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Yuri!!! on Ice
Yuri!!! on Ice
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Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite!
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Oct 21, 6:39 PM
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Fate/stay night x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Fate/stay night x Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
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Moral Sense
Moral Sense
Oct 20, 3:31 AM
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Skadi Oct 14, 9:53 AM
Well for one, write. That means you need to write stuff often in order for you to improve. My early reviews make me cringe looking back on them. But to get better you need to write. Even if you don't feel like it, even if you don't post the review. Set aside some time every day and write something.

Spell and grammar check. I know this might be a "well duh!", kind of thing but I see too many people who don't bother to do basic spell checks or review their work properly and they look like idiots. Also follow basic review courtesy and don't spoil the anime. A review is meant to be read before you watch something not after. Its supposed to give people a chance to make an informed decision about whether or not to spend their time watching something you reviewed. Even if you give a spoiler warning, dont do it. Most people hate it and its rude. I think your allowed to give story spoilers when writing reviews in sequels in regards to the previous works. If I review season 2 of something and I spoil something in season 1 well why are you reading a review on something from season 2 you haven't seen. Well that's how I feel anyway. Though you should still keep them as toned down as possible though. Finally don't include memes or other slang or any other kind of references that are "perishable". Don't be a troll.

Follow some kind of preset template, at least early on, until you get better or find your "voice" as I like to call it. This is the best way to make sure you are covering all the topics. Be decisive and have opinions. Through this and write you will find your voice. It can be helpful to read other reviews to get an idea of how other people do it. But no matter how tempting it is be mindful never to plagiarize anyone elses work. I usually stayed away from reading anyones reviews for things I planned on reviewing until after I finished mine. I wanted to be sure I would never even unconsciously be influenced by someone else. You will have to figure out what the best way to do things are. For me I would write my reviews right after finishing something while it was fresh, sit on it a day and then review and make changes. I wrote them offline in Word and then pasted them into MAL.

Finding your voice means usually finding a hook to get readers to read your review. Generally people will only read the first paragraph and if you dont have them interested by then they wont bother with the rest. I tended to be snarky and sarcastic which is why I reviewed alot of bad anime because it was fun for me to write about stuff I hated. It was harder for me to praise things I liked. Try to avoid being fanboy/fangirl reviewer though. Nobody likes those kinds of reviews.

The big thing in the end is to write about what you want to and be satisfied with what you write. Dont listen to anyone who wants to hate on you. Write what you want and for you alone. There is no reason for you to please anyone except yourself. If you cant please yourself, you wont please anyone.

Oh and don't be a cuck and review anime thats airing. Everyone hates that and nobody cares about your I'll update this as it airs review. My number one peeve in the world.
Skadi Oct 2, 5:33 PM
Nanoha has really great villains too. Deep and complex but also the kind that you love to absolutely hate. Precsia who was such a flawed person who had such a tragic fall, you felt some pity for you but you wanted to throw something at the TV when you saw how horribly she treated Fate and others. The scene at the end of the first story when she is about to fall into oblivion and Fate reaches out to her and just for a moment you feel that Prescia regrets and wants to accept Fate but only to have her madness consume her and for her to push her away and to her doom. It was very heartbreaking and yet so appropriate.

Thats really what I enjoy so much about Nanoha is its a magical girl series that is very serious and real in alot of ways. It deals with serious issues but it doesn't dumb them down so much that they feel unrealistic or silly but can still be enjoyed by both adults and children. The series definitely give more depth than the movies, you should watch that first, but if you already know the story of the anime the movies make a nice quick recap. Plus visually they are much better quality than the anime is. I loved the action in StrikerS alot more but I didnt care for all the other side characters. I was not a fan of most of the new girls and I felt the cast got a bit to large. I should watch it again though because I haven't seen it since I originally watched and reviewed it almost 10 years ago.

I like a wide range of stuff. Since I dont write reviews anymore I dont feel the need to subject myself to as many shitty serious so I can have fun writing a sarcastic review on it.

I did not know about the movies, I might have seen it though and forgotten about it. I havent been keeping up with the latest news anymore.
ktulu007 Oct 2, 11:48 AM
I think the core of a magical girl anime is that it involves a girl or multiple girls fighting monsters with magic when the girl(s) come from a world where magic is abnormal. Otherwise every fantasy work with a female mage would be magical girl but there's a pretty clear distinction between something like Record of Lodoss War, the Slayers or Wizardry and a magical girl series.

There are elements that most magical girl anime seem to have, heavy shoujo ai subtext, the magical creature familiar, transformation sequences, an optimistic outlook but those don't really hold true for all of them. Mermaid Melody and Magic Knight Rayearth are both magical girl and neither one has much of the shoujo ai. Devil Hunter Yohko is too, it's shite but it's one, and it doesn't have any. There are also ones like Madoka or Uta Kata that aren't exactly optimistic.

If you want an anime that fuses magical girl and mecha elements in a not parody way, there's always Magic Knight Rayearth.
ktulu007 Oct 2, 6:12 AM
Well, magical girl tropes are part of what it parodies and it does involve girls and magic. But, at the same time, the action sequences are more mecha & the comedic bent makes it more parody than a straight up magical girl work.

I would say it's more of a sci-fi comedy. But it's not like I've spent a lot of time interacting with the big fans of the series. So, I don't really know how they'd classify it.
Skadi Oct 1, 5:09 PM
I kind of agree with you. I liked the grown up versions of Fate and Nanoha. I never finished Vivid I started and never completed it. I should get around to that some day. Wish we would get a new Nanoha anime though with her and Fate as the main characters. Divine Buster.. Shoot! :P

Its definitely one of my favs. I really enjoy the movies too. I watch those every now and then, my daughter really likes them and I think they honestly work better in movie format. I have often thought they would make spectacular live action movies as well if they were done properly.
Coolest_Girl Sep 25, 3:11 PM
xD Thank you. I actually completed it years ago somehow it got deleted on my list but thank you xD
zeroki Aug 25, 7:14 PM
She's one of my favorite girls in School Rumble next to Yakumo, who is cute. But Eri is pretty hot I gotta admit too. <33333333 Started re-watching it again. Been ages. XDDD Still funny.
chronexia Aug 24, 10:58 AM
just tweaked some details on it, people didn't get were jokes.
Zeikestsu Aug 20, 12:16 PM
Hey that pretty gud ;)
Not my favorite
But is good
shonen will get you on your seat :) ^^
Kansas Aug 18, 4:17 PM
I think exactly the same. But I wanted to compare manga and anime.
Skyavii Aug 17, 1:33 PM
Of course, I love that anime! <3
prettypoison Aug 11, 10:14 PM
What anime is it? :O (sorry I took so long to reply lol)
zeroki Aug 10, 2:00 AM
Glad to see you like Akame as well! my favorite. Hot af too~
chronexia Aug 7, 9:07 AM
Thank you for supporting me by watching my stuff. If it weren't from you guys i wouldnt have this job so its not beyond me to take the time every now and then :)
prettypoison Aug 3, 11:13 PM
Hmmm, for me she's probably a 7 out of 10. She isn't my type haha, but she totally looks like yours ^-^ do you like her?