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Mar 29, 2020
Dorohedoro is a one of a kind show and is perfect for people that want a gritty (and very violent) anime. I first got into anime watching the older, more unconventional anime and recently the trend has been towards more toned down anime. Which is expected as anime has really expanded its viewer-base. However, Dorohedoro is a throwback to the old days of more unconventional anime while still bringing a totally unique and engaging story to the table. I cannot stress enough just how unique this show is and it does it in a way that is totally earned. Nothing about this show is cheap. read more
Sep 23, 2018
STORY 8/10

If I had to classify it by genres it would be action, mecha, psychics, sci-fi and space. Now this is a very mixed bag but the elements are presented in such a way that none of it is forced and it all fits together. There is also some decent humor. Lastly it has a very fitting conclusion. However, the twelve episode count is clearly limiting for the creator and this means we do not get to see his best. Development is inevitably rushed at points and the story as a whole cannot reach the heights that it probably could have if the author was read more