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Oct 15, 2015
Superpower Robot Pictionary
That is what we got. This is not Aquarion (besides the intro/pre episode) its not robots bashing it out against demigods or godlike robots but a TV game show of pictionary were 2-3 characters flipp kanji symbols back and forth. Yes its a kanji gets superpowers and fuck the world up show, I believe it's to promote this obsolete outdated symbol script. But back to the show, the art and music is ok not bad nor good it works for most parts ( it would get a better score if you removed the "word monsters" and robo parts because the are a mess read more
Sep 6, 2015
After reading a few reviews I thought "heck people seem to like this and it has a sequel running, could be interesting right?". Well right of the bat in the first episode I had a more or less "wtf" moment and it wasn't a good one. We go from cliche school setting to super powerful next to impossible to kill boss fight in a instance. Oh in classic mecha style all defenses are useless and we have a professional scrub force that gets instawhiped, like why even bother. Out goes our hero, badabing badaboom boss fight is over.

The good stuff about the show read more