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Seraphim: 2-oku 6661-man 3336 no Tsubasa
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Nokkun Aug 21, 4:44 PM
I hope work went well :D

Be safe, Lungs-kun pats
Nokkun Aug 20, 3:09 PM
Hahah, Soul knows a lot of people indeed. I'll tell you a secret, he knew my former best friend too, and I was jealous of him at first shhhh :p Yeah, I totally get what you're saying :) With me, I mostly listen to lo-fi and jazz hop lately, so I'm always in a chill, half asleep mood at thome ahah. That is an interesting thing to do, though. I don't think it's silly, and might actually be a good decision, as you end up being completely surprised. I utterly dislike when the trailer of a show reveals how a relationship will go down... it's so annoying! This said, I'm the type who worries a lot, so not sure I could ever do that :(
You have read a lot of manga! It's normal you can't always find what you're looking. I actually have a little problem with anime, as I mostly binge watch. What happens is, that I end up forgetting parts of the show, and it all blurs into a really long movie... Like, I even mix shows at times shameful face... That is why I'm trying to read/watch stuff more slowly, so I can really get into the show and suck all the details.~
Hoo, that sounds like a pleasant change. I'm extremely shy/insecure irl, so being at the kitchen would surely be the best for me :p I'm really glad you have nice co-workers, that makes all the difference! If you get rly close, it's as if you're in a sol anime, like "Working!!!!" :P (sorry, I'm too much of a otaku ahah). Do you gotta use a cute outfit for work? :p fufufu
I am super afraid of going back to Uni... I took a break from it, and just the thought of entering it again from 0 is scawy... Uni hasn't been good for me in the past 4 years sighs
Yeah, 2018 was a shitty year for a LOT of people... Thank you for being supportive, and I'm sure things will get better for you too!!! I really think the 20's are such a weird age... I was so sure of everything at 18, but now I'm at a complete loss... Guess I'm not too young to know everything anymore :P baka me
It is probably the meme I relate the most with ahah. But it is such a awkward, pseudo traumatic thing. I can stay hours on end feeling awkward and unease when those thoughts come up... Ufffff. I was a really, really stupid teen, Lungs.... sweats
Hmm, when will I see Lungs-kun being a baka? :p

That is a very good mindset, I really mean it. Being positive, and learning to overcome your sorrows, knowing the future will be better, is a very important thing in life, I find. I wish I can have that mindset in a few years. Right now, there are one or two events in my life that still weigh a lot over me, and I can't seem to get over them. I'm trying, and I'll achieve that one day! Just need time to have the same mindset as you!
You're right, once again! We are very used, as a species, to instant gratification.. I'm a big case of that, I think. Or, I was in the past. I'm a tinny bit more wise, now.

You are vewy good at ted talks, Lungs-kun :P I'm happy we are talking, vewy happy.
Practicing makes perfect, righto?! You are very dedicated sugoi Hooo, do you play the piano?! It's such a beautiful instrument, so versatile too! Hooo, really? I had that same dream ahahah I really iunderstand how you felt, I think. I get that same blank feeling when I get hang up on finding the perfect word, the word that will elevate a sentence to that next level... It actually drives me nuts, at times. It is very complicated to write well, as a real writer is supposed to write sighs Have you tried keeping a journal? I find that not only helps me to make my writing a bit better, but to also reflect on my day. Learning to see things in a relaxed way is very important, indeed.
Hmm, right now, I'm happy if I can go back to writing half assed reviews on MAL ahah. I just want a quiet, peaceful life. The professional word is not one that I'm very focused on. Just want a decent job to sustain my "little" luxuries lol.
That sounds like a good idea! Have you looked at your Uni? Sometimes there are groups made by art students - not all Unis have a art program, tho, baka me - to help other people draw better, and pursue some extra curricular activities.

Social medias are indeed a place with a lot of depressing talks. This said, I think that it is kinda healthy. A lot of people, me included, weren't able to form real connections irl, and talking with a friend or posting in a forum about it, can make them feel more at ease and to blow some self esteem. This said, it is indeed healthier to do it irl with friends/family. Sadly, not always possible...
Don't sweat it, I don't stress about those things! bakaa :p
Hooo, really? That's amazing, we are on the same timezone! (ok, now you gotta know where I do live). This said, I'll tell you by message fufufu I wish I lived there, or in a better European country...

Yeah, exactly! Cuddling too! :p I like it better than plain Yuri, although I've watched one or two Yuri shows feels embarrassed
Kampai!! we both men of culture!
It is for sure one of my favourite genres, especially when they are really cute reads/watches.

Now I'm reading:
Taiyou no Ie
5-toubun no Hanayome (I'm going to catch up to the latest volume today)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii ( I really want to start it, but I've heard it is confusing. I watched the anime and adored it!!)

Citrus is a really shallow work, imo. Most people who read it, guys specially, just wanted a quick fap material with some words written on there. That way they were "reading", not watching hentai lol - I know this is a bit of an exaggeration.
I really didn't like the Mei's character, felt so self serving... sighs Idk, not my show at all... I completely agree with you
Nokkun Aug 20, 11:10 AM
Haha, I've talked with Soul a few times, and I noticed you two were friend guilty face. Hmm, I think it is very common to have a tendency towards sadness and depression. At least, I feel i'm always drawn to those feelings, and medias which are rich in those characteristics. You can offer me all the sad manga you want ahah just make sure it has some cuteness in it, too :P
That sounds tough, sounds like my past job, but I ran from the register to the storage to get books costumers asked for. And had to carry all the boxes with books when they arrived to store. Sowy to hear you gotta work so hard... I'll be back to Uni soon, so I'll look for a part time, instead of this job. This said, I like desk jobs, especially when I can hide behind a screen all day and just focus on work ahahah.
I really hope you are right, as last year was... tough. Nights on end overthinking about stuff, not much sleep. The thing is, my brain is so stupid I'll remember something embarrassing I did when I was 15, for example , and it will think about it for hours on end lol. baka brain If I may be honest, you do sound quite mature, not young and dumb at all baka

I certainly hope you are right :) You're very positive, you know that, righto?!
Hmm, in my case, I can't even draw a face though. I draw like a 7 year old, not joking. It's weird, cause I've used my hands for a lot of stuff. This said, it was mostly for heavy work and not subtle one (aside for cello). I'm like really ,really not good at it. But, I genuinely agree with you on the fact we shouldn't be focus on how good/bad we are ate something we love, and do for hobby. I feel that with my writing, as I always used to compared myself to other people, and even established writers. I stopped writing reviews cause I felt like mine were so poorly written, and not elegant of eloquent... Now, I'm slowly trying to write more, step by step. I'd like to take some free writing course, one day. And, also a drawing one. Art is amazing, and necessary for the human soul.
I love how positive you are :D I'm smiling while writing, which is nicuuuuu baka meee hides under the blankets
Hmm, I see, I see... I was wong... I think that's something really personal, not a matter of being good of bad. For some people, the more they plan, the more stressful/worried they get. Plus, as you said, life is always changing... I like to plan a lot, as it gives me security. This said, most of my plans fail ahaha sighs
Hmm, I live in a southern country in Europe, and you? :P

I'll make sure to tell you!
Hmm, you mean Yuri? I don't mind it at all, actually l-like it a l-lot...hides face under the pillow. That one sounds niceeee - I must say I'm blushing right now... - I already added it to my list, and as soon as I finish two manga I'm reading (and have already finished), I'll give it a go!
I didn't like Citrus at all, the plot was so weak and it didn't feel like a love story at all, nor even a nice crush. Plus, there is no cuteness in it, imo. I like kwot... I dropped it a bit over 12 chapters in. But yeah, I'm a big fan of shoujo and yuri.
Nokkun Aug 20, 10:04 AM
Hahah, that's Lungs in spanish, yeah. Was it Soul? :p Yeah, she has very good taste, especially when it comes to sad songs and books baka smile
My motivation levels are none existence, I just do things for pleasure or cause I really need to do them sweats Well, physical jobs can be tough, I certainly know the feel. This said, my current job is a desk one, and my eating habits aren't exactly healthy ashamed cat face. I really hope it does get better, and I'm sowy to hear you also overthink... it is such a curse, at times... sighs
Hahah, you sure sound wise, but has nothing to do with being old or young :p Everything is a matter of experiences, and how you learn through them. I'm a baka, and a slowwwww learner :p I do thank you for your advise :D
I was never good at drawing or painting, really not got at all. This said, I'd love to be good at drawing so I could make cute sketches and drawings of my favowite kwot characters... That sounds like a well planned day, I guess as a overthinker, you're also a natural good planner. Am I right-o? :D
I just got home from work, so shower soon and then anime+manga. Tomorrow is a holiday where I live, so I can curl up in bed all day.

Thank youuu, I've added it to my list, now :)
Hmm, my favorite genres are slice of life, romance, drama (if not over the top, and it is well written), shoujo and some isekai. That's mostly what I'm into, currently. I've read your profile, so me knows what you like :pp
Nokkun Aug 20, 7:30 AM
Yeah, I couldn't see myself using any other username. Be it for MAL of for games/other forums. Hooo, they have a really nice song, can't exactly remember the title uses paws to search on google "Never Let Me Go". It was one of the favorite songs of a friend of mine. Good taste, Lungs :)
Finding the motivation to do it is the hassle... Like, I have so much to watch/read, plus I need to do exercise again, which will take me 1h30 per day cries for being a almost chubby kitty I'm the type who overthinks, which leads me to regret almost every decision I make baka face I sure hope, and think, I learned from it. This said, I still have a long way to go to be a decent person. I'll get there, one day.
Painting is a time consuming hobbie, indeed. This said, I do hope you can manage to find the time for it :D I'm sorry to hear that, take the most out of today so you'll be happy tomorrow! Treat yourself to a little something, if you can! That's my trick.

Hmm, I'm not being able to find it... weird. I'll keep looking, and thank you :D
Nokkun Aug 20, 1:11 AM
Exactly! I really like my username, as it was also given to me by someone from here. And, I've had it for years, now. I gotta listen to that album, now im very curious curious cat smile
I have a lot of smaller cat pictures I used for profile, so most likely one of those :) I need to look for that other picture, it might be somewhere in the pile of photos I have on my drive lol (I need to clean it). Memory is a tricky, fun thing. So easy to forget sometimes, but the right feeling makes you remember so much.
Haha, maybe, I am :p Deleting my account was stupid... I should've just gone away for a while. I lost so many precious messages, and it's never the same once you leave. Even now, I see so many new users, people I've never seen on forum games. Makes me kinda anxious... The stupid thing I did hurt someone, so at the time MAL was a constant reminder of what I did, and I couldn't possible heal and be a better person without some time away :(
Hmmm, are you sure? If so, thank you for your understanding and sweet words caring cat face
Indeed, work and life are messy. This world we live in is so complicated... But you're right, no work talk is better pats head Still, I hope you're having enough rest!!
Hoooooooooooo, do you paint?! Now I'm very curious :D If it is something which gives you pleasure, I think you should give it a go ^^ Just don't disappear from MAL, now that we started talking :p

Also, you've read so much manga! I'd be happy if you dropped some recs, if you don't mind :p I liked your list ^^
Nokkun Aug 19, 5:00 PM
I think that is the most important thing, to associate with your username. Names are very important, they form your identity, and especially online, they are a big part of the "mark" you leave.
I think I just found the image, actually - will be as a spoiler tag bellow the message- so I'm happu :D. Yeah, the account too (previous one was from 2016). One of the reasons, as you guessed, is that I needed both a break and a fresh start from MAL. I did a stupid thing, vewy stupid thing, and that lead me to ask for the account deletion. There were other reasons, as the lack of quality talks on the website and so on, but those were just reasons which added up.
Thank you for those words :D They are very sweet. Yeah ahah, I really loved being known as the cat loving boyo (this sounds a bit too self centered, sorry).
Yeah, I've been working for the last 8 months, and I never had so little energy and time. I feel like I need a day in bed/couch all the time. I hope we can both get some rest and energy soon :D pats

Noooo, I do have good memory too :D And yes, your description is actually very fitting ^^ And you do have a great memory, and an eye for detail. That's cute :D

Is this the image? :D
(also, if I don't answer is cause I feel asleep, 1am here :( )
Nokkun Aug 19, 4:37 PM
Good, good :) Otherwise I wouldn't have jumped to ask your previous usernames, righto? :p
Yeah, sadly it is gone, I still might be able to find the image, but the set itself is gone, and the account too. Hahah, I'm glad my love for felines is something recognizable, as I'm crazy for those little, cuddly goofballs super happu face.
Maybe I'll bring the old set back, one day. I just need to stop being lazy and only watching anime/reading manga whenever I have free time.

Biggest reason I love this set so much is cause I see it as Neverland, but the one who is rescued is the boyo, this time :p

ps: you can now know me for other things, too. Isn't than a little opened window? :D
This way, I can also know about you hihihi Making friendos is nice :DD
Nokkun Aug 19, 4:27 PM
Yeah, I instantly got a vibe from you :p
Yessu, exactly. I miss that set, but I'm hopelessly in love with my current one. Plus, when I deleted my previous account, I did copy url for the other set sad cat face
Nokkun Aug 19, 4:23 PM
I see, I see. Sowy for how direct I was, but got curious :P
Thank you for answering happy face
Nokkun Aug 19, 4:19 PM
Hey you :P, have you ever had a different nickname? thinking face
Krysaia Aug 12, 3:32 AM
Haha yes I did manage to do some stuff and yeah I usually can't sit around and do nothing, unless I am feeling really sad.. but yes doing nothing can be a nice break from everything as well. Its actually been kind of cooler here lately, which is so surprising to me. I thought it would get hotter mid to end August, but it has been back and forth as well. And omg that sounds absolutely terrible.. I wonder what would be worse then: inside or outside..

Ohh I see. Well that's nice too! Any idea of what you'd like to buy first? And yeaah having extra money never hurts. Ahh don't you have to constantly be around high temps then? Or are you used to it? That does sound pretty exhausting, but I'm sure it has its rewards too! What kind of food is served over there?

And aww thank you. I appreciate it! I really tried my best to find something that matches.
emirias Aug 7, 7:39 PM
KelseyAtlantis Aug 3, 7:59 PM
no i'm a fake
i'm only going part-time so maybe it's not so bad because of that idk

is it because u have always believed women belong in the kitchen?
that's not very progressive of u candace. i'm disappointed in u
i'm in two servers. one is not active and the other is too active and it overwhelms me :c
AzureAzura Aug 3, 2:38 AM