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Nov 22, 2018
Honestly when I finished the first episode, I thought I was the only one who disliked this show and I agree with many people who didn't like this show.

The story is about a girl named Aya Asagiri who starts off as a sympathetic sue because she gets bullied by classmates in school as well as her brother at home. Honestly the bullies were not portrayed that well. They were basically written off as sadistic yanderes just to remind us that this is a DAAAAAAAARRRRRRK magical girl anime. It would've been much better if we see why they are acting like that but nope. They read more
Mar 16, 2018

I can't believe this manga is one of the excellent mangas ever made! Mami Tomoe, the character whom people overshadow her character with head jokes in episode 3 is developed the best here. When I first heard of this manga, I was confused as to why people cherish it so much since Mami hardly interested me that time. But once I've started to read this manga, I've found myself infused with her character just as much as Sayaka in the anime. Though the anime is way ahead of Precure and Tokyo Mew Mew (even though I like these animes too), I for some read more
Jun 6, 2017
I agree with most people here who are saying that Magical Girl Raising Project wasn't good. This is one of the animes I definitely not recommend to watch. But that doesn't mean this is a Madoka Magica ripoff since it is dark in its own way (hell even I kind of enjoyed Yuki Yuna very much despite being labelled as a 'Madoka ripoff' by fans).

Story- 4
The story is basically about 16 magical girls in a battle royale type magical girl anime. There are too many problems in this story. First of all there is no reason to why the characters have to become magical girls. read more