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Summer Wars
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seshita 8 hours ago
true, true. i'm usually always open minded when starting a series and there were a few scenes that i picked up in the manga that hinted at me that this is basically picking fun at all the typical shounen cliches and all that jazz. & haha no worries!
Colorly 9 hours ago
So, you have to watch Kizu in-order to understand Owari Season 2. There is connections and foreshadows that is hinted in the movie that you will see that will line up with the second season. The monogatari series is very confusing at first, but everything starts to connect once you watch all the three part of Kizu then watch Owari 2nd season. The latest season which is the very last season for the series so far aka Owari season 2 has only 3 episodes but it's truly amazing how they end the series with those three episodes. I think its a must watch and you will understand it once you watch it! If you have questions that might confuse you, I can try to answer it for you since the series can be very confusing at first!
Colorly Yesterday, 7:42 AM
Yea, like it's my review and I just write whatever is true to the eyes. Like this guy is making 3 accounts just to argue with me and trying to prove his point. Jesus Christ, people these days gotta give their two cents on everything. and the monogatari series is just simply amazing. Like the whole series itself is thought out so perfectly. Everything is planned out and make sense. It just simply means that the writer really loves writing and actually care about the series as a whole. Easily, my top anime of all time.
Colorly Dec 9, 7:04 PM
Hey, thanks for the add. The review I had for Black Clover wasn't the best but I think it's good enough to explain how poorly that series is! People was arguing how my review was garbage and I was called a hater but oh wells~ I see that you like Shinobu too! Good taste my friend!
outGazt Nov 27, 5:27 AM
Okay thanls, I'll be sure to check those out.
outGazt Nov 26, 5:26 PM
Oh cool, I heard C.K's red was also great.
Haven't listened to Pink Floyd at all, except for the final cut. definitely gonna start with The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Well the problem is definitely not limited to anime, it's hype culture in general. Things get hyped so much, so when new people start watching they usually can't be helped but be disappointed. I mean it's very hard for a show/movie to live up to all that kind of exposure. That's why usually just don't get my hopes up for anything, be it games, movies or anime it's better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed yet again. I recently watched the iron giant which was my absolute favorite movie when I was a young kid, and I was glad it still was great.
Jeah that's kinda what I was doing with inuyashiki, might pick up Jojolion I mean Jojo is what got me from anime to enjoying manga.

outGazt Nov 26, 4:11 PM
Yeah that's exactly the thing why I can't get into them. But the oldest record I love from of what heard is: King crimson's in the court of king crimson.
I'm still discovering alot of music I enjoy right now.

That's sad to hear, although not that surprising I mean compared to the original this anime had a lot to live up too. But anime and disappointment go hand in hand. Like Inuyashiki which started off pretty strong with an unique MC not much seen in anime, but it quickly developed in the generic edgy plot of "hey how many innocent people can this highschool sociopath kill for literally no apparent reason".
I don't mind older anime, as long as the story and the characters are good. But 90~ episodes is just a bit too much of commitment for me, might pick it up in the future.

I'm probably gonna take a bit of an anime hiatus maybe then I can gain some love back. Which is funny considering I haven't watched fuck all this year. Probably gonna pick up the HunterxHunter bluray, that might do be trick. doubt it.
outGazt Nov 25, 3:05 PM
Jeah Joy division took a couple listens for me too, it was a bit of an aquired taste for me. Tbh never really listened or got into the Beatles/ stones, I tend to stick to the darker side of rock. Last couple of weeks it's kinda been listening to alot of the Cure, Disintegration in particular absolutely love that album.

Shit I hoped for Kino to be good, why is it disapointing?
Jeah I heard black clover is quite the shitfest, the main character scream alone is an instant no for me.
Oh Maison sounds interesting. But I lately haven't been enjoying much except for texhnolyze, even outside of anime. Been trying to complete the final cut of Blade runner which has alot of aspect of things I absolutely love. But I find myself tuning out after 10 minutes ( I'm on the halfway mark now) not because I dislike it or anything. Gonna have to watch it from start again soon. Yeah I've heard alot of good things about Redline, been planning to watch it for while now.
outGazt Nov 23, 2:21 PM
Oh cool, I like Joy division as well recently started listening to them. Really liked unknown pleasures and closer is on my to do list, have you listened to closer?
Btw seen anything good lately?
outGazt Oct 28, 11:28 AM
Yeah I pretty much agree with all the criticisms you have, especially the main human characters they could've been so much more interesting. However I think Sqauler was done perfectly, his resentment against the humans was perfectly justified and how flawed his logic might have been he truly believed that he could change the current situation for his "people" for the better.

CGI and anime just don't mix it didn't bother me as much in ShinYori. I mean I get why it's done as it massively saves time and money.
It's bothering me alot in Genkutsuou don't get me wrong it's "rarely" used but the art style is already rather unique which imo does work most of the time, but when it doesn't it can take me completely out of the experience and it creates some truly jarring moments. Whenever you watch that anime just look at the scenes involving the streets and rows of houses just hideous which is a shame as the rest of the show is quite beautiful. Inuyashiki (pretty interesting but flawed and currently airing) makes alot of use of CGI but here it fits a lot better still jarring tho.
I primarily put Oregairu on my list because the MC looks interesting. Although I'm not the biggest comedy fan I do enjoy it from time to time.
outGazt Oct 17, 6:58 AM
Jeah Christoph waltz is an amazing actor. But most of his movies have fantastic acting despite having a great eye for casting Tarentino seems to be able to get the most out of his performers. Haven't seem Death proof or jackie brown I'm afraid, will get to those eventually.
outGazt Oct 16, 6:21 PM
No love for reservoir dogs? One my favorite movies. I just love Tarantino. He constantly makes so many good/ great movies. I like inglorious bastards a lot too although I do enjoy Django unchained a bit more tho.

I'm definitely planning on watching Bakemonogatari, but right now Gankutsuou and Trapeze are first on my plan to watch list. Another show I enjoyed recently was Mononoke it's pretty slow paced but I love the MC aswell and it has great sorys/arcs. And it's gorgeous. Well that's a valid concern as for SBR the setting(s) was/were vastly different than PB, and part 8 takes part in the same Morioh so there is obviously gonna be a bit more overlap this time around. So I just read chapter 1 of jojolion/jojorion? And it definitely starts of unique I mean the first thing we learn about the new JoJo is that he has 4 balls, so it's of to a good start.
outGazt Oct 16, 2:56 PM
I poorly worded what I meant with Disney I was primarily talking about the animation which looks amazing btw. But something being Disneylike is not a insult, it also doesn't mean that everything is jolly ol good time. The older disney movies can be quite dark, the hunchback of notre dame for example. I know Kon's works all all quite unique I just meant I was looking more the "trippy"experience where he's known for. Afcorse I'm still gonna watch TG and probably have great time. Lately I'm just not enyoing anime as much, so been watching/finishing some cartoons like Bojack Horseman which is really good IMO.

Jeah 5 cm had some good realistic quality's to it, only the characters were barely explored if all so I didn't give a shit about them or the siuation. I don't look for escapism in romance movies they's just too perfect and sweet for my taste.
Steel ball run however offered me plenty I felt as if I was on journey with Johnny and Gyro.
Well Araki did revisit old concepts in steel ball run, I mean look at the time period it's the exact same as phantom blood. Just look at johnny it's revealed that his full name is Jonathan he comes from a very wealthy family just like jonathan. There are loads of parallels between steel ball run and phantom blood even some from stardust crusader just look at DIO. But would you say SBR and part 1 are anything alike, no because Araki took an extremely different direction. So much so that he created something entirely new. So what I'm guessing is thet Araki takes a similar approach for part 8 with maybe characters/ stands like Killer queen returning and the setting being Morioh. My theory on why Araki is retelling his own well established storyline in a different light has to do with the ending of stone ocean. As that changed literally everything about the universe and made a contuniation of that storyline impossible. You know I'm gonna start part 8 this week, too curious.
outGazt Oct 16, 8:30 AM
I heard alot of good things about Tokyo godfathers that it's almost disney like. I'm looking more for the classical Kon experience so millennium actress is definitely first. I've seen Black Swan years ago, can't remember anything about it. Yeah Clannad seems to be a bit generic atleast the first season. it's just the same bland type I find CoMix Wave Films (only seen Byousoku 5 Centimeter) to have maybe Garden of words or your name are better. SAO is just one of those shows too popular to miss heard S2 is even worse. SAO also serves as a nice score equalizer.

Jeah Johnny is easily one of most realistic and relateable characters Araki ever wrote. As for part 8 I heard Jojolion is a pretty fun JoJo the jojo community loves him.
outGazt Oct 15, 6:02 AM
For me movies have been a passion as well, I also got into movies way before I did anime. Never would want to work in the industry tho, way too stressful. I'll make sure to watch the final cut version. Haven't been watching a lot of movies lately. The last movie I enjoyed a lot was nolan's Memento also Pulp fiction. But when I feel like watching movies again Kon's work definitely comes first, planning to watch Perfect blue as well, love that movie.

What you have with Steins gate I have with Clannad and SAO, only for SAO goes that I pretty much dislike 90% of it. So rarely I'm sitting down for it, yet It's one of the first shows I started. With Grave of the fireflies I'm a bit biased because I got little sisters that age and the captured that kid pretty well. So it hit me harder. Yeah same for HxH they said they were gonna pickup when the manga has enough material so we can expect a "Hunter x Hunter 2031."