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FiendishJZA Jul 12, 10:35 PM
FiendishJZA Jul 12, 5:24 AM
what is your profile pic from?
Aslt Jun 30, 6:06 AM
Thanks. Haha, yeah, more or less.
Aslt Jun 29, 6:40 PM
Well, I guess that's one strange coincidence ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aslt Jun 29, 4:42 PM
Great HisoMaso review dude!
Karlinekind Jun 29, 11:23 AM
Hey, I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply! I haven't been to the site much and then it was down for so long, but I was really happy to see you ask for my opinion :)
So, Takagi-san! I really liked it, too. It was really easy to watch because it's episodic and lighthearted. I was really looking forward to the anime, it's always so exiting when you read the notice that one of the manga you like gets an anime adaption :D So, I was already a fan of the manga (I even own and have read the first two volumes of the manga in Japanese - I wanted to train my Japanese and I figured this manga should be easy enough^^), and I think the anime did a good job transporting the atmosphere and the characters. I especially liked that they integrated the spin-off manga about Yukari, Mina and Sanae, too, so the focus wasn't entirely on Nishikata and Takagi but also on some of their classmates. And those girls are just hilarious xD
How about you? :)

Oh, and are you going to watch the next Gintama season?

Edit: Ok so I just noticed I never actually replied to your comment about Gintama O.O I'm so sorry!
But I see what you mean, I also thought that this last season was so full of characters that it actually felt like a little too much. Like, only because it's the last epic battle they just HAVE to appear all again, even the most random and unimportant ones, just to show that they are there. I couldn't even remember all of them.
And, actually, I have to admit - I'm starting to find the dirty humour really annoying. I don't know why, but especially in this last season I felt it was too forced, and it kind of ruined the seriousness for me. I mean, this is the last epic battle after all, it's about the whole world being in danger. Okay, you could always argue that "this is Gintama, it's always serious + funny", and that's ok, but than at least make it actually funny and not just the same old dirty jokes we see every time.
Or maybe I'm just growing out of it, I don't know. ^^'
SoiledFool May 25, 11:21 PM
I say, old chap, I quite enjoyed reading your review of Black Clover. It was jolly good! *lifts pinky and sips tea*
Huss May 13, 2:04 AM
Hello, i noticed you read jagaaaaaan. It is my one of favorite manga of all time. Can you tell me your favorite moment or character of the manga? Sorry if this is random. I am not really social.
Hollweg Apr 11, 11:08 PM
bretty good Black Cover review my dude, or, review topzera demais irmãozinho, as the gringos say
kitakevo Mar 30, 10:11 PM
Shigurui is pretty enjoyable but a little boring at the beggining. The anime wasn't finished so to know how the story ends you have to read the manga, something that i haven't done yet.
Allnteck Mar 27, 5:53 PM
Thank you, you're extremely kind. I knew there were people like you on this site - have a good day man.
Allnteck Mar 27, 3:14 PM
Although I don't plan to get into regular anime-reviewing anytime soon, I truly appreciate your kind-hearted suggestion. That review was meant to be satirical because it is a joke among my friends to leave reviews for anime - sorry for the disturbance.
SteelingMax Jan 31, 5:11 AM
Black Clover could be cool if it played with the tropes, subverting them in a funny way like OPM or just using these common tropes as a way to keep the audience always guessing and not knowing what is about to happen with it's story and characters, that way maybe the story could feel like it had some effort put into it and not just a sarcastic piece of literature that most people won't even realize what it actually is.
Karlinekind Jan 29, 8:02 AM
Hey, no problem ^^ I always admire people who can write a good review because it's something I somehow can't seem to manage. Every time I try it, the review isn't accurate and objective, and more like "I like this anime because the fights are cool" or "I just loooove the characters, so..."
And about Black Clover, honestly, I too have never thought about any background reasons why the anime/manga might be what is is, and that's why I liked your review. By the way, is the manga as boring as the anime? Because I'm still kinda interested in the story and might just switch to the manga instead.

Ahhh, Gintama, yes :D I've missed the lastest couple of episodes, but now I can watch them all at once, hehe. How do you like this last arc so far? Do you know how many episodes it's going to be? At first I thought it'll be another 12 like the last arcs but since the manga still isn't finished, maybe it's going to air even longer? I don't read the manga by the way so I'm just speculating :D
Karlinekind Jan 23, 1:27 PM
Hi :)
I just read your review of Black Clover and just wanted to tell you that I loved it. Your writing style is really nice and funny, and I like how you stick to your opinion and the 10 rating. It's nice to see someone not just bashing an obviously boring anime but instead trying to see why it might be so bad and if there are maybe other reasons like WSJ politics behind it.
So, thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts, I guess. Have fun watching ^^