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Jan 4, 2009
National quiz is quite a strange and unusual series.
The premise itself sets it apart from most of what is published. Japan is ruled by a quiz show, instead of some form of elections or stable government.
And what follows is a story that takes this premise and turns the world on its head, so that such an idea does not seem stupid at all.

While the story is intriguing and characters tolerable (well, portrayed but not especially deep, this is after all, not a psychological drama), what really sets this apart is the amazing art.
The world of national quiz has a lot of room of visual extravaganza read more
Sep 1, 2008
This book contains seven stand alone stories, which have not much in common, except maybe graphic sex (they were published in Manga Erotics, so that much is not surprising).

At times you may find them disgusting, or something even worse, but if you are brave enough to take on this author's slightly deranged brain, you are in for one Hell of a ride!
The strong point of this book does not lie in the art - it is pleasant enough to look at, but nothing groundbreaking. Neither are the characters, which are as detailed as they need to be for a read more