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Athalon-Zero Yesterday, 4:42 AM
*rises from the ashes*

lol Udon....
SweetKiichigo Jul 14, 9:28 PM
Dw i understand ^^
SweetKiichigo Jul 14, 1:54 PM
Hey Luny :)
AnimeCreed Jul 13, 12:19 AM
Yeah that next thing they are working on idk when it will be here though W_W

Awesome one piece was my first manga that i start reading too ^-^ imao its going on strong. Yeah you know it haha. Okay i will check it out when i have time haha first season has 120 episode which is alot lol. Nah you're good yeah man....

There will be another season it take some time if because they adapted 5 chapters per episode mainly. Oh nice yeah i'm off as well haha i feel you man i still have finish my essays for summer class :/
Anyways how was your week?

ShiraNoYume Jul 12, 6:16 AM
Yeahh, I hope it will be back soon... x_x

Ikr, I have few stuff to do too but just can't, it's summer vacation for us here, and we can't use MAL... -_- Well it'll be so much stuff, you can maybe just change the character's GIF you really like, just like Rem~ I'm sure you have better GIF in stock to use for Rem-chan ♥ I don't really need the forum/club back now but yeah, the blogs... I want upgrade my blogs :cry: .. Eheh! ;) Yeah I hope too~ :3

Ohh so he prefer read mangas / novels than watch anime maybe ? :o Arf I see, good luck to him for college stuff! D:

Yeah exactly.. (I'm back from this con and I meet few nice guys, also lot of japanese people who was really nice :3) I just like wear a cosplay (not an awesome one like people do) in con, I guess it's to show how I like japanese animation just like the other cosplayer ♥ Hahah yes "DIABLE JAMBE" ♥ , there is the folder of photo I took ( ) , you will see, I meet a Rem & Ram again xD I just asked for a picture then I saw the "Free Hugs" , so I just hug both of them as a reward for their kindness to let me take a picture with them :3 (feel good to hug Rem & Ram in same time ♥,♥)
Yeaaaah exactly, Eiichiro Oda made an amazing design for this character, it's feet really nice for a Marine guy! Yes that's true,he just really enjoy what he do, it's like he always have a smile everywhere *o*

LMAO saaaaame xD Ikrrr , I can't imagine KonoDioDakeda doing this poses, he did Rohan & Jolyne cosplay D:
Yeah I have watched few one, and maybe like 2 or 3 keep my attention xD I will wait for recommandation too :3

Yes, but less than the past season so it's okay for me xD Hmm I was arround 25~27 last season too, so much good show to watch... xD
Hahaha yes sorry for that, I fixed it in my note (I spend 10 minute to find which anime I missed in my note XD)
You picked some nice one \o/ (that's why we have similar taste eheh ♥)

Arrrf... It's sad if member can't help MAL staff for any informations... :s OMG yes you're right o_o I just check AniList and they changed it (Here) MAL have so much stuff to do.. RIP :'(

Yeah you should but yes you're right, wait before MAL full restore then you will be good for :3

What really? u_u Yeah fuuu... Haha I'm a unlucky man don't worries xD pff well I just hope they didn't forget FAL and they will give our reward; we deserve it! D:
But it's start to be boring to wait... T,T
Starmiya Jul 11, 11:30 PM
Yeah i was so happy for her and i liked that the manga was kinda what she did with her friends :D Yep thats true i kinda have to say shes really cute when she panics though xD Haha yeah who knew you could do so much with her hair :3

Yup ! I dont know all of them but i know most :D Nice nice sadly we dont share any (we do know since i added Kaos xD) And if i had mal supporter id probably add Rem too :D And you have LLENN on it i really loved her and the whole show alot :D My fav is Fuka though shes so funny i really like how she jokes around so much xD

Im doing pretty good thanks ! What about you? :3 Are you watching anything this season?
Aritan Jul 11, 11:36 AM
Ohh that's good! I feel like I'm already behind since I still haven't finished last season's anime xD oh well
Nicee, do you have anything plan out for summer?

Yeah that's true :o I just want the forums to be restore soon xD MAL keeps on pushing it back because of some issue xD and people seems mad because mal's being so vague lol
Some people are being so unreasonable on twitter :x
Narumi_ Jul 10, 3:11 AM
Yeah I agree, summer anime isn't as good, there are some good ones but no where near as exciting as the winter anime had.
I' going to watch Aot but I'm not so hyped for Overlord as s2 wasn't as good as the first season. There's no way I can watch the new Gintama, I'm not even close to being up to date with the series xD
Yeah I'm not really excited for any sports anime this time except for Hanebando, I might give it a try since it's got good reviews.
Yeah I agree, it's the other one with the volleyball that has fanservice, that's right it's called Harukana recieve. I'm not really interested in it..
SilentSnake Jul 8, 4:32 PM
It's an image I found on social media that the creator said it's free to use it as long as I credit him. NAddict would also sometimes play a Super Expert level for 30 minutes just to complete it on stream. xd Ja, that hidden note block, which was intended for the shell fired from the Bill Blaster, surely help to clear the without dying once. The stacked red cannonball would've discouraged players considering a Fire Ball as a safer method to beat the boss. You could give him a try on your Clownpiece course for his next Viewer's Level stream. xd

Gintama's 4th wall breaking and parody on other popular culture never gets old, so it's always welcoming to have that weekly dose from the series. It's even more funnier when it happens during serious moments. It also explains the similar art style and the crossover character cameos in Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.
I know that feeling when working gets too hectic let alone during the holidays. I sometimes would just lie in my bed and after finishing hours at work.

Well since I started attending Anime Expo back at 2008, this is only the second time I'm going to miss the anime convention. The first time I didn't attend at AX was back at 2014. For now, I'll just have more upcoming Switch and PS4 games to play until the next interesting activity.

I thought that level looked familiar at first, but looks different enough from other streamers I watched. That requires a lot of precise jumping due to spike blocks everywhere while being small Mario all the time. The hazardous gimmicks are creative though. As always, playing several new levels can help you inspire more ideas for your planned level. =D A nostalgic trip kind of level, huh? Hope it doesn't involve too many hazards of getting crushed. xd Ah, nice to hear that you're trying to aim for an "Expert" since your last uploaded level was "Super Expert". Just like how most of my levels that are intended to be "Normal" difficulty often ends up being "Expert" in the end. xd
Starmiya Jul 7, 12:44 PM
Yeah and the last ep didnt helped it was sad :( But im glad they were all together in the end again :D Good Choice ! Yes shes awesome ! And i actually find her a really unique chara cause she kinda doesnt change much and stays how she just is but is still determined to reach her goals ! Ofc her friends helped too with that xD Yeah i really love her hair alot xD Thats the first thing i noticed when i saw her was her really pretty braid <3 Im glad we saw lots of different hairstyles on her :3

I just looked through your fav charas and i really like alot from them !
Aritan Jul 7, 10:54 AM
Yeah that's true xD
New anime season is starting this week too, right? I haven't been watching anime for the past week or so, so now I don't even know what's coming out xP

I heard the [img] tags are being fixed now, at least I think that's what it saids on their twitter..
Narumi_ Jul 7, 7:24 AM
Ooh yeah nice! Very good idea because it's quite annoying to wait for an episode once a week xD But when something is hyped I won't wait xD
Yep same here, I'm going to check out most of them, it seems we're getting quite a few game anime similar to SAO and Overlord xD
Oh cool, I'm thinking of watching that but I'm not too big on sports anime but I got to admit Megalo box was pretty good! Maybe Hanebado looks more interesting because of the animation but the other I feel it's just fanservice but I might be wrong.. ^^
AnimeCreed Jul 7, 12:18 AM
Ty ^^ yeah i got the update thats first thing they're trying to fix now.

Nice thats good to hear. Are you up to date for the manga? How is the start of saiki then? give less detail for it since it won't spoil anything for me haha. Great to hear its such long time since i watch it lol.

Imao by time you read it was xD Cool did you like seven deadly sin finale? My week was okay i have been working most of it wbu?
Narumi_ Jul 5, 11:25 PM
Haha xD
Yeah the summer anime is not too exciting this time, but I'm trying out Island, Angels of death, Overlord s3,
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu, Happy sugar life and the only one I'm most excited for is Snk s3 ^^
Lyfa Jul 5, 9:57 AM
<333 hehe then I shall hug you again *huggles* <3 tbh I feel so annoyed by MAL's appearance and lack of features that I don't even feel like visiting it anymore. I'm even reading the descriptions for new anime on instead, I'm only logging in to update something, I just can't agree with taking over a month for a website to fix and if you ask me... we'll have to 2 months soon D:
I hope blogs will come soon then <3 what I need are the forums, I forgot about all the anime I planned for the official MAL challenge and they're in the post >x>... and I'm secrely hoping the FAL staff is keeping track of the animestats every week :x