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Majo no Takkyuubin
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Go! Samurai
Nov 10, 12:11 PM
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kaz_77 Nov 20, 2:44 PM
I love Holo good taste
hariettehime Nov 20, 6:31 AM
henlow! i've seen you like holo from spice and wolf ~ :) just dropping by and to thank you for accept my friend request! :)
SacoTaco Nov 18, 11:06 PM
It's cool, don't sweat it. Some people just have more time than others!
So, this might get a bit lengthy, but bear with me for a second. I will leave optional episodes (such as OVA's and shorts in in case you'd like to watch them).
The order goes as follows:
1] Steins;Gate (episodes 1 - 22)
2] Steins;Gate -Divide by Zero- (prequel to Steins;Gate 0, also known as 23β)
3] Steins;Gate 0 (episodes 1 - 9)
4] Steins;Gate -Bittersweet Intermedio- (Steins;Gate 0 OVA) [OPTIONAL!]
5] Steins;Gate 0 (episodes 10 - 23)
Quick side note: Episode 23 of Steins;Gate 0 has a recap of a scene in Steins;Gate which may ruin the momentum of the series, so for simplicity, I've got the timestamp of what you may want to skip: (14:25 - 16:20) Funimation timestamps
6] Steins;Gate (episodes 23 - 24)
7] Steins;Gate -Egoistic Poriomania- (known as episode 25)
8] Steins;Gate -Soumei Eichi no Cognitive Computing- (Steins;Gate Shorts) [OPTIONAL!]
9] Steins;Gate -Load Region of Déjà Vu- (Movie)
After that, you're done! It may look like a monstrous order (and perhaps it is!) but that's the Chronological Order. Keep in mind, this order is meant to be binged. Taking breaks may make the series feel like there's a disconnect. Never exit out of episodes until after the video stops, as there may be scenes hiding at the end! [YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! >:)] I truly hope you enjoy the series as much as I did when I first watched it.
Now go out there and start watching! The series is waiting! Good luck!
Inubashiri Nov 18, 10:46 PM
I don't think it was a flop, to be honest I'm not sure why nobody just seems interested in the project. However, light novel I believe is still producing material so it is enough for season 3 and then some for sure. Its not unheard of for a series to stop and then a decade or more get the last few seasons to it. Inuyasha was this way.
Freyja-Lilith Nov 18, 10:39 PM

I have depression and anxiety and deleting my list helps me when I feel low. I really should find something else to help me when I'm in a mood.
-Yokai- Nov 18, 10:09 PM
my fave bloodborne bosses are ludwig and lady maria, i like gael and the dancer from dark souls 3 (i put over 1,000 hrs into that one)
but yeah the farthest ive ever got in a souls game is ng+4 in dark souls 3
but yeah i used to be awful and the dark souls games and i always summoned for them

then one day i wanted to beat them all solo and i achieved that (watching lobos jr helped me a lot lol)
Popura Nov 18, 9:58 PM
I get what you mean, like the situation he was in with he's body doomed and all, it's pretty hard to deny the decision he made for himself, even though it came in form of ultimate betrayal, it's understandable. (but that rape though I don't think you can justify that) If I was in same position as Griffith, with my body being screwed for good, I probably would have made the same decision Griffith made... ;_;
Popura Nov 17, 7:29 PM
Copy & Pasted Reminder: Last day for MAL's 15th Anniversary Giveaway!
Xelecus Nov 12, 6:53 PM
Ahh I see, well , old shows indeed are splendid in terms of action/gore/blood/dark and seriousness. There was even much less censor than nowadays. Animes recently are focused on cuteness, moe and loli themes. Even the action animes are censored or you can notice lack of animation during fights.

Why do I want to die, well, it’s hard to explain actually, there’s like “void” inside of me. You can also say, a pessimistic creature, that thought deeply about life and found nothing good about it at all, no dreams basically. Like even the goals that this creature is trying to achieve is only essential to guarantee him a proper, peaceful life with no financial, health nor mental problems. But what’s then? I tried to think of many different routes of what my brain can analyze into “Perfect life”. But in every scenario I make, there’s always a point where it “stops”, there’s nothing after that, Like the system has been crushed, like, then what? What’s next ? it’s actually like, If something like Eutopia is actually “Utopia”*. Then it goes the same for my life. I.e. The ideal life doesn’t exist. On the other hand, I don’t seek death, yet, I don’t even want it, I, like, some of other humans, can’t believe the idea that they’ll die one day. For some reason, I just deny that. I might sound like a mental retarded person *cough* - well I’m actually LOL – But I was always interested in the idea of immortality and ultimate authority, yet again .. There’s no meaning after that all. No matter how I revolve around the meaning of life or what I try to achieve .. It all means nothing. Regarding the void part, I may be exaggerating, but emotions like “love”, “cheering”, “Tranquility” etc .., I can’t feel them as much as before, like by time, these emotions fades partly. Idk It’s really complicated and I dunno how to describe it all. I’m sorry for this mess lmfaooo .. Short answer : I want and don’t want to die xD

Doriss Nov 12, 9:27 AM
Thank you for accepting the friend request <3 And nice to meet you!
Great favourites, especially Death Note ^^
Synthesia- Nov 12, 7:43 AM
yup, i dont use them...5 is enough for my rate list
woaah, you are a musician?
what's you favourite songs?
EmilioX Nov 12, 6:03 AM
I'm doing very well, thanks for asking!

Yeah Made in abyss is very good, I can't wait for the sequel.
Well the anime ends in a cliffhanger, so if you want to know how it continues, the manga has that answer. They story is a bit different though near the ending of the anime. I liked the story of the anime better, but I don't regret reading the manga. I mean the first 6 chapters or so are pretty on par with the anime so I read quickly through those and then there is some follow-up story.
I know what you mean, I also like the mixture of the brutal and cute. Higurashi was also such a anime.

What are you currently watching/reading? ^^
Futagokoro Nov 12, 3:59 AM
hi hi alexis

you seem like a really cute girl from your profile! what does your username mean?
my name is tatsuko by the way!
Sedarnit Nov 11, 9:42 PM
Now, you said that, I definitely have to watch Violence Jack first xD
But I love binge watching :( Ok, I'll try not to binge watch all of them in 2 weeks. No promises tho xd

No problem!

I mean definitely Light. I like his f*cked up mindset. L is charismatic and all, but in the end

Now, choose you side as well, Light or L? xD
-Yokai- Nov 11, 6:58 PM
im one for hard games, i beat all the bioshocks on the hardest difficulty, i beat all the soulsborne games solo all bosses and dlcs, and i beat kingdom hearts 2 on critical (not an easy task lol)