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Jul 30, 2011
"Innovative and visually stunning, the anime series Romeo x Juliet is a new or should I say, modern interpretation of Shakespeare's timeless classic which sets the doomed love of the Montague and Capulet heirs, Romeo and Juliet, against a rich fantasy world with dramatically charged political background."

Actually, Romeo x Juliet is indeed an epic anime. yeah., epic. very ... epic. -.-
Well., I was totally dumbstruck with the graphics, visual arts, opening song, with Romeo Mon-- err, sorry! I was going to say 'characters'., and yeah, the anime is very dazzling! *Yippee!! study GONZO, you did a great job again!!! So proud of you guys!! read more
Jul 29, 2011
Okay., I happened to watch this very much anticipated movie of Naruto shippuden just recently. Actually, I can no longer bear to miss this movie since there's already an upcoming NS on the big screen entitled Blood Prison.

Well ... The Lost Tower did rock my narutard world again!! Damn!! Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden recent movie always surpasses the previous film itself., though all the N/NS movies are always at its best in their own given year.
What truly made this film so remarkable is the fact that Minato is one of the main characters here!! *kyaa!!!! Yondaime was soo damn hot and gorgeous!!!*
And well., as usual., silly read more
Jul 28, 2011
Okay., I wonder why the vampire thingy has becoming one of the most preferred obsessions of this generation when it comes to anime,movies, and YA novels. It seems that somehow., we, the over-enthusiastic people really do wish that vampires exist!!! *talking about crazy fangirls*
Honestly., the very reason why I gave myself a chance to see this very popular anime title*hmm., aside from the fact that I kinda like the story's plot* was all because of this certain character named Zero Kiryuu. Yeah., the super hot, white-haired guy who turns out to be a cold-blooded vampire!!! *damn you Yuuki!! how dare you bit my Zero!! read more
Jul 27, 2011
I never get tired of watching this anime series even for a hundredth times!!
For me., Romeo no Aoi Sora is one classic series.
Romeo's life was full of hardship and tragedy., that's why I was very keen on watching this. His life was just so heartwarming.

I adore and love all the characters here., and aside from Romeo., Alfred and Bianca are just among my all-time favorite anime characters.,
Gosh! Oh Alfred!! He never failed to make me cry a river of tears!!

This classic tale of love and friendship will always remind me of my childhood memories :DD
Jul 27, 2011
I was very fond of this wacky anime series. Hayato and Yumi's adventures are quite extraordinary. Thanks to Tondekeman!! The couple eventually began to time travel and go to different places and times., well just to get their hands on this funny talking kettle Tondekeman., for them to return to their rightful time once again. Well, there's this silly character named Abdullah who always tries his badluck to capture princess Shalala. This unlucky Abdullah guy (he was really funny!!) had the kettle on his possession.

Jul 22, 2011
Honestly., I was very eager to watch this series at first for just one reason-- its popularity in an anime magazine that sometimes made me so badly off!
well., Angel beats! is indeed a brilliant anime series. I also watched it because Yuri, one of the lead heroines (aside from Kanade, the seemingly little girl with white hair) was voted as the top favorite anime gal for months. I guess so?!
Anyways., I really did love the character of Yurippe. She was very cute, ideal and clever leader and of course, she knows how to kick ass!! She had this fierce personality that I really read more
Jul 19, 2011
I fell in love w/ this series..
not because I consider Kei as my ideal type of guy(for real), not because of my fondness towards this upbeat gal named Hikari(w/ her try & try until I beat you Kei! personality), not of Jun's charming looks(his split personality was too hot to handle) nor the endearing beauty of his twin sister Megumi(she had a sweet voice, I know), not because of Akira's sweet and bubbly traits(afternoon tea enthusiast, actually) neither Tadachi's cuteness and carefree personalities(just love this guy so much) nor the kindhearted Ryuu(a good-looking smart guy)... but because Special A entertained me so much that read more
Jul 19, 2011
Spiral; Suiri no Kizuna., is a brilliant anime series. It offers mind breaking plot and plenty of interesting characters! the truth is., I just love Ayumu!!! I almost wanted to marry him!!! :PP He was so damn hot, talented( musically gifted, great cook), clever, handsome, and had a mind as sharp as a knife!
I was really 'awed' by his cleverness during his 'mind battle showdown' w/ Rio., when Kousuke took hostage of dear Hiyono.
Though I admit., I wasn't really pleased w/ the whole series. The mystery of Kiyotaka's disappearance remained indefinite., even the case w/ the blade children., so I decided to read more
Jul 19, 2011
Sola (Anime) add (All reviews)
I first watched this anime series maybe two years ago, then I watched it again just recently.
I found this anime very entertaining. In fact., it's one of my top favorite anime series to date. I just love the flow of the story, the characters' development, the action scenes were so flawlessly made, the slight romance (apparently, one of the very reasons why I was so fond of this series--one might think it's a harem type, but in point of fact, it isn't. I just love Matsuri x Yorito) and of course the shocking truth behind the real identities of the siblings.,
The ending was read more