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One Piece
One Piece
6 hours ago
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Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
8 hours ago
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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
8 hours ago
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Masamune-kun no Revenge
Masamune-kun no Revenge
8 hours ago
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One Piece
One Piece
Apr 19, 11:44 PM
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bunny1998 2 hours ago
I wish that they make an OVA episode of rem X subaru hehe
quite missed her on last 4,5 episodes of this anime

I am curious on how your profile was before you watched RE:zero

also you said that you got hooked up to her after watching the series right!!
but for me its opposite I watched the series only for REM and to understand more about her character :)

yaa The Main character here I think has suffered a lot more than the main character of tokyo ghoul I suppose :P
ownitlikeaboss Yesterday, 2:27 PM

Lyfa Yesterday, 9:30 AM
Hi dear, I wanna apologize for not replying yet, kinda been barely on MAL and the only anime I've watched the past few weeks is Persona 5, so no anime either xD I'll try to get it soon, got some rl problems and 8 fcking exams in 3 weeks (nope... I'm not prepared ;___; I'm gonna fail).
I also gotta say, great job at FAL so far ;D
Lokester Yesterday, 7:22 AM

Ascheherz Yesterday, 6:32 AM

Delivered by: Ascheherz
Ascheherz Yesterday, 6:15 AM

Delivered by: Ascheherz
bunny1998 Apr 20, 7:45 AM
I am also doing fine just having my semester exams today

Just finished Re:zero today and Now I am dying for a sequeal
I was wrong to stop it inbetween but now I am happy that I finished it
Subaru's development from episode 1-25 was really the character development every anime needs now
Rem is still my favorite but feel sad for her that subaru has rejected her that way.
no_sauce Apr 20, 7:41 AM
Yeah, the art is really good. The CGI actually meshes in with the rest of the show for once xD
idk about her personality since its only 2 eps so far, but shes definitely the funny face of the season uwu

Have you watched ep2 yet btw? Its been giving me the flcl vibes so far =u=
bunny1998 Apr 20, 6:34 AM
Its been a while, how are you ??
no_sauce Apr 20, 2:24 AM
Yeah, hisone to masotan is really cute :3
Or as you could call it

"How to Vore Your Dragon" xDD
Lawenda Apr 19, 7:08 AM
Thank you, I like it too ^^
I thought so that you found me on 2018AWC! :D
Whoa! I have been watching anime since 2011, but I haven't watched as many as you! XD Maybe that's because I'm studying right now. First year of university is the hardest! There are lots of traps to get kicked off! I hope second year will be a little easier. ^^
Have a nice day!
Lawenda Apr 19, 5:19 AM
Hi! Thanks for friend request!
Where did you find me? ^^
Btw you have so many completed anime! Whoa! *-*
SilentSnake Apr 18, 9:16 PM

Now that you mentioned it, I’m craving for a hot spicy traditional Japanese ramen or Vietnamese Pho to warm up in this snowy cold spring. xd

The motherboard got busted due to being outdated and had to be replaced by a new one? Good thing to have a second PC where the majority of the files are there at least, so all is lost. That makes me want to start buying a brand new tower since I wouldn’t want to further risk losing all of my files since it’s several years old.

Thanks! All the long delays made it worth making in the end. =D. I wanted to add a bit of puzzle feature without being anything complicated. The sub-world level is sure to surprise players of being harder than expected after reaching the first checkpoint. DarkJake13 had struggle a bit on most part of the level, but he still managed to clear it. It’s a good thing, I made collecting the key coins optional or else, it might’ve end up in Super Expert. I remembered a few streamers playing a level with the giant thwomp + P-switch gimmick, so I thought it would fit well as one of the “cursed” traps.

As for winged muncher with Bill Blaster on conveyor belt, I was thinking something similar to the gimmick I used in my Jumpu Holiday Shopping Mall. I think someone would use that kind of gimmicks in Ghost House and Castle themed levels. xd So you got to see the “true ending” in your second playthough. =D Story wise, the bob-ombs represents the aliens in search of their friends trapped inside in the artifact that was guarded by Bowser Spinx. I think your WR should be safe as the streamers are likely to die at least once from the beginning.

Another Super Expert level and “R.I.P. upload attempts” makes me guessing that it’s going to be another key coin challenge with a girl pixel art again. xd

You guessed right! Gaeki did make this custom Profile pic of Reisen for me right after as soon as I told him I finally changed my MAL username. =D Now we do have similar designs of our profile pics.
no_sauce Apr 18, 7:33 AM
Holy hell, thats alot lol xDD

Also, nice! Someone else who is watching hisone to masotan =u=
Roth Apr 16, 6:25 PM
Ah, no, I wouldn't want to mess with anyone. >_< Don't sweat it. :) I also reply really late and I sometimes forget to reply at all. ._. I usually prioritize updating my lists every time I log in and I don't keep track of comments very often. 「(゚ペ) So it's alright. ^^)v Well you can delete my comments too. *__*
I usually quote old replies too to avoid confusion lol, bc I reply late a lot of ppl dont remember the convo ^ like that. So what youre not as active as before? You used to request a lot of cards, have you stopped?