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Jan 6, 2010
Mod Note: This review was initially posted for, Gachagacha Part.2: "Secret" Arc, and was subsequently merged into Gachagacha.

Gachagacha: The Next Revolution starts out with an interesting concept, but after that it goes almost nowhere.

The characters start out completely devoid of personality, save for the Akira whose personality only serves to convince the reader that he is utterly worthless, and in most respects he pretty much is.

The main female love interest, Yurika, falls into the deathly trap that is why-does-he-even-like-her. Yurika starts out as "The Pretty Girl" and not much else, whose sole purpose in life is to be loved by the main character. About half read more
Nov 30, 2009
In all regards this show should be terrible, it's plot is terrible, it's story is terrible, everything is terrible

But for some mind boggling reason, a negative, a negative and a negative equal POSITIVE! You just can't help laughing at the corny jokes in this anime. and even though the plot has seemingly been confused with BREASTS it does show up eventually with a real curve ball

And while the characters have almost no redeeming values and are, frankly, 1, maybe 2 dimensional, you just can't help but root them on, and they're really what drives the show.

Natsuru (the main character in this anime) is at times: read more