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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: The Different Story
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: The Different Story
Mar 16, 2018 3:49 AM
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Mami-Sexual Feb 26, 7:29 AM
Sorry for all the long message's btw I'll try to figure out someway to explain things with less words in the future. Suppose this is another reason why videos can work better
Mami-Sexual Feb 23, 3:54 PM
Okay sure thing tbh I was suppose to make a video on this anyway since I remember you requested as such with some of the other magical girl anime so guess I'll make Yuki Yuna next seeing as writing to you gave me a chance to actually think about the anime and my feelings toward it so now I can put it all in video form with more details and visual imagery.
Mami-Sexual Feb 23, 9:06 AM
To be quite honest I was not a big fan of it at all though to be fair I've yet to completely watch the anime in its entirely so perhaps my views could change if I were watch it again and complete it but at the moment I can't say I like it very much mostly due to personally not being able to resonate strongly with any of the characters in like a deep emotional kind of way though that's not to say that there bad characters because on contrary there good characters but just not characters I connect with strongly which tends to be an important factor when it comes to me being able to enjoy an anime strongly or not.

I also did not care the plot centered around fighting the senji-sama or whatever beings they were fighting (Its been a while since I watched this anime so characters names and bad guys kind of miss me at the moment)

Though one thing YukiYuna does right for me is it does a good job in making its characters likable meaning toward the start of it I enjoyed the way the girls interacted with each other whenever there weren't engaged in a battle tbh had YukiYuna is a Hero had just been strictly a slice of life cute girls doing cute things kind of show I would like it a lot more cause again the character interactions is where I feel this anime shines the most.

Like my favorite moment in the anime is one where in the prequel the black hair girl (forget her name) is wanting the attention of one of her friends in the form of being petted on the head and I personally loved this moment so much because it was endearing to see one of the girls wanting the attention of another and basking in that attention in such a cute way almost like it a cat it was honestly adorable specially with how one of the girls mentioned how much the girl being petted wanted the attention. Again beautiful moment of character interaction and love and then the character that did the petting and showed the affection needlessly dies....

Another moment I liked was when the red outfit girl joined the group and how she did not want to admit she enjoyed being with the group of girls because of how tsundere she was but I loved how she slowly came around when it came to caring for the others after her introduction episode that was also endearing and kind funny how one of the girls(the tall blonde one) made fun of her for it but in a cute way anyways yeah character interactions were really good in this show

But the part of the anime that dragged it down for me was the forced tragedy aspect to it like for example and I will admit its been like a year since I watched it so memory is foggy but those two blond twin girls have some kind of tragic event happen in regarding to not having there parents meaning they died or were killed or something I don't remember the details but I remember thinking upon this information being revealed how forced it was or how force it felt its like we see the girls generally getting to know each other on the one hand with this bright cheery atmosphere then suddenly out of no where its revealed two of the girls had some dark tragic thing that happened to them.

Now this being the case is not the part I disliked I disliked the way it was shoe horned into the narrative because it felt random and given what had taken place in early episodes or maybe in that same episode it was something that did not need to be there.

As I said as a cute girls getting to know and caring for one another and becoming friends Yuki Yuna is a good show but don't like how tragic stuff was written in nor is there a character I absolutely love though once again none of them are bad mind you just don't resonate personally with anyone like say the madoka characters like Mami I can relate and resonate with her tremendously as a person combined with her just being all around beautiful etc etc I also don't care much for the fighting aspect of Yuki Yuna is a hero though will admit the magical girl transformations are pretty cool and tend to always enjoy seeing those
Mami-Sexual Feb 6, 3:38 PM
Ahh thanks for the reminder guess I'll get to checking that out now.

Also the thing about it being a magical girl anime from my perspective is subjective simply because your right it does not follow many of the tradition troupes that magical girl anime tend to follow but believe or not this is listed to be in the magical girl genre as a magical girl anime on various websites and in truth one issue with the magical genre is the fact that there is no definitive definition of what a magical girl anime is meaning yes there are tons of people on the internet that mention what they feel the definition of a magical girl is that it needs to have certain troupes like mascot character, transformation ,fighting evil, friendship, female characters, magic powers needing to be alien to the world in which the girls get there powers etc etc but I've noticed tons of shows in magical girl genre that don't have some of the obvious troupes mentioned above but are still considered magical girl anime for example if you wanted to say that a magical girl anime needs to have transformation scenes to be considered a magical girl anime then that would be incorrect since Cardcaptor Sakura and Kobato don't have these but are still magical girls shows.

Panthy and Stocking andUta Kata are considered shows in magical girl genre though don't believe they have mascots in said shows if I'm not mistaken and I don't think princess tutu has a mascot either and the very first magical girl show to exist is not anime according to TV troupes which is called Bewitch and another considered magical girl show is Sabrina the Teenage Witch and these shows don't have many of the troupes.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is since there is technically no definitive official guide to what makes a magical girl anime what it is aside from people giving there own opinions which are neither right or wrong just different perspectives you can always try to find justification for what a magical girl anime is as long as it has at least one or a few of the troupes within it cause the term magical girl is is very broad ya know?

So in truth despite WIXOSS not having many of the elements of magical girl show you will come across people who mention that it is now I have not seen this yet mind you so I'm not in a position to defend it as a magical girl show or not but I do understand its considered as much most likely I'm assuming its based on magic in whatever card game there doing since I know one aspect that people tend to consider within a magical girl show is if the girls have powers that are considered alien to the world they inhabit it counts as a check mark within magical girl genre. Actually someone once told me that one of the girls in that anime merges with her card or something and gets its that true?

As mentioned above WIXOSS appears to not have many of the troupes a magical girl anime has with the exception of it having girls in it and perhaps also friendship themes? Not to mention the anime perhaps has elements of magic powers I'm assuming which I guess is within the cards they use only the powers are external and not internal within the girls themselves but the reason in power or magic can be fond within this anime I'm assuming is cause of the girls themselves? Just what I've heard so idk it seems as though you can at least make arguments it has some elements of being a magical girl anime just maybe depends on if someone thinks they have enough of the elements to be considered a magical girl anime or not cause no where does it state that a magical girl show has to have all the elements we see for it to be a magical girl show or to be listed within the genre cause again there is no official definition though if you find one be sure to let me know cause I certainly have not seen it and closet thing would be TV Troupes or Wiki but don't consider these places official guides to this matter . Anyways guess when I finally get around to watching I'll be able to determine that for myself
Mami-Sexual Jan 7, 1:56 AM
Just letting you know that my next two videos will be related to answering your questions about the madoka clones
Mami-Sexual Dec 17, 2018 6:44 AM
Hellloo, thanks for the friend request and for being around on my channel(: Tbh there's a certain video coming out somewhat soon I think you will be especially interested in and I don't want to spoil it but stay tuned
Aslt Dec 16, 2018 1:32 PM
Aslt Dec 16, 2018 7:48 AM
Hello. Answer what I asked you.
Arimias Dec 15, 2018 12:28 PM
Hello. Answer what I asked you.
Zahyo Dec 15, 2018 12:18 PM
Hello. Answer what I asked you.
NickDen Dec 15, 2018 12:17 PM
Hello. Answer what I asked you.
YuiGoggles Dec 15, 2018 12:17 PM
Hello. Answer what I asked you.
SunlitSonata Dec 15, 2018 11:14 AM
an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else.

That's what I meant regarding the anime adaptation of WIXOSS. Don't ask me about what the deal with WIXOSS is besides trying to cash in on the Madoka train. Ask my friend Grex11 if you are curious, since he has seen both shows.
SunlitSonata Dec 14, 2018 10:34 AM
While I haven’t seen Selector Infected, everyone who I know has seen it, at least the first season, told me that the Madoka parallels are even stronger than Yuki Yuna’s. The show might not be bad on its own, but it comes off like a byproduct, adapted so it could cling to the same audience with overall less. That there are THIS many comparisons says quite a lot:

Glad you liked my review! Thanks for the article! ;)
SunlitSonata Dec 14, 2018 10:16 AM
Sure. Whatcha want to say? Did you like my Madoka review?