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Dec 31, 2018
Kengan Ashura is one of those ‘fight scenes’ manga.

I’ve never used that phrase before but it popped into my mind when I was 80-something chapter into the manga and I thought it fit pretty appropriately.

What makes me think this phrase is that Kengan Ashura is basically 95% fight scenes. The story feels tacked on and just serves as a flimsy excuse for why the fights are happening. Plot/character development – what little there is – are often forced and contrived because they happen seemingly on the fly. Even major plot points sometime seemingly come out of nowhere.

The manga basically resembles ‘Baki’ (seems like a common read more
Sep 1, 2018
Gekiryuuchi is an interesting manga. It’s a short 25 chapter action manga wherein a weak character grows up to be strong with the help of someone who trains him.

This is the kind of concept typically used by larger manga, but this one does it in only 25 chapters and, boy, does it do it really well! I have nearly nothing but compliments for this manga. So much so that I’ll have to review by building up from the weakest compliment I have to the strongest.

First, the weakest compliment is the great art. It is attractive and, more importantly, it makes fight scenes clear and easy read more
Sep 1, 2018
Veritas (Manga) add (All reviews)
Veritas is an action manhwa that contains a lot of common themes. That isn’t what makes it great. What makes it great at the themes it subverts. Where this manhwa shines are the refreshing protagonist and the good fight scenes.

What makes the protagonist, Ma Gangryong, refreshing? He’s a common action comic hero – dense, always looking to fight the strong, been taught by a powerful master, etc. However, the author built on this strong point – he’s basically a violent punk that just loves fighting.

No, really that’s him to a ‘tee’. He doesn’t care about school, doesn’t have any love interests, and the only reason read more
Jun 4, 2017
Shamo (Manga) add (All reviews)
I have heard a great deal about Shamo prior to reading it and it left me with the impression that it’s supposed to be one of the most unique manga around. Furthermore, the synopsis certainly did much to cement that impression.

Well, Shamo is a great and unique manga, but readers may find it is also very familiar.

To begin, the synopsis is misleading. Everything it says does happen, but it gives the impression that what it says is the primary focus of the manga when I would easily argue that it is a fairly unimportant detail that only serves as an explanatory backstory. Seems crazy to read more
Oct 19, 2016
I came upon this while searching for something 'fun and easy' to read to pass the time. I saw the synopsis looked interesting and it was only four chapters long, so I gave it a go. I was amazed by how much I liked this manga and, by the end, I genuinely wished it was much longer.

On the surface, it seems like your pretty typical fare. Two good looking girls from opposite sides slowly form a relationship and eventually things escalate to a higher level. This basic descriptions applies to pretty much 90% of yuri manga out there. What separates Mars no Kiss from most read more
Oct 6, 2016
I tried really hard to Blood and Steel.

This is my second attempt to do so. The first had me dropped it at chapter 26 and now I managed to get as far as 60 (and I had skipped two chapters) which was near the latest chapters, but I simply couldn’t like it.

Still, let me talk about the best aspect of this manhua first. The best aspect of Blood and Steel (B&S) is undoubtedly the action.

The action aspect is one I actually find surprising. B&S has a pretty basic story of revenge and a Wuxia theme wherein people are constantly being hyped, have weapons with names, read more
Oct 4, 2016
Yuureitou is a manga that’s hard to find fault with.

The moment you start reading, you’d notice the art is off the charts. Unbelievably good looking. Furthermore, the author uses it very well to create atmospheric scenes.

Secondly, the writing is excellent. The premise is interesting and the plot around the premise works well. There are many interesting characters that are likely to invoke a strong emotional response on your part and they do grow causing you to change your opinions. Almost all of them have personalities and personality quirks which are almost impossible to find in mainstream manga like this and I was very impressed to read more
Oct 2, 2016
J no Subete is a rather interesting manga.

It’s a rather morose tale about a person named ‘J’ – yes, that’s the whole name – who supposedly looks like Marilyn Monroe and, apparently, likes to spend time singing dressing up as a woman. The manga presents his life in a rather matter-of-fact way; that is, there’s no great point or goal. You’re really just learning about the times and struggle of J.

In that aspect, the manga does well. Initially, J comes off as this sort of ‘doll’ that seem to live mostly for attention without any real thoughts. Roughly ¼ through the manga, though, things changes read more
Sep 30, 2016
I really did not like this manga.

The first and foremost problem is that it’s difficult to read due to it seemingly being very disjointed. It jumps from scene to scene and explanation to explanation with little to no smooth transition making everything seem very abrupt.

The same reading difficulty actually applies to much of the manga content itself. This manga does a piss-poor job of explaining the plot and circumstances. It does an even worse job with character development. Most of the time, it seem like the author is rushing through the manga at break-neck pace and decided to ignore explanation of details for a clearer read more
May 12, 2016
LifE (Manga) add (All reviews)
I’m a sucker for emotional farewells, revenge stories, and mystery solving. Is it any wonder then that I like Seizon-Life? It hits all the points.

Takeda is a man who succeeded greatly at his career, but he lost just about everything else. He lost his daughter over a decade ago, he then lost his wife to a disease, and now he himself seems on the verge of losing his own life to cancer in six months. He admits, though, that even before he lost those things, he didn’t really care for them. All he ever cared for was his job.

Just when he was about to give read more