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Days: 19.5
Mean Score: 5.58
  • Total Entries51
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  • Episodes1,158
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Nov 10, 2012 4:02 PM
Watching 6/13 · Scored -
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Nov 10, 2012 8:23 AM
Watching 6/13 · Scored -
Sukitte Ii na yo.
Sukitte Ii na yo.
Nov 10, 2012 6:46 AM
Watching 5/13 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 125.1
Mean Score: 3.92
  • Total Entries152
  • Reread130
  • Chapters10,004
  • Volumes845
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Sep 5, 2014 1:13 PM
Reading 73/86 · Scored -
Suki tte Ii na yo.
Suki tte Ii na yo.
May 12, 2014 8:04 AM
Reading 44/73 · Scored -
Dec 27, 2013 7:55 AM
Reading 26/? · Scored -


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Finzell Jun 30, 2013 10:26 AM
Hello. ^^
K3NJ1 Oct 16, 2012 3:03 PM
Exactly, we gotta stick to the manga! But looking at the other side, they made Haru look even cooler than the manga's *-*

Aah i thought of dropping, but the kiss made me like it again :P Afterall, some series are even slower than that!And as i said, i'm a sucker to see the Couple Growth's part...The manga can't stop with they dating!
Like, Kamisama Kiss is really slow.But i got to say that is really good at the same time *-*
K3NJ1 Oct 15, 2012 4:58 PM
Okaeri! Me too :P
Did everything went allright?

Any thoughts after seeing more of the animes? Tonari is reaaaaaally good until now for me, but Sukitte Ii na Yo is probably going to disappoint me as you said... :X

Btw, have u heard/read Akagami no Shirayukihime? Give it a try later *-* I reaaaaaaally liked it *-* The romance may be a little slow, but... :P
K3NJ1 Oct 11, 2012 11:35 AM
Oh i see, that sucks ;X
Well, when you got time time again just comment in my prof :P
K3NJ1 Oct 7, 2012 7:40 PM
The best shoujo animation until now for me is probably Kaichou wa Maid Sama.It was reaaaaaaaaaally good imo *-*

Ah true true, but i was kind of expecting that she wouldn't look the same.The manga drawing is totally unique and different :P But the scenes really annoyed me too :@ They probably put them there to make the episode 1 ending with the Kiss Scene.
K3NJ1 Oct 7, 2012 5:44 AM
Haha she's 26 :P
She was dating him for 10 years already, then they finally got married ^^
Right now they are at Punta Cana, probably on a big beach :@
Is you brother engaged?

I had exactly the same fear O.o Did you see the Love Complex animation already? It's totally differnent from the manga...They even look a little ugly :X

I don't mind if he isn't all over her, but he almost got her killed :@ But after that it became a good and obvious love-hate relationship :P

Did you watched Sukitte? It's reaaaaaaaally good too :P
K3NJ1 Oct 6, 2012 1:43 PM
Don't worry :D

I went to my sister's wedding, and then to a big country house that we rented :P
The party was really cool, but the next day not so much:X I had no internet and the pool was reaaaally cold, even though the day was hot like hell.
Buut it was worth, afterall, my sister got married :P

Tonari was sooooooooooo cool! Seeing Haru animated and colored was AWESOME!I just hope they don't stop at chapter 30 where they start dating *-*
Still gotta watch Kamisama...I remember the first part reaaally pisses me off, so i'm postponing. Come on, why can't he be a little more thoughtful about her!
SAO 14 and zetzuen was pretty good too :P

Aaaaaaaaaaah! I'm refreshing the fansubs every second right now, waiting to see if they subbed the Pre-Air ;X Time isn't collaborating with me...
K3NJ1 Sep 28, 2012 3:12 PM
It's one of the best i've ever seeen *-* (I say this to a lot :D)

What annoys me the most is that sometimes they don't even try to create a plot, they just put random girls fighting or stuff like that...-.-"
I used to tolelate it because of the romance, but i'm getting more and more annoyed.Already dropped some...Come on, can't they make a normal shounen romance?Like Inu x Boku *-*

Btw, i'm going on a trip today, and i won't be on any computer with internet for 2 freakin days :X So, i'll probably reply the next comment on monday, sorry *-*
Bye bye, see ya on monday :P
K3NJ1 Sep 27, 2012 5:15 PM
EXACTLY! She took ages to figure out that liked him and tell him, when he was so freaking obvious that wanted to stay with her.But i gotta admit that the art is reaaaaaaaaaally good!

I have nooo idea.When it's a shoujo, we always have 2 boys fighting for 1 girl.The shounens are the opposite, but it's always the harem+ecchi+romance that is annoying me more and more.
But when it's 2 girls fighting for one guy, the protagonist ALWAYS have an unrequited love.
The perfect one would be a couple, and that's it.With a good art and plot!(Ok, that's asking a little too much)
K3NJ1 Sep 25, 2012 2:12 PM
That's trueeee haha. When i heard that she was pregnant, i really thought she was, how the hell did you got pregnant? O.o
I already ignored or almost dropped a lot of series because of a lack of kiss, like Otome Youkai Zakuro, or that boring Fullmetal Panic.

Of cooourse, but sometimes, they take the thing too much serious and keeps crying for, like chapters and chapters.
But i still think that dumb girls(Like the one on Mishounen Produce...REALIZE YOUR FEELINGS DAMMIT!) really are worse.

Really? Is it thaaaat far? Gotta start reading it again :P
K3NJ1 Sep 24, 2012 5:45 PM
Really? I loved to see the couple growth between them(Dating - Living Together - Getting married, etc).The only thing that i could complain is: having kids without showing a kissing scene.

Aaah T.T Now, everytime, before reading anything, i always search to know if it doesn't have a sad ending that may piss me off.I haaaaaaaate sad endings.

Hahahahaha EXACTLY! Like, who the hell is that happy? It just pisses me off.Come on, she doesn't have to be sad and crying every freaking time.It really annoys me too, the ones that just whine, stay lonely, low self-esteem, etc
But it's the same for being happy -.-"

Hey, btw, you already read Rave Master, right? It really has some romance later on, right?I heard it had something, but i'm at chapter 74, and still nooothing. -.-"
K3NJ1 Sep 23, 2012 4:14 PM
Me too T.T The only one that MAY happen something like this is Tonari no Atashi, but it's still not completely scanlated

Aaah why did you hate Clannad? It's one of my favs *-*

Don't even remind me T.T "Thank you for the moments we had together", and then i cried...Why the hell did they show us that scene? They could have ended without it, showing only the happy part T.T

I was actually planning to read that one, right before i read that it has one of the most slow romances ever.And i can't take these Happy-Go-Lucky characters, it just pisses me off :@
K3NJ1 Sep 22, 2012 9:10 PM
Right? Let me know RIGHT AWAY if u know any manga where she doesn't chooses the wrong guy *-*

Sad? Is it a sad manga with happy endings like Clannad or a totally sad one? I haaaaaaate sad ending from the bottom of my heart... bittwersweet too, its almost a synonym for sad ending -.-" I always remember Hana to Akuma, just WHY DID THEY SHOW ME THE END? T.T It would be the perfect manga T.T

We are two then *-*. I only dropped 3 mangas because of the plot until now, thanks to slow development, misunderstands all the time and sad ending.
K3NJ1 Sep 22, 2012 7:30 AM
Right? AS USUAL, the hard-working and nice guy is forgotten, TOTALLY FORGOTTEN.She doesn't even says hi to him -.-" But, of course, the guy that denies everything and ALREADY HAS A GF is much nicer than him -.-"

Aah Mishounen Produce, i remember that one, i think.It's about a Country Bumpkin that moves to the city and starts modelling, right?I'll give it a try then, i remember that i stopped because the girl always noticed her feellings, aaaaand then "forgot" them right away.
I guess i'm gonna try the "Orange" too, it has a really good score *-*

Hahahaha i'm sensing a really slow romance, slower than KnT.They don't do anything -.- Bowing to each other and that's it, making a big deal of every time.
K3NJ1 Sep 21, 2012 10:59 AM
Ah, i thought that Stroge Edge(Same mangaka of Ao Haru) would be really good too, but i actually hated -.-" Really hated.Worst Love Triangle possible + Unrequited Love...
I need more mangas that i'll like *-* Got any suggestions?

Just finished last Hibi Chouchou's chapter too, and it's starting to piss me off a little.It's reaaaaaally good but soooooooo slow '-'