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AmataxD Yesterday, 11:41 AM
Not really. I mean kinda but I'd have to drop out of University if I wanted to feel better and it's impossible xD
University is sucking the life out of me...

I mean... They still will sound the same hahah They're pronounced the same way but just written different and even I don't know why xD
It's just something you need to remember with each word.

Yeah. It's really annoying cuz it will be 2 months soon since the accident and I'm still not 100% okay :/
Although it's much better so I should be happy about it. It's just that my body is very slow at healing stuff. Stupid papercut can heal for a month in my case ^^"

Hahaha that's the hardest part, to be honest. I never really had tacos before ^^"

Damn, I want to start collecting the manga but I'll probably wait till the anime finishes airing cuz rn people got crazy and it's hard to get it. I think it will be probably something about her brother's death. BBeastars is really good this season. Really action-packed at some point and they finally showed the killer of Tem but I wonder how things will turn out.

I'm sorry xD We were talking for so long I was sure I have you on my friends list already hahaha
Dejiko33 Feb 27, 8:52 AM
Good to hear that :3
Yeah, the exams weren't even as hard as I thought. During my break, I watched anime, read mangas, played Mario Kart 8 a bit, and finally had time to draw. Now the new semester has started, but it was nice to have at least a week off from learning~
Haha but that's not bad, the most important thing is that you enjoy watching :D
FairyMaiden Feb 25, 7:03 PM
we don't really know much about the virus. and some place having the new form of the virus.
lostinwvnderland Feb 25, 4:42 AM
yea I get shot when I have to.
AmataxD Feb 20, 12:34 PM
Don't worry! As you see I'm late as well. I've been feeling a little down recently and had to figure out my feelings so I'm slowly catching up with replying ^^"
Yes. Don't worry! I was feeling sick for 2 days and I'm fine now. It was probably just some virus.

Yeah. If speaking of orthography I can usually sense how to write a word or if it's written the wrong way but generally I'm not a genius with writing longer stuff like essays etc. Well.. They basically sound the same but you just need to remember the rules of writing stuff hahaha
And that's the confusing part xD

Yes, it does. Not to mention you really need to learn how to walk with them. It only looks that easy as you know ^^"

Speaking of food.Have you been cooking anything interesting recently? :D

Horimiya is really good tho the 6th episode and the introduction of this girl who looks like gender bender Miyamura left me feeling meh. I really don't like love triangles and this girl is really pushy and annoying. I assume she has a reason to behave the way she does but until I get to know it she really annoys me.
You really need hahah It's really good. The case of Tem's death is finally coming together but slowly. Wonder if we get to know the murderer this season... Sasha was my favourite SNK character. I dunno how I'm gonna feel watching the show now that I know she'll die :C
nekomancer05 Feb 19, 2:31 AM
Must be hard balancing both. how is school going though?
lostinwvnderland Feb 16, 6:27 PM
Yea I probably will also. I hate shot though. I don't even get the flu shot.
Dejiko33 Feb 15, 8:56 AM
Don't worry about it, I hope school is ok ^^
Good to hear that~ I'm fine, I passed all the exams and now I have a week off so I'm relaxing :D Haha it's great that you watch a lot of anime! XD
FairyMaiden Feb 15, 3:23 AM
Yep like I don't even know how. But that kinda like suck because even animal that in confinement can get it.
nekomancer05 Feb 9, 11:21 PM
I probably be busy with school.
AmataxD Feb 9, 9:38 AM
At first: Sorry if my reply will be chaotic or not understandable - I have a fever and it's hard to focus.

Oh God. I tried to make it sound less confusing by putting some examples of grammar ut I see I made you even more confused hahah
Guess Polish is one of the hardest languages for some reason xD
Well. There are actually some grammar reasons and you simply need to remember when to use which but if you read enough you often can just feel like something is wrong with the word. Me and my mum often take grammar quizzes together and often there are questions about the use of "ó" and "u", "ch" and "h" etc. in certain words and we can look at the word and be like " it looks bad with ó so lets choose u" hahahah Often it's right.

Hm... The "uje" thing is... hard to explain but yes. you won't see a word that ends with óje cuz it's bad grammar. For example " testuje" but not "testóje". "Czuje" not "czóje", "buduje" not "budóje" etc.

Hahaha I think get that xD Recently I had this feeling when I finally could walk around the house without cruthes. My dad got me an ankle stabilizer so now I can walk around the house with no problem. And it was so weird. I always thought walking is a natural thing but then I was able to walk around the house feeling so free xD

I bet! hahaha Good food is always good but it's even better when you can eat it after a while ahahah

Oh! Horimiya is awesome! At first, I skipped it cuz despite the act I like slice of life I already had to many ptw seasonals and slice of life usually are all the same but when I started it I fell in love with it quickly! I also really enjoy Dr. Stone 2 and Beastars 2. I watch more but those 4 are my fav this season. I plan to watch SNK when it finishes although 9Gag already spoiled me the death of Sasha. Rip, potato girl. I loved you.
Dejiko33 Feb 9, 8:37 AM
Haha I can imagine it! xD. And generally how are you? Have you watched any good anime lately? :3
FairyMaiden Feb 8, 7:28 PM
There has been case of Lion and Tiger at the zoo that also have gotten covid.
lostinwvnderland Feb 8, 3:20 AM
are you going to get the vaccine?
lostinwvnderland Feb 4, 2:19 AM
Yes it so scary. Especially this time you just don't want to be sick.