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Jun 20, 2018
This anime has to the one of or rather the best anime I've seen, the art is subliminal and captures the heart of the audience whilst retaining its purity.

The story is a blessing and should be watched with utmost respect to its wonderful writers.

Whilst watching be sure to look at each fine detail of the art and appreciate it to its fullest.

The openings and endings are of the highest standings of all the openings I've heard and watched during my journey of watching animu.

I hereby declare this anime to be a blessing of blessings.

I rate this a 11/10
Sep 4, 2017
it was pretty good,

funny as usual with the "onii-chan"

and... mhm lets see what else

oh yh its pretty much a waste of time
but then again what do i know i spend 6 hours a day watching anime

they're all 5-6 mins so dont worry its pretty quicc

hope you enjoyed my first review

it wont let me publish this so im going to paste a part of my school work here, dont worry about this unless u like planes

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