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saengdao 7 hours ago
i have an old goodreads account lying around somewhere i made back in 2016, lol i should probably pick that up again and start adding things in to see what my count is now

maybe i shall get myself an ahegao hoodie now to see how many people of culture i can catch out in public. but i'd probably be too scared to wear it, i don't think i've ever worn out my regular anime shirts out in public tbh

i'm a huge attack on titan fan :D it's the anime that got me hooked onto anime back in 2013, i absolutely love it.
i've been waiting for all of s3p2 to be animated since i picked up the manga, and all those years of wait were absolutely worth it. i watched every episode weekly with my s/o who hasn't read the manga and i love seeing anime only watchers reactions like that, especially to armin's sacrifice and the reveal of marley and paradis. the revelation that for 3 seasons all we've been seeing is just a small section of what the entire world is never fails to amaze me.
whilst i think they made the revelation a little too fast paced and in your face with tons of information, it was done pretty much perfectly. i'm glad they skipped over a bit of what the manga had of a political arc with historia becoming queen, and went straight to the twist.
i think whilst levi vs zeke was a great and amazing choreographed fight scene, i definitely can't get over armin's death scene and the debate of who gets the serum. it definitely didn't let me down, and i loved seeing the reactions to that.
what do you think of season 4 being the last season? i see a lot of mixed feelings about it.
Polycythemia Aug 15, 3:37 PM
thanks, just one more week until freedom ; -;
last week of shitposting I guess LUL
hope you've been well mayo!
sasalx Aug 14, 11:41 AM
> saying these actually makes me wonder if my opinion is justifiable
Lol. Well, sometimes we love characters because of their flaws. 15 is again a perfect example if I had to backtrack a bit.

> she certainly shouldn't get away with what she did
Actually, come to think about it... Her story is very similar to Oppenheimer. Huh...

> *** this could be applied...
Well, this is a major debate on both theology and philosophy afaik. Many religions promise salvation if the said person "repents" from their sins. Also, there are irl examples as you gave. In my opinion, the degree of offense is the determining factor. For example, if the said racist express their opinion verbally we can forgive them but murder? Now that's something else.

> are you into tomboys..?
Let's look at my favorites list:
- Kanbaru: Short hair, tomboy, very sarcastic
- Akane: Short hair (btw best kind of short hair however I don't know the English word for it), tomboy, great character development
- Nia: Soft tomboy, nice personality
- Yona: Short hair, tomboy, one of the best female MC for a shoujo, signature epic scene(spoilers)
- Nonon: tomboy, there is / always nani / to be / sore.™
- Fremy: Short hair, tomboy, uber gorgeous character design
- Kyouko: One of the best anti-heroes in an anime
Soooo... The answer to the question is:

> what's so appealing about her?
Now, answering this is a bit difficult. Because she is "the" best girl for me. Aside from the short hair tomboy combo, I love the humour of Kanbaru. Her dynamics with Araragi is always a treat for me. As I said, it's a bit hard to explain so let's do it like that: Her personality 10/10 + her character design 10/10 + her VA (Sawashiro Miyuki) 10/10 = 11/10

> and no i haven't read it but i'm planning to
Oh you really should. I really like to see your reaction to the last three chapters.

> we talked about this too have we?
No, I don't think so. But since we are now, who is the best girl?
Jon_ner Aug 13, 7:50 PM
ayyy, glad you are enjoying it thus far, even with your few grips! the anime basically finished adapting the prologue chapters last week, so it should finally get to the real meat of the story next week. surprisingly, a lot of the best scenes have actually been completely anime-original, so even as a manga reader it's refreshing to watch!

i'm mostly play the drums nowadays (self-taught and the only thing i've actually performed live with), but i've also dipped my toes into piano and bass

it's a hard question to answer, since i'm pretty open to everything from big pop artists like Carly Rae Jepsen to Japanese noise artists like Merzbow, though lately i've been on a bit of an 80's pop mood (a lot of Tears for Fears and late ABBA)
i got a page that basically tracks everything that i listen to and puts it in charts (, but some of my favorite artists are Death Grips, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, BADBADNOTGOOD, Queens of the Stone Age, Weezer, Thundercat and Stars of the Lid

i'll guess i'll bounce that question right back at you: what music are you into?

it's mostly just something i play to tune-out and listen to other stuff (music, podcasts) or do dumb shit with my internet friends, honestly. i got back into it after being convinced that it was ''good'' again

my business generally depends on what time of the year it is. right now i'm trying to finish up a degree that i'm a little bit behind on, but i've been slacking a bit due to being demotivated by some setbacks.........even then though, I always try to sneek in some anime/manga/music/video games when I have the spare time (and sometimes, even when I don't!)

noravique Aug 13, 5:01 AM
uff sorry for the late reply ;;; life has been hectic kek

yeah college started off HORRID AS FUCK but i'm slowly getting used to the exhaustion and the stress. stress is needed to improve so let's look at the bright side! :D i meant another state in malaysia lol ....... also, my proposal went great. my lecturers chose ours as one of the projects to work on for our assignment ^^

uff japan sounds so fun, it's definitely on top of the list of countries i want to visit!! i've only been to singapore, my family never had the time or chance to visit other countries haha. we do have occasional family one-day trips though and i think those are super fun too. i don't really care about the destination, anywhere with my family is good ><

Shaka Aug 13, 3:27 AM
OG yugioh is edgy if you watch subbed version. Latest edgy thing i watched.

Felt is a royal or something now, being one of the candidates for the throne or whatever shenanigans were going on in that show lol

While it's true for one piece with power ups to an extent. I'd only count random power up with eines lobby and dressrosa, Luffy only won with crocodile cause luffy was smart with the blood to be able to counter crocodiles sand, and beating enel due to being a counter with rubber, and getting fucked over by everything from sabaody archipelago to timeskip. And with whole cake island Luffy did not win against katakuri, it was a lot more katakuri respected Luffy being able to understand future sight better. Maybe I'm just biased but I think the one piece characters getting stronger isn't as sudden as other shounens.
Probably a very biased opinion, but straw hats used to get fucked over a lot. Actually I think I'm very fair, Water 7/Eines Lobby is my favourite arcs and I admitted bullshit power up there....

Any show would be ruined with 1 fps action sequences.....very very lazy
Wormy01 Aug 11, 2:59 PM
LMAO mayoo that pfp—
you could have at least shown the hands, if you know what I mean ;)
ALSO THX but I still think mines mediocre xdd

ye in the end Hyakki and Dororo reunite so that already makes the ending mucho better if you ask me
SAME I wanted that Disney-like ending where they live happily ever after, grow old and have liek 10 grandchildren LOL

shh it's ok at least you're not like me :eyes:

yep, from Sun and Moon! shes a qtiee
of course I am ! the opinions are rather diverse on this one so far but I still look forward to the game uwu
Pylia Aug 11, 6:42 AM
As I said, I don't mind, so no need to excuse yourself, because you, at least, mean no harm to anyone with the buzzwords, and you also elaborate more or less meaningfully your thoughts, though I agree, to better not generalize others beforehand.
questionable - not certain, or wrong in some way
Not much, to be honest. Only that, if you pick two anime from my favorites due to them not aligning with the ideal of "elitist taste," then I'd expect you to choose the ones not aligning the most with that standardization, instead of two I perceive as divisive at best.
Trigger's appeal towards western fans due to their references to western media is something that, aside of influences impacting them positively when it comes to the general quality of their work, is something I don't grasp. Trigger anime can be very "weird." Making me, seeing how sensible certain audiences can be, rather left to be perplexed as to how much it correlates. On the other hand, I'm probably missing 99% of the western references made in their anime, which, therefore, might lead me to downplay their impact on western audiences.
I don't get it myself, as so often, but also don't care, especially as by now, I think, "Trigger saves anime" is just a random meme that gets thrown around detached of any deeper meaning.
As I also said, there's no need to encourage me to watch part4's anime as my mom, sister, and her friend will get me to the point. We already finished part5 and began with part3 on Friday, and after we've finished it, I don't see them not wanting to continue the anime, especially as my mom loved Jojo part5 and considers it as one of her absolute favorite anime.
Ok, to be more precise. I wanted to know how you expect David Production (if they continue adapting) to handle certain, in my eyes, difficulties of SBR, eg.
- horse animation (in particular the early chapters)
- D4C introduction arc with its purposefully convoluted presentation
- release schedule of the (as of now) longest Jojo part
- ...
If this is the case, then it must be a sign that you're destined to favor Symphogear, and now, watch the show - spread the holy wisdom. ;)
I wouldn't go that far as there're people who recognize his other works, even though Akira had the far biggest impact. And I agree, he's fairly creative and able to incorporate some thematically/symbolically interesting elements into his works, which even if the story isn't well constructed in the grand scheme of the show, it's still able to offer a worth experience the least.

Also, as you mentioned Kon and Miyazaki,- what are your general thoughts on the future of animated movies, as both, Takahata and other well-known directors won't be able to influence the future landscape of anime. While now, in particular, Makoto Shinkai, Naoko Yamada, and Mamoru Hosoda, seem to be the main "visionaries" of the cinematic anime experience.

Thanks, and yes, Bucciarati is my favorite. (+ Doppio, he also needs more love).
Oh, btw, what are your favorite Jojo music references (thematically or taste-wise)? Is there a correlation to be made with your favorite album 3x3?
Protokahn Aug 11, 12:51 AM
Yes I love fighting games of all types, even Smash, although that's another community of its own. Evo already passed and did my best as a competitor, but those om top are just on another level. I enjoy all of the popular and not so popular games, but I absolutely love the anime fighting games made by Arc System Works (Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Fighterz). Super excited for their new game based off of the Granblue franchise even if I'm not the biggest fan of Granblue.

You mention in your rym page one of your hobbies includes Ultimate Frisbee. Could you talk to me more about that?
Stacys__Mom Aug 10, 1:34 PM
You caught me, ahaha. Ah well. As an english major, overanalysis is my job >:3

Don't worry about being inactive! I'm sure you're making the best use of your time with your friends and watchlist. I think that we're gonna do a watch-along of a few Kyoto Animation shows next, but it's unclear which one's we'll select. I was also considering a Love Live! or iDOLM@STER watch-along, because they would attract a different crowd from the brainiacs who showed up for Utena :thinking:

Henderson and Owen have both been telling me to watch Tamala for a while now, and I finally got around to it. It was pretty cool! I really liked the music, and the CG was surprisingly good. The way that the music often would sync up with the visuals was super impressive. Henderson had warned me that it was an intensely depressing movie, though, and I didn't really feel any of that. I think that a lot of the meaning went over my head, but it was cool to watch nonetheless. I like seeing old, artsy films every once in a while. I went and downloaded Cat Soup in order to scratch that itch some more.

What films/anime have you been watching with your irl friends?
_XaViAN Aug 10, 1:12 PM
u gud cuhz! Dw ^^
keep saucin' it up G

if ur talkin bout the games i bought,
i bought squad, it's a tactical first-person shooter, similar to arma, give you dat authentic combat military experiences through teamwork, communication, and gameplay, u play wit a bunch of peoples in a squad, been playin it a lot recently.
i also bought danganronpa, negligee *insert lenny face* and pummel party iirc

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

yes i play competitively
rn, i'm still playin for a local no-name league around my community
i played 4 years at my high school
1-year j.v, 3 years varsity, became team captain senior year

bruh, is aigh if you suc
u can still be a water boy 😂
sorry didn't mean to roast you like that ;p

wha? u never been to chinatown?
tbh, it's not much
just a bunch of food market and other stores and stuff
no, I have never been scammed before
the street is lively, always packed and a lot of tourist visiting

yes i'm serious cuhz
be a chad (⌐■_■)
don't be like those virgin losers

gotta live with the flow, baby
coinlockerbaby Aug 10, 12:56 AM
✿ ✿ ✿

✿ ✿ ✿
DragonSenpai_ Aug 9, 1:52 PM
In my opinion I'm really good mechanically but due to my trash macro-game I can't reach master x)

If I'm playing normal games with friends yep I like to play assasins or something off-meta for having some fun, but if its ranked game I usually play champs that are good split pushing and have good mid/late game damage like Ziggs, Velkoz, etc. Or champs who can be "supportive" like Karma mid, or lulu and zilean when they were good in mid (Idk how are they in midlane now). I mean, I can and want to play other champs in ranked but I don't want to int xD

I literally played one game today... everyone flaming, ego players, begging to surrender since min 10... I quit league so quickly.

For real, I got bored or pissed of a lot of shows for that reason, they have a bunch of female characters and they are there for what? Fan service mostly. I know mangakas want sells and all that shit, but c'mon there are better ways, I don't know write a good story maybe? Instead of having onee-chans with big anime tiddies, trash characters with no development, etc.

Yes I have been loving dragons since I was a kid, I want to do a full-arm dragon tattoo but I need money and will have to wait a few yearsto get it all :/

But the name comes from an account which was given to me called "DragonAmericano" (It probably was a reference from American Dragon, the cartoon show) on League in 2013, because I couldn't register with my e-mail. I had thought about calling myself "Dragon" earlier so I thought it was the destiny so I started calling myself like that lol. The "senpai" thing comes from that "Dragon" and "Drake" are already taken and I didn't know what to put so I decided that because it's an anime page.

Anyway I'm waiting MAL staff to re-open the name request thread to take "Drake" for me, because he's been inactive since 2 years ago and if you check his account he literally says " If an administrator is reading this please delete this account if you wish :) (will be inactive otherwise)", I want the name so badly.

From where comes your name? from mayonnaise? (Ketchup>Mayonnaise at any time of the day)

Btw I didn't know you liked MF Doom lol he's a great MC
Remix Aug 9, 8:50 AM
Not a problem! Usually when I add someone over in AL, I like to try to add the MAL as well and vise versa. Since I use both sites and all...

That's amazing that it shot up to your favorite manga, its really one of the best out there. I need to reread it asap.

tyvm I like the Nozomi pic a lot as well and it was fitting given the recent events.
PlatinumZero Aug 9, 6:05 AM
It is fairly frustrating to see him beat opponents that are vastly stronger than him with a sudden surge of power that he never before had, but it Super it was kind-of expected because I felt like the revival of the series was brought about because demand and it's basically fanservice at this point. They made Gogeta canon with the last film, so that was awesome. No, I finished it. I watched it weekly as it came out. Did you see the Broly movie?

Those do seem like good alternatives. I think I should borrow some of them. Feel like I spend too much time glued to my phone, or watching youtube videos endlessly these days.

I used to read the manga 'cause I couldn't wait for the anime after the first two big arc's I watched. Good thing I did 'cause it took over 15 years to get a sequel, hahaha.

I am bad about updating my lists, and someone on a discord server I'm on pointed out that I had something on my plan-to-read list from 2008! I was checking the rest and noticed that I not only finished Uzumaki, but I own the damn hardcover version! I like horror a lot, actually! Big fan of horror games, film, etc. Uzumaki was really good. I liked the story, and it was just grotesque enough where I was really interested, but not grossed out! How about you?