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Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa
Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa
Today, 9:49 AM
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Kaizoku Oujo
Kaizoku Oujo
Yesterday, 10:51 PM
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Fruits Basket 1st Season
Fruits Basket 1st Season
Yesterday, 8:39 PM
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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
3 hours ago
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6 hours ago
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Yesterday, 10:24 PM
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Tompa 10 hours ago
xDDD I wonder that almost constantly when there is engrish in anime xD

Well I am happy that at least one titan had the consideration of actually wearing clothes xDDD

Yes I am with you xDD Sometimes all a masterpiece needs is a nice frame to complete it hahahha. Yeah I was thinking that too HAHAHAHAHA I hope we can trick someone into thinking that grabage art is in style now or something O_O

Yes of course! Now someone have to buy it. They should hire us for buisuness strategy xD

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA like one of those 80s rock and roal hairstyles xD

Hey now xDDD this is bribery HAHAHAHAHA But I think I see your point, we got to live life on the edge to truly be alive. I like it xDD
Alright count me in! This should just be called "Lumi and Tompa on jackass" or somehting xDD

For real! He has got no chance xD
Yes right! Besides Kise destroys his body pretty badly by pushing it too much so Aomine would be my go to. Omg velocity, agility and blue hari? Is he Sonic? xDDD jk jk
But I have to say, whenever Midorima does his shoots from the other side of the court and walks back to his side... that is pretty cool ngl xDDD

Yup I agree, the memes are priceless xD
Sh1ro_ 10 hours ago

p.s. I'll come back tomorrow with some Spy x Family screenshots I've saved that hopefully will cheer you up after Pluto :>
Krain 11 hours ago
Will be replying to your comment soon but LUMI I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS BEFOREHAND! 😳💙
I don't know if you watched this already but.....

Sh1ro_ Today, 10:18 AM

"just remember: You don’t choose a favorite character. They choose you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
This is soo true haha XD I like characters I wouldn't expect I would lol

Yeah it's really shit lol. I wonder if the anime will change things a bit 🤔 Let me know if it's worth watching till the end!

"Not at me noticing my typo 100 years later. Called myself your Xiaoshi instead, HAHAHAHA"
It's fine haha, I wouldn't mind being either of them honestly ( • ̀ω•́ )b ✧

Oh well if they won't translate it until Halloween then I hope at least we can read it during November lol.

Shino Today, 9:20 AM
To think that my reply comes nearly a month later even when I promised that I will reply soon /sweats/
Taking care of my hyperactive son by my own without my other half around is totally no joke orz

Hah, to tell the truth it isn't that rare for me to be blushing so you might need to reconsider it.

Ever tried to watch back a 10 year old movie or drama? Pretty sure my old works are just as bad as those old CGI they had back then. At one point I felt kinda bad for those who received claim banners from me in the past too psst

Hmm, I think that's actually pretty normal if people in your friend circle were using only Crunchyroll as their main anime site back then.

That's a bit sad to know, cause I'd totally like to befriend him/her just for that one reason ufufufu.

AmataxD Today, 8:04 AM
Yeah. I know XD
It was very immaculate hahaha

Hahaha, nah. I'm at the age where it would be weird to just get excited about horses in public. It sucks to be an adult.
However, whenever I see a horse somewhere I think to myself " what a beautiful horse <3""

So you do like wolves and doggos as well!
Have you ever played Wolf Quest? It's a simulation game where you play as a wolf. You need to find a mate, raise puppies and basically survive.

hm... Dunno yet. Maybe I'll eventually give it a go. Can't wait for the second season.
Cryokinesis Today, 7:15 AM
hahahahahaha, of course. i won't drop anymo- proceeds to drop even more stuff in the meantime. ok maybe this is the last. my current on hold also isn't safe, what's sure i'll finish are maybe about 3-4 anime from there. but i get your point, yeah.

>>>now I know what pic I’m gonna show her in our next convo, HAHAHA.
she'll have a pleasant surprise. ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

spiritdudegamer Yesterday, 8:54 PM
I am reading a lot of manga but right now i ma focusing on this manhwa called Bastard
_m0narch Yesterday, 3:05 AM

YESSS... Happy to hear from you, my twin <3
Mine's gone... I hope your' is gone too by now xDDD
That's the yakuza way of life xDDD LMAOOO
What'd you reckon we should get?? Suggest some creative tats xDD

Please guide me in the right path, master xDDD All of a sudden, your mood came back outta nowhere lmaooo xDD
Ahh that's good xDD
I keep forgetting to ask her and honestly, I got nothing from the hint lmaooo... I'll def ask her this time :D

LMAOOO xDDD She really did lol

Ikr Season 2 when?? Is it because the show is still underrated??
BTW I remember you telling me to watch the specials and I watched like the first 10 mins I think.
I saw the crew members and the character in their chibi forms but yea I've to complete watching it... Did you watch it btw??

You should somehow convince her and her husband cuz Vivy is such a fun show to watch...
That's amazing xDD I'm so goddamn slow, twin... Even your sister and your brother-in-law finished it before me lmaoo xDD
I have currently stopped it at Ep.40 and It's been amazing so far. And you were right Hisoka started acting creepy every episode and I was legit getting Pedo vibes from him :D But the action and everything has been amazing so far <3
I think it's starting to get dark and I already like your Brother-in-law xDDD

Ohh that's nice and I've been meaning to watch it as well but knowing me and my pace of watching anime, I'll prolly take 2 years to watch it lol xDDD
It's 1979 0_0..... HOLYYYYY xDD If Kar and Lumi are telling it's so good, then I'll have to somehow watch it ASAP (I'll try though) xD

I've been watching 86 S2, Takt Op (Sh1roo recommended this one cuz it's like a combi of Fate and Vivy), Deep Insanity and a few trashy iseakis cuz I just wanna get away from reality lmaooo xDD
What have you been watching twin??? Anything interesting?
Lemme complete HxH, so that I can full-on rant about it xDD
Awww, thanks Lumi <3
Stay safe and cheerful, my twin <3

SMtsundere Yesterday, 12:37 AM
You are ridiculous. I love it.

Missing one? Try missing hundreds of thousands of infinities!. The number of your nicknames is only bound by the limit of my imagination (which varies on the day).
Confirmations will always be appreciated!~ <3 I am a needy bitch.
It has made me really happy to be harassing talking with you again.
Now, I must find new ways to mess with you to get rid of all this sap I have accrued.
Tompa Oct 18, 12:08 PM
Oooofff poor Kagami xD What a twist!!

Right! Or even just react to the fact that one player is like dying xDD Like maybe there should be a time out of something HAHAHAHA
So weird xD

Same! I love the accents xDD Especially since they supposedly lived in america their whole childhood lmao
I wonder if they expected to have western fans watchign it to begin with
HAHAHAHAHA Murasakibara is one big guy that is true xD He is the shaquille o'neal of the GOM xDDD
Yup! But could you imagine seeing a Titan with purple hair? xD

Maybe that is also how people pay for the bad fate merch aswell xDD
HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW YOU EVEN FRAMED IT TOO?? XDDD Wow I feel honored by that and it is beautiful. Or well no, since it is Hanamiya, but you know xDDD Hanamiya in hell I bet people would pay for that number at least xDD Btw can I just say that I love that it is 1 dollar from a billion to make it seem cheaper xDD Masterfull buissines strategy!

Well if you look like a metal band member I'd say it is pretty cool xD Tbf I sometimes have a really bad beadhead too, at least if I have showered right before going to bed

Are you really that curious to taste awful food? xDD
Lmao there should be a Riko cooking show where you can learn to make her dishes, then you can try hers xDD
Nah I don't want you to die Lumi!!!

Omg this scene XDDD HAHAHA
Did Kuroko no Basket suddenly transform into a horror anime now?
And man, I got so into it when Kagami and Kuroko had their heart to heart only it to end like that lmao
Wow have 4 million people really seen this? xDD That is amazing!

Yup! Shaq is not even in the same league xD He can't do a kamehameha, he never watched Dragon Ball

Krain Oct 18, 10:03 AM
AmataxD Oct 18, 8:44 AM
Not Hore. My bad with the typo xD
Well... It's not really that interesting unless you really like horses ^^"
I used to be a horse girl as a kid (despite never riding a horse cuz my family had no money for that) so my heart is still pounding a little faster when I see a horsie XD
It's a game where you breed your horses and train them to later take part in races. You can also race in global races to get some extra prizes like skills, new horses or equipment.

I haven't seen the specials yet and idk if gonna try them out. Not a big fan of chibi.
Oh gurl. The cliffhanger Lu Guang my love T^T Someone on the MAL forums said the second season is gonna be a prequel where we learn how Lu and Cheng got their powers.
Cryokinesis Oct 18, 8:38 AM
Yooo, sorry for the late reply. I've been busy as hell these days and I really ain't had the time around to answer you. Good to be back though.

You're more of an anime watcher than I am, I dropped even more stuff today lol. I guess I'm just not a big anime watcher, or should I say I'm just not that big of an anime watcher as I used to be. Nowadays I can barely watch like 5 episodes of stuff, even when I'm not busy.
Yeah, she does hate Vampire Knight but I think she might like it a bit more than I did. There's this particular guy who she really had a crush on at the time haha.
Grimmer is awesome. I love how wholesome he is despite some circumstances he's lived in. Cough, cough
cough, cough. Anyway, I know this is kind of unrelated but I thought he'll be much older than he is XD
I'm at uhhh
Huskkay Oct 18, 7:13 AM
So cute you had to buy them, can't pass on that sweet sweet HxH merch. I wish I would find some good Gintama merch, because it is one of the very few shows I would consider buying merch from, but there is pretty much nothing decent available. It's either stolen fanart printed on anything possible or overpriced items.
Does she? Good to know. I feel like whenever people talk about Hisoka, it's the complete opposite reaction. Some girls are really into him, which might even be an understatement.

I feel like I am not even exaggerating saying that. From my experience, hardcore K-pop fans are one of the most brutal and toxic groups, at least on the internet. Even if you try to avoid them and just play the ignorant fool they somehow find a way to force their opinion down your throat. It's like if Jehovah's witnesses would hack your door open with an ax to talk about their religious beliefs. And K-pop is like a religion to some people. They would probably react more politely if you insulted their whole family instead of saying that K-pop just isn't for you.

You linked the song, of course, I'm checking it out. After listening to it, I must say, I like this version way more. It is leagues better than the one with all the over-the-top voice and sound modifications.