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Jan 2, 2018
I was on board with the idea of a sorta random anime about the romance of characters at a konbini. But... I was left disappointed.

The story was incredibly typical, which isn't so bad. My problem was that the "main" story with Haruki-kun was pretty much absent and lackluster. In fact, the side story with Towa-kun was much more enjoyable and I preferred it. He had guts. Haruki-kun did not. I ended up having this anime as background noise.

There was little character development, so very subtle. Which is a shame, because they all had room for improvement.

My biggest issue was the introduction of characters that don't read more
Jun 13, 2017

The art style looks basically pastel colors, and since this anime short is for everyone of any age, it's also appropriate.

I've watched a lot of anime (probably not as much as some/most), but I can safely say that this was a great experience.

It's different. It's magical.

I mean, it's such a cute concept involving zippers and family!

The short is worth approximately 10 minutes of your time if you want something a little new to your diet of anime.

EPISODE 02: So now there's an Episode 02 for this "series".

I will be keeping the score of 10 for Fastening Days.

The issues I have read more
Jan 15, 2016
If you have already watched Angel Beats, then the humor in THIS anime is a blast to the past. Either way, I suggest you watch Angel Beats first, wait a few months and come back to watch Charlotte.

Fortunately, that's all I'll be comparing Charlotte to Angel Beats.

The story is quite mind-bending, albeit, a few scenes seem to be forced. I will however warn viewers who are incredibly family-oriented (such as me) to have a box of tissues nearby, because those moments really hit home. The story starts out slow but only because the information was needed to create a more logical conclusion. I won't mention read more
Jan 11, 2016
Simply put, it's worth watching a few episodes (which may evolve into all episodes).

I was skeptical at first, but the beginning was a pretty good attention grabber especially when one doesn't bother to read the description/summary of the anime (like me).

The story is consistent but can have a few holes here and there. There are some parts that seemed like filler and didn't contribute a lot; however, there are tiny details that make a difference.

The art is very appealing to look at. The animation is smooth and there's no unnecessary movements. Each movement is significant from character movement to environment movement.

Music and SFX are appropriate read more