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Jun 24, 2012
There was only one thing I can say after finishing this anime.

"What a waste of my time."

Recommended for people who want historical facts about Shinsengumi.

If you came looking to watch an anime about monsters, damsels in distress and valiant warriors. You've found the right anime. If you came looking for a anime documentary on Shinsengumi and Hijikata (pretty close to it), this is almost the right anime for you.

But you'll not get anything beyond that. It tried to hard to be too many things and in the end failed to accomplish much. It had monsters with little focus on them, it had damsels in distress read more
Oct 18, 2010
Yukikaze is a breathtaking piece of work. At a glance it is unarguably about air battles, but don't mistake it for another 'Last Exile'.

It is a mature work that requires a lot of effort in order to appreciate. The plot is complex and spirals in a maze that makes it hard to differentiate which is reality and dreams. Though it can be hard to decipher, it corresponds to the complexity of both Yukikaze's and Rei's personality. The developing personality of Yukikaze and the repression of Rei's is fascinating and intriguing. Along with the frustration as an audience of the incomprehensible actions of Yukikaze and read more
Jun 26, 2010
To describe the experience of watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 in words would not do this series justice. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is to this date, the best anime I've watched hands down. Personally extremely strict with my ratings and to rate an anime series 8 and above is rare. Tokyo Magnitude does not betray any great expectations that I had when starting this series.

It leaves raw emotions bringing the audience to experience the feelings of the character, treating the audience to a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is an indescribable feeling and to try to put the experience of watching Tokyo read more
Jun 24, 2009
Overall 8/10

Higashi no Eden is a fabulous series that breaks out of the typical anime flair. The plot captivates you making you want more and more. I enjoyed it tremendously, the plot which it situated was close to the era I live in helped to build a sense of familiarity to it and I was able to relate well to the problems and complains that the characters voiced out in this series. Highly recommended for people who enjoy a little more thinking in their anime.

Story 10/10
The plot is gripping and makes you wonder who is the real one behind everything. read more
Oct 10, 2008
Abara (Manga) add (All reviews)
You have to be a true blue fan to enjoy Abara. This manga is not recommended for people who cannot appreciate an intellectual manga where much thinking is involved, for Tsutomu Mihei's style is to let the pictures tell the story rather than the dialogues.

This story like most of Tsutomu Mihei's work (Creator of Blame!), consists of few dialogues. His work is fabulously beautiful, the intricate style of drawing and minute details never ceases to amaze me.

Abara's plot is fairly simplistic, the man saves the world typical plot. With the short 2 volumes, Tsutomu Mihei weaves its subplots into read more
Oct 9, 2008
For those who enjoy a good plot and ending, this is highly recommended series.

This sequel or rather season 2 of Code Geass was exceptionally looked forward to after a brilliant season 1. In this season, it patches the loopholes that Season 1 had presented to you, giving you a complete and whole storyline. Despite having looked forward to it much and the chance of great disappointment for such high expectations, I'm relieved to say that Code Geass has managed to lived up to my expectations.


The story starts off what appears to disconnected to the season 1 which acts as a surprise read more
May 24, 2008
Having enjoyed the series, I had looked forward to watching this. Unfortunately, though being a fan of this series, I found this ova truly disappointing.

The plot was plain and frankly there is nothing much to write about. And while it is uncomplicated and easy to understand, it doesn't captivate the audience.

Probably the only salvageable part of this ova. Peppered with bishounens (pretty boys), there is a depth of research of the traditional japanese living ways seen in its art.

The soundtrack is pleasant to ears, however while it tries hard to capture the mood of the ova, it fails short in read more
Mar 22, 2008
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
I chanced upon Blood+ while looking for new anime to watch, this is not an anime to be missed. Though I have watched countless of anime, this anime has one of the most lasting and strongest impression on me.

In the beginning, the story is gritty and hard to watch as it lays down the foundation for the plot, but the pace quickens as it reaches the middle. While the story may be somewhat predictable, it manages to deliver the predictable plot in a refreshing way. 50 episodes may sound alot, however while watching it, it has managed to hold me read more
Jan 28, 2008
I enjoyed myself tremendously while watching this anime. It features a storyline that I find extremely fascinating and not to mention unique. Despite the fact that the art style did not appeal much to me, it captured my attention right to the end of the series.

For those who lament that many animes do not have a decent storyline, this is a must watch.

Though its art did not appeal to me at first,it's fightning scenes varied from bold lines to American comic styled drawings in its fighting scenes. While the ships of the enemies had been in detail, I found it lacked severly. It seemed to read more