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Days: 180.0
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Ore Monogatari!!
Ore Monogatari!!
2 hours ago
Watching 10/24 · Scored 8
Yesterday, 2:58 AM
Watching 3/? · Scored 9
Tales of the Abyss Special Fan Disc
Tales of the Abyss Special Fan Disc
Jan 20, 2:24 AM
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Days: 25.4
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Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia
Jan 20, 2:21 AM
Completed 22/22 · Scored 7
Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru
Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru
Jan 20, 1:56 AM
Reading 8/? · Scored 9
Jan 20, 1:56 AM
Reading 9/40 · Scored 9



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papsoshea Jan 21, 8:59 PM
I have to say again, its a bit rough start of Tatami Galaxy but it all makes sense once you get a few episodes in, the fast dialogue can put people off + the art style as I have seen some people say, myself included, but once you get a few episodes in, its really a work of art. And the ending is one of the great ones, manages to tie all loose ends, I plan to rewatch it soon to see how many small details and references I missed.

Most of them are old, I really ain't active drawing, you see I went to college for graphic design but ended up getting a job completely the opposite lol I sometimes do some doodles here and there.

Do you find any shows interesting for this season? I'm guessing The Promised Neverland? Just by going off your current profile avatar.
princessakura Jan 21, 5:52 PM
Yasuhiro- Jan 20, 4:26 AM
Lol no, You are taking it da wrong way. When I said that, it's 99% about me and probably only 1% about you. But I can't blame you for that. A lot of people here misunderstand me too. It's because I have a habit of replying with odd random half arse sentence. :D
Some buds here got mad at me from time to time cuz of that. Once there was this game " The above avatar is sad today, how you gonna comfort him?" Something like that..
And My reply comment was " By telling him everything sucks"
My logic behind was that life is just a suffering. And you don't need to feel sad because everything already sucks and it's the absolute truth you are seeing and you just need to accept it like causally. :D
And he got so mad about it. But yeah, who wouldn't? The guy wanted comfort and all I did was that half arse theoritic thingy.
And also some friends interpreted directly to my forum shit posts, relate with them and sometimes got mad at me. Some posts of mine are just ego boosting shitpost they are wrong and I don't really think of people like that.
It made me feel really bad. But sometimes I laugh so hard when they are mad at me because it is just so hilarious too XD XP
Actually, it was my fault for things turning out that way.

But whatever, at some point .. they all realized that I do care about them.
And yeah, that Sherlock series is really good. But you gotta have a lil patience at first few eps though.
Lindsey Stalin, I really like that vibe!
I am into all kinds of music, books, movies too.
But I mostly watch Marvel and DC these days. :D
I also like poems about nature, just reading them gives me peace of mind. Btw, do you have any favorite nature poems ~

mikachu Jan 20, 3:29 AM
same :D looking for anime/manga recommendations, watching anime/reading manga is my fav week end activity ^^
mikachu Jan 20, 3:20 AM
hai! thanks for accepting my friend request!
how are you if you don’t mind me asking =^.^=
OblivionXKnight Jan 19, 2:48 PM
Hello Maneki-Mew (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Magical Day 2 You :D

^o^ I'M SO EXCITED ^o^

Hello :D *Best Friends Hug* I AM SO SUPER EXCITED (^.^) In Just One Week And 3 Days Kingdom Hearts 3 Comes Out :O :O :O I Have Been Waiting Over 10 Years For This One Game (^__^) Kingdom Hearts Is My Favourite Video Game Series Ever ^o^ *Super Excited Hug* Kingdom Hearts Is Disney And Final Fantasy Mixed Together (^.^) Basically It's Disney Movies Final Fantasy Style :P It's So So So Extra Magical (^__^) Here Is Every English Trailer Of Kingdom Hearts 3 So Far (^.^) You Don't Have 2 Watch Them If You Don't Want Too :P I'm Just Sending Them Because I'm So Excited :P I've Never Been So Delightfully Excited ^o^ Here You Go ^^ *Magical Friendship Hug*

I'M SO EXCITED FOR KINGDOM HEARTS 3 (^__^) I Bet Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Going 2 Became My New Favourite Video Game Of All Time (^__^) Kingdom Heats 2 Has Been My Favourite Video Game Since 2008 (^.^) I Also Love Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep And Kingdom Hearts 1 And Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (^__^) Kingdom Hearts Is So Magical ^o^ While Final Fantasy Games Have One Huge World 2 Explore Kingdom Hearts Instead Has Lots Of Little Worlds (^__^) Well, The Worlds On Kingdom Hearts 3 Are Much Much More Bigger In Scale And Are Almost Open World (^.^) There Are Only 8 Disney Worlds In Kingdom Hearts 3 And 3 Original Worlds (^.^) Here Is The List Of The Worlds In All The Kingdom Hearts Games (^__^) Here You Go ^^ *Happiest Video Game Players Hug*

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 LOOKS SO SPECIAL (*.*) nd Back In June 2018 My Mammy Ordered The Deluxe Figure Edition From The Square Enix Website (^__^) So My Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Come With 3 Huge Figures Of Donald Duck, Sora And Goofy (^__^) And It Also Comes With An Art Book ^o^ And On Kingdom Hearts 3 The Worlds Are Much More Massive In Size :O :O :O Almost Open World (^.^) And There Are Hidden Mickey's 2 Find (^.^) I'm So Excited ^o^ I'm So So So Extra Extra Very Very Unbelievably Excited :P *Super Excited Hug*

*Happiest Best Friends Forever And Ever In The Whole Universe Hug* (^__^) *High 5*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)

Yasuhiro- Jan 19, 1:52 PM
Yeah, I also feel so sorry for them. Their lives are just so tough. But hey at least Ash died with a smile on his face. It's sad for Eiji tho. He did the best he could. May be he can lessen his sorrow by thinking like that. I must say..I like the ending. They live their lives meaningfully to the end no matter how tough the situation is. And I think that's what matter most in life. They are so much better than most people bucz most people irl including me are usually getting caught up in nonsense things bcuz of temporary priority sense and then got drained and wasted. And it takes a lot to get back on track.
Btw, this anime season is pretty good. And we both are watching dororo and neverland like everyone else lol. But I also want to rewatch Sherlock series by Benedict Cumberbatch these days. Aside from anime, what kinda movies do you usually watch. and also music. Or any other entertainment medium.
Mitsuki_x3 Jan 19, 12:42 PM
Hi! Nice to meet u :3
U're profile is awesome, really like it ~
Have a nice day ♥
Yasuhiro- Jan 19, 11:11 AM
Thank you ^^
But I didn't know who is my avatar until you mentioned it :D
For me, it's hard to find cool avatars and I've been changing avatar a lot too. How have you been? I see you've finished Banana fish. I'd like to know what do you think about the ending.
OblivionXKnight Jan 19, 7:20 AM
Hello Maneki-Mew (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Special Day 2 You :D


Hello :D *Best Friends Hug* CAN WE PLEASE BE FRIENDS PLEASE? (^.^) My Name Is Nathan (^__^) I Am 26 Years Old :D And I'm Autistic ^o^ *Ultra Special Hug* I Would Absolutely Love 2 Be Your Friend <3 Here Are 5 Facts About Me ^o^ Here You Go ^^ *Happy Friendship Hug*

What Are 5 Facts About You? (^.^) And What Do You Think Of My 5 Facts? (^__^) I Honestly Adore Children With Every Inch Of My Heart (^__^) Little Kids Are So Special (^.^) Children Are Jesus/God's Greatest Gift In The Whole Wide World (^__^) And I Love Hanging Upside Down ^o^ And I Also Love Watching Anime (^__^) And I Love Anime's Like Digimon And Bleach :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*

*Happiest Best Friends Forever And Ever In The Whole Universe Hug* (^__^) *High 5*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)

Fundashi666 Jan 15, 4:53 AM
I'm enjoying watching Nerveland but I'm drop in manga :p
Fundashi666 Jan 15, 4:50 AM
Yes! Shimanami tasogare is very good, so sad don't have many readers
Fundashi666 Jan 14, 7:22 PM
Is nothing hahaha

I'm just wanted to be your friend 😊
Fundashi666 Jan 14, 6:52 PM
Thanks for accepting my request 😊♥️
jjcrowx1 Jan 14, 4:06 AM
Your favorites really interest me. I really love Fantasy + Romance anime, similar to Spice & Wolf, Akatsuki no Yona, do you have any recommendations for something similar to those? (As many as possible lol)