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Nov 18, 2012
This will be a temporarily review until the anime is completed, I created this so that people won't get any misunderstandings from others UNTIL the technical reviewers come by when the anime is completed. I've also decided to create this review for the sake of those viewers who played the visual novel, and for those who havent since I'm tired of reading all these reviews made up of self-satisfaction, and sadly by biased and unperceptive views.

First to those who played the visual novel, please stop comparing the visual novel to the anime, they are done on completely different ways and is read more
Sep 26, 2012
These little 3-minute specials are a direct sequel to Amagami SS+ plus, but you can interpret it as "afterstories" to the arcs of the parent story. I enjoyed all the specials despite it being shorts because I'm a fan of the show. So that means that if you really loved any of the heroines, and want to see what happens to them further on in the story, then these lovely shorts should satisfy you. These specials will give you a conclusion that goes beyond the conclusion given in the parent story.

OR... another reason for you to watch these could be to indulge yourself in nostalgia read more