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Dec 22, 2018
When you think of ShindoL’s works, the first thing that comes to mind is often Emergence. But little do you know that most of his other works are just as "creative" as Emergence. And so, this is the case for Junai Irregulars. Even if it’s a hentai, it manages to make you think, cry, and even throw up a little sometimes. So: not just a fap material. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.
It’s separated in seven different stories, each with a different plot and different characters, and of course some unusual sexual intercourses.

The first story, read more
Nov 3, 2018
Banana Bread no Pudding is one of those manga that you can say you read it and be proud of it. Because if you want to act smart, this one is perfect for you. By tackling themes such as philosophy or repressed sexuality, you can totally see it as a piece of artistic literature.

It tells the story of Ira, a strange young woman who keep on acting like a little girl. To avoid being alone after the marriage of her sister, she must marry someone. After confessing to Saeko, her best friend, that her ideal husband is a gay man wanting to hide from society, read more
Sep 13, 2018
A somewhat "classic" hentai. There isn't much special about it except that it's colorful and that one of the girls is a futanari.

The story is just about two girls, two neighbors who met when one of them lost her keys. While staying at her place, she discovered that the other has a penis, and then proceeded to have sex and become lovers. Well, all of this is just quickly told as a flashback, as it actually takes place after this event. This time, the two women have sex just to congrats one of them. So just sex and no real plot.

I know that read more
Apr 15, 2018
Do you like pirate stories? Then find yourself another manga, because this one hardly touches the subject. But give a chance to Aoki Umi no Toraware Hime. You could still appreciate it, as this manga is very pleasant to read.

It tells the story of a princess, Matsurika, who's kidnapped by a pirate named Raju to be sacrificed on a divine altar. There are various misadventures and altercations with other characters, including the heroines suspicious fiance . Also, there's obviously a romance between the princess and the pirate. It's a shoujo, after all. There are also a good number of plot twists, some more obvious than read more
Apr 3, 2018
I think that I can say that I was betrayed by Isekai Nonbiri Nouka. Or rather, betrayed by what it promised me. After seeing the cover of the light novel, which I found very pretty, I decided to give a try to the manga. I was surprised to see that it was not at all as pretty as the original work.

The story is fairly classic: a middle-aged man is resuscitated as a young man in a fantasy world and must now live in this new universe. So, an isekai story. The title didn't lied. What makes it out of the ordinary is that the MC read more
Feb 13, 2018
There are two ways to see Hatsukoi Lunch Box. You can first see it as a sweet shoujo that tells the love story of two foodies. You may be disappointed, because it will certainly not bring you an hectic story. But you can see it for what it really is : an advertisement in a manga form.

   The story is centered on Sae, a schoolgirl who loves to eat. In each chapter, she helps her friends to conquer the hearts of their loved ones by showing them how to cook bento for them. To help her, she is accompanied by Yuki, her childhood friend, and her read more
Feb 12, 2018
Aoi Horus no Hitomi is what could be called a hidden gem. I am lucky enough to live in a country where this manga is licensed, and it is with pleasure that I was able to hold it in my hands. Tribute to all the people who cry on untranslated scans, nonetheless.

The plot is drawn from a true story: the life of Hatshepsut, the queen-pharaoh who ruled Egypt for many years. The author shows how she defended herself against her opponents and against her status as a woman who prevented her from taking full advantage of power and being able to act in politics. Machinations read more
Jan 8, 2018
I consider myself a great fan of reverse harem anime. I could watch the cringiest of them, I will always, somehow, find pleasure out of it. But this shit. This shit broke me.

VitaminX is as much a bad anime as a bad reverse harem. There's only 3 episodes, but each second of it felt like my head was crushed by the hand of these cursed bishies.
I'm complaining, but what was so bad about it you may say ? Well, from my point of view, everything. Boring scenario, failed humor, annoying characters.
By the way, while read more
Nov 25, 2017
One word : Weird. It's not bad, it's not especially good, but it's weird.

Akazukin Eliza is about a girl named Eliza who fell in love with Wolf, a boy accompagned by his pet worm who can eat poison (yes). Eliza bring soup to her bodybuilt grandma everyday. Grandma who by the way doesn't want any man to come near her beloved grand daughter.

Even if the setting is kinda special, the art style is very cute (except for the gigantic worm). With its pretty heroine and considering it is an ecchi, the fanservice is obviously very present. After realizing it, the presence of this huge read more