21 PM
Yeah I actually haven't seen the free time events for Danganronpa 1. I might try to watch Byakuya's, but still from the footage I've seen from some trials in the game he's just not as interesting as Kokichi and Komaeda.
So you have Haru and Mako on your team? Who else? On the sixth palace my team was them as well as Akechi.
It's definitely a loooong grind. I think I was a higher level than you though. It takes a long time for the reaper to appear and it took me about 1-2 hours to get to 99. btw, you get 172k exp from him in Royal! I was amazed when I saw that on the screen.
You maxed a lot of people! You should really try to max Hifumi though, her perks are amazing. Haru is a really tough one to max in vanilla, how high is your proficiency?
haha I see, I personally used Alice with her in vanilla, she's op but I didn't really use her in Royal.
Don't worry about beating the palaces early, p5 would never skip time for you like p4 did. I was really pissed when they did that to me after I beat Adachi.
Well, my grades are pretty good so I'm not worried about university. I still have no idea about the future though.
It is a reference to the naked king but also to the fact that he's a pervert lol. Kamoshida was the worst villain for me, what a piece of shit, I never wanted to punch a villain more after what he did to Shiho.
SPOILER FOR THE PALACE AFTER SHIDO Yaldabaoth has the coolest design for me, at least in Vanilla.
Which phantom thief has the best design in your opinion btw? For me it's Joker lol, he looks so classy it made me want to play Persona right away. I also love Haru's.
The robot Haru part was actually pretty boring. They added a bunch of mechanics to the battle that made it really frustrating though. They actually changed a lot about the palace because a lot of people complained, yet made the boss even more annoying for the fans lol.

How are you liking Ann? I romanced her super early in vanilla before I even met the other girls. Her romance feels a little more canon than the others because she has the most kisses and also an animated cutscene. Her ultimate persona though... I'd have to say Ishtar is pretty meh but a good healer.
I wouldn't really call it an evolution though, it's more like a change of heart in the phantom thieves.
I actually haven't tried Satanael for myself lol I had a playthrough in Vanilla and Royal but never a NG+. If I decide to play again I can just summon him right away since I have all the ingredients.
When I got Alice, I was basically abusing the twins offer to let me buy higher level personas. It's expensive as heck, but I was impatient haha.
Yeah salvation is amazing. Eats away your sp though and is useless in the final fight.
Emperor's personas are pretty neat, used a lot of them in both of my playthroughs.
SMT is definitely a game I need to try soon because I keep hearing the fans say it's amazing.
The reaper thing was just a bug in vanilla. You're supposed to get a trophy for beating him so they didn't want to leave it in Royal. I was so sad when I found out it's not possible in Royal though.

Oh, I see. Good luck!
YoukaiFox Sep 13, 5:32 AM
Oh I see.Usually its pretty cold at high places .The highest mountain peak here is 3028 m .Its 2980 metre above sea level and belongs to Jebel Shams.

I agree!! Brock may be a perv but he is an excellent companion imo.I have seen Serena a few times and I actually like her too.Just not as much as misty (due to nostalgia) tho.
Uhh.I meant Electivire..I must have accidentally wrote electrode cuz it had been on my mind for a while lol.Sorry about that.
I agree!!! She is awesome :)

True.I do like the fate/Go gacha game tho.Its pretty entertaining imo.Plus the story gets good later on to.
Most of the monile games r trash tho.
Oh wow.Imagine getting threatened cuz ur audience wants 2 chars to hook up....poor guy :(
unfortuantely the BNHA and AOT fandom have horrible shipping wars too....and the author of BNHA got threatened cuz he drew a pic of the girls in swimsuits :( AS if actual 15 year old don't wear swinsuits lol.
People r hypocrites. I haven't seen much of Tokyo Ghoul to comment on it tho.

Good point.I just never met anyone who liked aquatic animals over land animals tho.So that was a little surprising .
True!!! this is gonna sound childish but I really ,secretly want the Loch Ness monster to exist lol.That would be so cool !! My inner child would be delighted if it actually did exist lol.I mean we have only searched up 5 % of the Earth's ..
Wow.U just destroyed the poor commercial fishes's existance by ur words lol. Yeah true.We can always breed them.
umm....This is gonna sound a little bad but uhh...we also sell sharks and baby sharks..for both food and for pet keeping.
Only the common ones tho.Not the super endangered ones or something like that.
oh wow.that's so cool!!! I love big,pretty aquariams :)
Neon Tetra is a beautiful breed so no wonder that u have ur eye on it :)
Not personally a fan of Janitor invertebrates tho.They look like oversized bugs to me...Sorry :(

Lol true.They would make a horrible ride lol.Tell that to my childhood self tho...I would prolly cry lol.
They r not common here.More like keeping dogs as pets ain't common here.Only cats r mostly worshipped lol.
Cats hold a high place in Islam and Oman being an Islamic country... lovescats.I ain't complaining tho.
I agree.U have a solid point there.
For ex. I was planning to watch Fire Force but my friends kept talking about how good it was and it finally got on my nerves,When I finally watched it felt super bland and boring considering there was a lot of hype surrounding it.This is just my personal opinion tho.And now my friends keep sending me memes about it to make me reconsider watching it but I m just getting annoyed at this point lol.

Ok Thanks for being considerate!!! Thanks man :)

Lol I would do the same.I have heard that complaint from all my oversees friends lol.Seems like a common pain in the ass lol.
I agree.i hate Fortnite.Its childish and filled with little kids being supervised by their momies...

Oh I see.Tch.Would have preferred it if it smelled like hell :(
1/10 not enough smell -IGN
Its 1 of the more brutal ones out there.Of course the ppl over the town would be invited to see a nice scenery of a person being roasted alive.
Wholesome fun for the family :)
Oh that's nice then.I hope I don't freak u out with my weird tendencies lol.
Welcome!!! I appreciate it greatly :) U did a fantastic job ><!!
Yeah true.Anglo Saxon is at times hard to understand/translate.
Yes.U mean Lingchi right? I have heard a lot about it.It would be so painful to be executed by that method.Ouch.
Oh I see.I dunno medieval arabic tho.Never bothered to learn it .
Oh true .It does look like that.I can't make sense of what its trying to say at all.

Ayy thanks :)
That's amazing!! U can even beat the final boss with ur level now:)
It must have been a piece of cake to annihilate her lol.
R u dating multiple girls in the same playthru? It's gonna be troublesome for u if u date multiple girls at the same time in the game...poor u.
I recommend ..not dating multiple girls for late game reasons...
Oh I see.Its ok mate.I would prolly do the same later on.
ohh nice!! Which year r u in?
Thanks!!! Good luck to u too mate!!!
Yeah true.U haven't read his battle yet?? Oh thank goodness u informed me otherwise I might have accidentally spoiled it for u .

Oh same then.Yep.Roman mythology is practically Greek mythology but with a little diff here and there.
U like the Hindu mythology too?? Actually I know a lot about it cuz I have a lot of hindu friends and my school also taught us some hindu myths during eng class lol.Its an Indian school so that's not a huge surprise .