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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Yesterday, 2:40 PM
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Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
Oct 21, 5:06 PM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
Oct 21, 4:43 PM
Watching 2/22 · Scored 9
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Micsupreeme Oct 1, 4:13 PM
So here's a cool thing: my current SOTW is a Filipino Vocaloid song... very catchy, I rate 8/8 m8 :)

It's not an easy-listening one like your current SOTW - which btw is really good and has a superbly animated MV - can't go wrong with spamming "hanabi" lol
zidaniaiman Oct 1, 5:08 AM
nice to meet you too, thank you for accepting!
Micsupreeme Sep 27, 3:13 PM
It was very good; I wrote out my views on the entry for it on my list :)
Shibusu Sep 21, 7:03 AM
Link got messed up and I needed to make a few adjustments.
Shibusu Sep 17, 8:23 AM
I actually haven't watched Fate/Apocrypha or the original F/SN, but I heard it was disappointing. And Fate/kaleid liner is just something extra for fanservice. However, do watch all of ufotable's Fate works. The order doesn't really matter if you watch UBW or F/Z first unless you don't wanna get spoiled over some events. In that case, you should watch UBW first. As for Fate/Extra, I don't have much knowledge on it, but I'm also looking forward to it, mainly because it's a Shaft adaptation.
Shibusu Sep 17, 7:53 AM
Yeah, Fate's a really good series, especially Fate Zero. Excited for the Heavens Feel movies coming out in the future! Overall I would rank their series:

Fate/Zero > F/SN UBW
TheJohn Sep 6, 9:57 AM
will probably continue the series when I have the time since i've been busy lately. got 9.16 avg rating since I dont normally rate some shows that I watch lol
TheJohn Aug 27, 8:11 AM
Thanks man. gave it a 9 since I actually liked it but just lost interest due to my friends spoiling it too much. still gonna give it a go maybe in the future who knows. plus I thought i'm gonna get flamed for giving the series an average rating lol. but thanks for everything man.
Mugi__nZk Aug 26, 2:57 PM
Np :)
Yeah, it was so great that I shed a "few" tears xD
Mugi__nZk Aug 26, 1:45 PM
hello there, they edited the episode count for Owarimonogatari S2 so you can update it now :)
AnimeApollo Aug 16, 4:05 PM
Ah okay, no worries ^^ I will work on editing the Kanji into the Japanese subtitles above the Romaji if you're okay with it :D And that's what I was thinking, Monogatari is a hell of a lot more popular in Japan so it wouldn't surprise me that you get Japanese fans on your videos.

Yeah, I got a lot more footage than I was expecting actually, hopefully it will all be time well spent in the end ^^ Yeah, at the moment I don't have that big of an audience so it shouldn't be a huge problem.

Yeah, I didn't think about that actually! At one point Renai Circulation was what "We Are Number One" and "All Star" is today, so it'd be inevitable that you'd get people wondering where it came from xD Yeah, it sucks that content creators get forced into a corner due to copyright. At least you have the uncut, unedited audio in your videos place. I think it's unfair that people like you who upload for entertainment purposes get strikes, whereas uncut music is used in other videos and bigger channels and nothing is done about it.

I don't usually read manga as often as I watch anime, however it's a good add-on to have as part of the anime community ;D There are some good manga-only series around though ^^

I would understand that with any other series, but by the time that Haruhi S2 was released, the LN was at least 3 or 4 novels ahead of where the anime was left. While S2 is set within the events of the first season, they could've still incorporated a later arc if they were struggling for material. That's what I think, anyway. And I agree, they did come out with some fantastic series afterwards ^-^

No problem! I look forward to supporting your content further~
AnimeApollo Aug 14, 8:30 AM
Yeah, I would say that Renai Circulation is a lot more likely to get a strike due to how popular it's become outside of the Monogatari fanbase, I figure Mousou Express is just YouTube being a pain with who they give region blocks to. I've never found the way that they block videos good at all.

I managed to pull about 30 seconds from the subbed ver of episode one actually, it was pretty convenient actually because there are a lot of scenes where Kanbaru is examining her arm, and obviously the part where the monkey's paw is gone is another scene. And thanks, I think I do actually ^^ The worst I got was an Aniplex logo in the corner of some of the footage, but oh well, it's still only my first AMV ^^

I have high hopes for it, I'm actually finishing all of the manga at the moment because I was reading the second or third arc really slowly while I was watching season one, so I thought I'd give myself some time to finish them all off before I go back to the anime. Yeah, I'd heard about that, it surprises me that KyoAni were even able to get away with that. I was planning on watching at least 2 or 3 before giving up on that arc. And I'm really excited to watch the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, it looks fantastic :D


Also, I submitted English lyrics for Yuudachi Houteishiki too :D I'm able to submit Japanese lyrics for your videos that don't have them (By Japanese I mean actual, non-Romaji characters) too, I was just wondering whether I should add them into Romaji subtitles underneath them or if there's a different language that I could put them into seperately ^^
eduduf Aug 12, 8:51 AM
The idea of mods to edit the site is really bad, the EVIL is very good, I wanted to have met him before.
Micsupreeme Aug 11, 6:15 PM
joujou yuujou!
banji maji kaichou!

That is one fabulous SOTW; can't hear it without smiling! :)
eduduf Aug 11, 4:04 PM
What, for example, do not you like?