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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
Yesterday, 6:02 AM
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Hitsuji no Uta
Hitsuji no Uta
Jun 9, 2:16 PM
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Carnage555 Jun 4, 3:18 AM
Thank you so much for providing the sauce! And your first line actually gave me a really good laugh, I really appreciate it! x) To clarify ahaha, no I'm not, I'm in love with the series (despite having not watched it but read about it) and Yuuna seems like such a cool character and I really liked your avatar of her :p I'm actually about to start watching the show today!
Carnage555 Jun 3, 8:54 AM
Hiya! c: Just wanted to ask, if it's not too much trouble, what's the source of your avatar? :0 I know it's from Yuki Yuna but I'm curious where did you get it from because reverse image searching turns nothing up, and it seems super familiar to me!
Valkeiser May 15, 4:36 PM
Lain is on great need for a rewatch on my part. So instead of trying to remember and reformulate my comments on it, I'll leave you a link to a post I made on reddit a couple of years ago when I first watched it. Maybe it will help you widen your view on the show...
PhantomDiamond May 13, 9:14 PM
Okay no problem.
Valkeiser May 12, 7:02 PM
I can understand people feeling confused because it uses a disjointed narrative, but that disorientated feel is part of the show's atmosphere. As you say, on a surface level the story is not that complicated. Most of what makes Lain great tho is dissecting the many layers it has and interpret the various messages the show delivers. If you're not interested in any of that, it is at least a very unique experience.
PhantomDiamond May 12, 6:08 PM
yeah i am going to give sports anime a chance right now i have only seen a few i'm not really a fan of sports at all but i heard there are really good sports anime out there.
PhantomDiamond May 12, 3:52 PM
I'm doing pretty good thanks for asking yeah MAL is really slow today I'm watching a few anime I still plan on watching more sports anime soon as well Ashito no Joe and Ace Diamond I definitely need to check out sometime this week.
PhantomDiamond May 12, 1:58 PM
Hey Maenads what’s up?
Valkeiser May 7, 12:38 PM
There's of course a lot you appreciate more when you dissect and rewatch it, but that first mind blowing watch has a charm on its own. Enjoy the experience, and feel free to talk about it with me when you're done =)
Valkeiser May 5, 3:27 PM
How's Lain working out for you so far?
PhantomDiamond May 3, 5:05 PM
My bad if I was going a bit off track from the conversation I sometimes have a habit of doing that.
PhantomDiamond May 3, 5:02 PM
I do think occasionally watching bad anime is good because it gives you more of a understanding on what is good and bad if that makes any sense just don’t go out of your way to watch every bad anime in existence.

I also think occasionally watching bad movies and shows and playing terrible videos games once in a while gives you more of a understanding for entertainment as a whole which is that not everything is perfect and there’s a lot of good and bad stuff being made out there. Some are executed way better then others in terms of the stories being told and the writing along with the overall presentation and gameplay but it really depends because almost everything is Subjective.
PhantomDiamond May 3, 4:50 PM
I have seen a bunch of bad anime I will probably watch it eventually just to torment myself like I did with Accel World, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki, Akame ga Kill, Kings game, Sword Gai, Guilty Crown, Gangsta, Kakegurui and a couple of other bad anime out there.
PhantomDiamond May 3, 4:42 PM
I do like Re:Zero and Konosuba but I won't lie they are pretty overrated especially Re Zero for me those anime are a 7/10 I've seen much better anime in terms of comedy and story telling and the writing in Re:Zero could of been way better but I did Enjoy watching them.

Shield Hero I haven't watched it yet I probably won't anytime soon because Like I said before I don't really care about keeping up with all of the new anime that comes out.

I mostly watch older anime from a few years back and anime made over a decade ago I'm just really picky with the anime I watch even though I have seen a decent amount of anime so far.

I also heard people talk about Goblin Slayer that shit really doesn't look like anything special to me it just looks like a Overlord clone or just another generic Isekai.
PhantomDiamond May 3, 3:44 PM
Overlord is pretty mediocre the first season was okay but Season 2 and Season 3 are just average at best with lackluster animation and bland characters I kind of like Ainz in the first season he was honestly the only character I remembered in the whole show but after a while he just became really one dimensional along with all the other characters.

The only modern Isekai I have seen which I actually really liked is Log Horizon everything else I have seen is either average or just really bad like that terrible anime called How to not summon a demon lord and another piece of shit called fucking Death March.

but that's just in my opinion.