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Dec 23, 2019
Dr. Stone lives up to the hype and goes beyond it! The characters are very relatable and fun, especially the villagers, each with their own funny tropes. The premise is great, but the execution on it is exhilarating! Watching Senku-tachi cook up something new every episode as they leap through millions of years of civilization is just so satisfying, and the fact that it's all mostly scientifically sound makes it even more amazing.
My only reservation on this anime is the villain. Though I like his motive, he doesn't get enough screentime and we don't get enough of his "empire" to truly understand it. That read more
Dec 10, 2019
An amazing rollercoaster ride of emotions and a sure tear-jerker, this series really lived up to its hype. Great story, the plot is well-developed, and the twists had me on the edge of my seat! I had planned to watch this on an episode-by-episode basis but I just couldn't keep myself from binging it all in one sitting! The series shares a deep parallel with Shingeki no Kyiojin (Attack on Titan) and has its fair share of allegory that I'm not gonna bother spoiling. A few points hold me back from giving it the full 10, like how I wanted more elaboration on world-building, but read more
Dec 9, 2019
Such a joy to watch! Beautifully conveys the tough daily lives of parenting. It makes me feel at ease like no other anime can, and has such a wholesome healing power! The art is stunning without being flashy and adds to the show's calm air, and the voice-acting is also top-notch (especially the children feel so real). Rin-chan's cuteness level is over 9000, and often I felt like I could watch this show almost without any plot whatsoever. Like, it was fun to just see the character interactions during mundane activities (e.g. going to the grocery store) that have very little plot!
I only wished read more
Nov 19, 2019
I gotta hand it to this anime! I first came upon the manga by sheer random chance about a year ago. I was bored at the time, and wanted something new, didn't expect much, just thought it was gonna be yet another average series, but boy weren't I in for a big surprise! I had only read a few chapters and I knew I had to see this animated! The plot is simple enough, jokes are funny (even when repeated a hundred times), and many of the recurring gags have me shaking with laughter whenever I just happen to remember them. For example, every time read more