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The Ravages of Time
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NickRyuzaki Apr 4, 2:48 PM
NickRyuzaki Apr 4, 2:30 PM
კიი :დ კიდევ მინდოდა რაღაცეების დამატება მაგრამ მეზარება , პერსოების ლინკიც მინდოდა მაგრამ წამებაა
NickRyuzaki Mar 19, 12:05 PM
არც მულტფილმებშია კონკურენცია რატომღაც :დ ნუ გასართობად მაინც ბევრად მირჩევნია უბრალო ჰორორებს
what about deadpool2
NickRyuzaki Mar 17, 11:46 AM
Interview with the Vampire გახსოვს ? სნობმა საუკეთესო vampire ფილმი არისო , ადრე ვუყურე ცოტას და მომეწონა , btw ვოლის ედითმა მომკლა :დ აღარ წავშლი ხოლმე თორე თავიდან გასწორება ყველაფრის წამებაა
NickRyuzaki Mar 14, 11:51 AM
დარევოჩება მინდა ზოგიერთის და არც მაქვს ჩამოყალიბებული ტოპი , dmcის მერე თუ მომწერე რამე არ მომსვლია
NickRyuzaki Mar 12, 10:44 AM
კარგი ტოპია :დ
DaviddK Jan 17, 5:59 AM
ew wtf chill, i'll answer this when i'm not dead lazy to read
NickRyuzaki Jan 17, 3:15 AM
იე პირველი სერია სახალისო იყო საკმაოდ მეთქი დნს ვუყურებ :დ ხო ისე წლის ანიმეს არ უყურებ ? shield hero dude
NickRyuzaki Jan 17, 3:04 AM
კარგია კაგუია ? :დ
DaviddK Jan 17, 3:00 AM
Yeh, no. Every antagonist had philosophy and ideology behind them, which means they had depth. talking shit on fmab and jojo huh? edgy kiddo

Yes, understanding that the anime focused on action only, needs good choreography needs logic and well-operating brain, not counter-arguments

that's fact

ill compromise for both

wow, ok u changed my mind

which were either hating humans or loving them, or being psychotic. and two generic trait doesn't make a character good. if they had those ofc.

Literally no :d the whole ep was a waste

ye u are so good at reviewing stuff. Calling characters retard or childish has no real value as arguments, write more believably, so anybody ever cares about ur opinion. And as i said, i'll rewatch then discuss it with u, if ya want.

Who decides that i CANT judge something by it? Everyone is subjective at some point when writing the over all score which means praising the art for personal enjoyment . and the latter contains those things i've mentioned.

Yer opinion is superficial about directing mate. u are rly taking the most important for granted.


Are u sure u are reading my comments? or u just forget what i've written? i explained everything yet u are saying as if i just wrote the comments such as urs everywhere (retarded, childish etc)

welp, this talk is getting so tedious already. write some interesting statements please like u did in the beginning, or i'll have a hard time describing ur non-existent logic

or mb u are pretentious prick trying to criticize (almost) everything i like? dat hurts ya know ;(

very stupid comparison. No one has ever praised anything completely objectively. subjective attitude plays a huge role in overall score. which means, i write better score if i enjoy the product. if u don't like something and write a good score, or the opposite, u are just a pretentious kiddo, trying too hard to be smarter than others.

how unfortunate i need to tell u that having the same idea doesn't make two or more works generic. It's about having this idea executed differently, fitting the narrative. In monsters case, this idea of aiding everyone being wrong, is presented in a whole different spectrum from kizu. And i asked not for the story which has the same idea as kizu, but which has the same execution as kizu.

What's the big different between mentioning and showing in this case jeez. both are the ways of presenting sth lol. stop digging in irrelevant shit, talk about subject more

Ye, cold-hearted assholes rarely have a reason to help anyone :D but generally, this expression of kindness comes with empathy, which easily appeared when seeing a beautiful woman in torment :D even if it's vampire. and first impression of this dreadful scene made him run away, but then ^

Cry of a child caught attention, it was first time he had seen something like this. and she was beautiful and unique, and she was in tantrum and pain.

and again comparison which makes no sense. she was bossy in the beginning, then started apologizing and begging like a baby. his every dilemma was countered by her beautiful and sad image, which made him change his mind :d as i said, there's many thing i don't remember, so prolly from ur ass, not mine.

Yeh, That's why ur criticism is dumb. ReTaRdEd doesn't explain anything, Hi
calling an ambulance was an alternative, not the only option. and he acted otherwise for a reason. mb he should've taken taxi instead of subway in the first place right? that would make him not retarded :D nitpicker scrub. time expression was not confirmed so neither me, nor u know how long it took for him to change his mind.

Having flaws as a human, makes a character human.

So if i literally respond with : '"no, araragi changed for sure, and that was not the only impression of her" , would my argument be different from urs? :D

I mean, when author decides to write a narrative, he already knows the genre i guess? :D or at least when we look up for an anime, we know the genre before watching it right? So when we know that anime is ecchi, and we still turn it on, is it logical to consider fan-service to be negative? I bet they know if they are making sci-fi movie or drama :D That statement of yours can not be proven, since it makes no sense, if author publishes his work, he points out the genre to make it more accessible for the customers ( fans or critics). Many other animes,which is not ecchi, have fan-service which may be considered negative, as it is not thematic to the over all genre. In this case, the genre is pointed out as ecchi, which makes it obvious to contain many fan-service as a definitive style of visual narrative, connected to anime's thematic or atmospheric aspects. Also, lowering score so drastically just because of fan service in ecchi, is kinda haterish?

Yes it does, if it develops the narrative structure and gradually leads to interesting conclusion, which makes an entertaining visual journey.

why shouldn't it have? :D So nothing changed except for her body, but personality still changed even though it shouldn't have? ha? u rly have cryptic hand writting

it does, because of what i've mentioned so many times

u rly are a stubborn fella, and pretentious with it. i'll stop calling u those, if it hurts ur feelings :*

nope, i enjoy watching eva and want to see where the story goes. i'll watch those later, there's always the time.

DaviddK Jan 15, 12:39 AM

FMAB char's don't lack depth, especially antagonists.
nope your argument was that fights in juuni didn't have to be well-choreographed and that's BS not counter-arguments needed imo.


yeh as stubborn as ever.

i mean, he was a literal tool yet had a backstory as if i should've emotionally connected to the character. but the fact that he was just a sacrificed character to butcher every other, made the whole "tournament" very uninteresting between 11 contestants, who at least died in battle. Mb it was a way to get rid of a character from the start :D not that it was hard to get rid of other 10 throughout the series.
yes it did.
>they were not empty, they had good amount of traits< , that's basically disagreeing because it has no value as an argument :D which means WE just keep spinning on the same wheel and its becoming boring.
So the anime which mainly focuses on BATTLEs and ACTIONs (when every other important aspect is ignored) should DROWN characters? or kill off-screen? :D damn u rly stubborn as hell.
Sword of the stranger.

I'm not trying to resonate to an anime for somebody to care :D actually i'm never concerned about what others think about that. I just said that anime is enjoyable if ONE can resonate to it at some point or another.

It's part of directing and if the latter is unimportant, so is ur opinion then :D
I talked about backgrounds, colors and fights, panels and camera-shots already. i'm bored with explaining same things over and over.
you criticize my arguments yet you call "Characters are retarded and have neither development, nor catharsis" this an argument :d when it's just a statement. and i also explained the development Kiss-shot had, IDK mb u are stubborn and just don't want to give in? as always i mean.
yeh, when scoring, liking also counts.
You can tell me every other show that executes the same idea in visual and narrative way plz.
MMm, so u mean that this topic literally had to be mentioned in order for me to count it as a narrative idea? let's not use brain to understand themes? let's just understand what we see? let's just ignore the existence of symbolism? oka
Yeh, ur arguments are as solid as ever :D He didn't want to help, because he was afraid( he was not putting his nose in other's business), yet the cry of a child and curiosity made him change his mind ( he was shocked but couldn't help assisting her, regrets later). And not being smart doesn't make a character bad or sth. it makes one human and genuine.
wow ok i believe u
I don't know in which or whose criteria a fan-service is considered as NEGATIVE, would've believed in every other genre, but in ecchi? nah

Welp, served as a narrative development, than as a character one. i'm rly done talking about it :D
Her personality was growing more cruel as her body was shifting. Maturity mostly means losing innocence and this theme was captured well with her development :D I would've called it magical if her personality drastically shifted, but it was G R A D U A L, because what i've mentioned above.

DaviddK Jan 12, 6:07 AM
too stubborn to change ur mind, i won't even try. you'll (prolly) watch it when u decide to check some quality stuff out.

i didn't say the backstories were short or sth(mb i did, dont remember) :d but ONLY(welp that's the case mostly) backstory is never enough to make a character easily connectable or whatever. and those backstories lacked any depth too. yeh so the directors were too lazy to make sum visually smooth fights, so they literally made rabbit kill all :D welp my point is still in power, since i'm complaining about the anime being visually dull, alongside other weak spots. nope it just sucked

this shit had so much potential, should've worked on it for another year, could've made better show than Zero. with better directors ofc.

jeez. literally Boar's episode ended and the last minute showed Dog. Latter was killed in the next episode and so on :d

i would agree on other zombiefied contestants, but snake's case was just toooooo bs. Yeh, backstory showed a different thing. could've told me sooner, i never leave any comment on my wall :D no they didn't, should we just keep disagreeing with each other? their sociopathic nature was the only trait one could find interesting (or Monkey's pacifistic), but that also became boring since everyone was the same for me. no other traits were important, since they never had time to influence any event would occur. It was :d i literally watched his boring backstory to see him be drowned. " i'll not explain since i'm going to rewatch it anytime soon too"

those eps were the only cool eps, except for the first one, because it had an impact, but after watching the whole show, pilot sucks too. but ending flashed out the characters more than previous 10 eps ( but they were too boring with their goals :d i could only resonate with Dog i guess).

no, i mentioned its artistic style through visuals and character-writing, well-directed/choreographed fights and animation overall, and apparent development of the narrative which created a whole new experience , as i said, IN MY CASE AT LEAST and build-up added with everything else.
i just explained why would someone like something :d there were some ideas tho, how one mistake affects not only his/her life but everyone's around, and one should not help everybody but carefully decide who show kindness to (close to the main idea of Monster). for a moment in the beginning we(i) felt like arraragi should've saved the vampire, as she was in agony and cried in a new-born's voice and we were satisfied when he helped her get back, but in the last part, this attitude was altered because she was as vicious as a vampire should've been. i call it good character-writing tho. ofc it developed Arraragis character as well at some point, as he felt responsible for recreating the monster. there could've been other stuff i've forgotten.
ye i talked about characters above, could've talked more and would if i had guts to rewatch the trilogy :d to be more precise.
does that rly matter? when u saw the anime on mal and looked up an info about it, u should've seen that it's ecchi, so the eroticism obviously had to be expected and shouldn't be considered as a negative point :d

ye u always decide relevance and that shit was not magical, it was gradual
DaviddK Jan 11, 11:37 PM
welp, hope u change ur mind soon

yeh, backstories were not enough to make me attach to characters. their whole flashing out served as a weak characterisation before death, so they wouldn't be even more >blank states< than they were. I get your point, but when the whole story is centered around killing and action, at least make it visually enjoyable, well choreographed, full(at least partly) of hype, or sth. but no, episodes literally contained 80% backstory, 10% present(random activities), 10% action. well at least in the most cases.
yeh, as i said, only Tigers death made sense for me(tho the drama was cliche and stuff), because it was not stupid, random, uNpReDiCtAbLe, it had a purpose, which was to protect her loved one or whatever.

yeh, but as the matter of fact, the outside world had way more screen-time than the tournament setting ;d that's why im complaining.

welp, fact is that every episode too obviously foreshadowed the other. welp second half was already too clear for me ;d that's why i dropped, decided to continue just to have more accurate score.

ye, i get it, but he had too much influence as a >moving sword< . Yeh, she had to be cold-hearted assassin, which automatically means grounding sentiments and emotions, i guess. Yeh, that was just too coincidental for me. yeh, that's why horse sucked as a character, like most of the cast, because he was (almost) empty. nope there were some themes , go rewatch it, i'll not explain since i'm going to rewatch it anytime soon too.

yeh, he was flashed-out in the last two episodes :D before his every statements were insignificant for his characterisation.

welp, as i said, enjoyment played a huge role.
U complained about third part's score :D
i'm quite sure i've mentioned a few aspects that seemed pretty likable for me.
so the whole goal of watching anime is to be pleased, which is possible if u can either resonate with it, share it's pathos, connect with characters, or enjoy atmosphere ( through presentation or setting). all of these were present in kizu, as i remember, maybe not in the best way, but at least pleasingly.
that was just for example, i know there was many fan-service. i meant that this eroticism was expected, cuz it is ecchi ;d very interesting comparison of kizu and texhno, wp

yep, they served as a build-up of kiss-shots character. she was a child, new-born in first movies, that's why Araragi heard child's crying in the very beginning. and her growing up was pretty interesting, as i said, with her mentality and appearance, her relationships and emotions also shifted. i found that shift quite entertaining, dunno about u and ur scepticism
DaviddK Jan 10, 11:59 AM

luls, there is so much more about MiA-s animation. welp u won't believe until u see it urself

nah, their only their usual activities were shown, which does not rly define their personality in depth. those superficial characteristics were insignificant, as they were either forgotten or completely erased. (and monkey is still an exception). Zero's characters didn't suck :d they mostly expressed themselves through dialogues and then well animated and choreographed fight scenes. thus they were well-written and interesting. Juuni's case is different, their lackluster backstory was the main way of their exposure. welp, that's at least how i see.

i mean that their backstories were as if those events happened in different worlds. some contained very huge and important conflicts, others relatively peaceful environment. My point is that the connection between the events or even countries were so lame that it seemed as if participants lived in different worlds :D that's why i don't like the setting.


yeh last minutes of every ep spoiled the other, as far as i remember, i guessed many deaths this way. not that it was a hard task :D

I mean, i understand bunny's abilities, but the fact that snake was non other than a tool to kill other contestants made zero sense. and his had was the reason of monkeys death, he killed boar etc. Yeh , she seemed to be intelligent enough to resist monkey's sentiments (?). Horse was killed by the smoke caused by dragons fire :d he wasn't even burned, he was just suffocated. the movie was not about just swinging swords, but at least credits for decent visual presentation, which taisen didn't have :P

the traits(?) shown in the backstory had no real effect on the present, cause they had no time to express themselves properly, as they died miserable deaths :D

i don't care about first two movies as well, we are talking about the third one, as your comment complained about me giving 7 to kizu (and i gave that score to the 3rd part). visual comedy is part of artistic expression , which makes the narrative visually enjoyable. This is a good way to progress the plot without many dialogues, through visuals only, without getting bored. another positive aspect of visual comedy is that alongside beautiful animation and action, the emotions of hype and excitement is mixed with fun and humorous feelings :d welp that's in my case at least. as i said, it doesn't have to make you laugh, it's about pleasant feeling u get from watching. guess u are too scepticist when it comes to kizu. and as i said, things were not garbage, except for fan-service, but one should've expected the latter, since all the movies contain at least a minimum of eroticism.

yep refreshed the wrong web-site ffs. ;(

welp the convo started with last part only. first two parts were interesting premises for me. watching kiss-shot become child and eventually lose the innocence she obtained when loosing limbs , was a good watch. her maturation and regain of previous powers gradually shifted her visually ( from innocent looks to very dreadful and cruel) and mentally.

SushiRamenBoya Jan 10, 7:03 AM
:o Nier:Automataს რამე წასაკითხი თუ იყო არვიცოდი