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Aug 30, 2015
Hello there. It has been a while since I made a review so I decided why not write one on the anime Bakemonogatari.

This is about a guy helping various girls with supernatural problems which is sort of a common plot. However, the way its executed is very good. It does come off as a little confusing so I recommend trying to pause and read the flash words in the beginning of each episode. They explain quite a bit actually. Don't give up on the first episode! At least try a few more even if it seems weird! You'll notice Bakemonogatari is so read more
Oct 14, 2014
Driven by the sight of a wasteland in the reviews section, a novice reviewer has decided to make a (terrible) review on this nice piece of manga!

Story 8 - Flesh Colored Horror is a collection of stories, each chapter having a different story to tell. I personally thought the first and last stories were very creepy if not scary. For the age of this manga, this is very good. And it tells the story at a reasonable pace, first starting with the build up then ends at the climax point or a little after. Each story will keep you interested and refresh the horror. read more
Sep 22, 2014
Story 5
The story seems typical from what I can tell.

Art 7
Art is nice

Sound 3
I could barely hear it and when I did it really didn't add to anything at all.

Character 4
Their personalities seem alright but not the best and they seem to hardly try to make this intriguing.

Enjoyment 4
About 4 minutes to watch all of this, thus a 4 for enjoyment.

Overall 4
Of course we all saw this coming. Yes, a 4.

I am rating this as what it was meant to be and that is a trailer I'm assuming from other reviews. It did have the advertisement vibe to it read more
Sep 18, 2014
Here is my review for the fairly new anime Tokyo Ghoul.

Story - 6
It is a alright story, I have seen similar such as Shiki where the shiki have to drink blood of humans thus having shikis and humans co-exist but not like the ghouls that people already know about and actually eat human flesh not just blood. After watching the latest (and last) episode, it is hard to give the anime anything higher since there are plot holes.

Art - 9
Well done on art, it has nice vivid colors that truly stand out from others. Such as the way the hair colors stand read more
Sep 11, 2014

Story 6.5 - The main character Itsuka Shido has to date these things/people called Spirits to seal their powers and make them stop wreaking havoc. This is similar to The World God Only Knows. I believe towards the ending the series strayed from the original story and focused on other things. It managed to keep me hooked though.

Art 8 - Really can't complain about art, its same as most newer animes and characters are well animated along with effects.

Sound 8 - I loved the OST, opening and ending themes. They went well with the series.

Character 6 - Like in many harem animes, we read more
Aug 31, 2014
I watched this anime before reading any reviews. After seeing so many bad ratings for it, I was surprised since it seemed good to me.

The story is not special but decent. Unfortunately it was rushed towards the end which I think could have been done better. This earns it a 6 in story.

Art neatly done except for the magic battles in the background, not much work was put into those thus making them look like little fireworks or explosions of color. The battles were excellent, same with magic effects that were up close. An 8 for art.

Sound fits just right, opening is alright not read more
Aug 26, 2014
This is a anime people will either hate or love. As a precaution, do not watch this thinking it will be ecchi with lots of panties, boobs, etc. Although you'll see some, they aren't the main thing.

Story 9 - I give the story a 9 since it may seem boring at first but later on it gets interesting and there is even a twist that I was not expecting. Not to mention it feels fresh and different. And it also has hilarious moments that had me laughing.

Art - 8 The art is great, its not stunning or anything special but good enough.

Sound read more
Aug 23, 2014
Claymore is a manga definitely worth reading.

When I first began, it looked alright to me. Not too interesting but enough to make me continue the series. As it progresses, you'll notice the fights get bigger and more destructive (not to mention super awesome).

From my viewpoint there, wasn't much character development; most of the characters stay the same. Though this doesn't have a huge impact on the story. The story is really interesting once you get farther, it surprised me entirely and had a twist I wasn't expecting. There's also the art, which is amazing.

This entire series hasn't failed to amaze me nor read more