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Apr 6, 2014
Children have no place in a bar, and most youths prefer dancing in nightclubs to loud music and cheap booze... but for those who wish a calmer and more mature place, there is the bar.
Even among bars, there is a variety of styles: from seedy dockside dives, to beer halls where there is always a ball game or race being played on a large screen, to the dimly-lit classier cocktail bars...

What, then, is a bar? A place where they serve drinks, sure, but that's just an element of the whole.
A bar is a social environment safe from the rest of the world where one goes read more
Jan 24, 2013
Do you hate someone to the point that you would like to literally send them to Hell - even at the cost of your own soul?

Story: 6
Each episode centers on one person's suffering and its relation with its tormentor; from there it falls into a modular routine: they contact Hell Girl, she gives them a straw doll with a red string, and warn them that if they pull the string, when they die they'll go to hell too...
While the diverse contracts are episodic in nature and have mostly (but not always) predictable outcomes, many of them are connected by a freelancer reporter's quest to find read more
Jan 23, 2013
Pretentiousness. This word was discussed to death, and I believe it applies here; but instead of ranting, Ive forced (or rather, violated) myself to re-endure this series just so I can make a proper review.
I'd warn about spoilers ahead, but the series was already rotten from the start, so I won't bother with spoiling it some more.

A chronically depressive schoolgirl wonders if her hallucinations are due to having become psychotic, developing multiple personalities disorder or being just paranormal. Other than that, the plot is nigh inexistent, it's just a dragged-out exposition of why she had these visions.[spoiler]Finally, said girl realizes she's a goddess, throws read more
Jan 16, 2013
Why, I ask you, why do they insist with these frekkin' recap episodes??? They add nothing new, and are an utter waste of our precious time... Gawd, I hate recaps!