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Sep 6, 2011
Wow after seeing so many blogs out there writing that this is one of the most depressing anime of all times I gave it a shot. However after finishing all 13 episode the thing in my mind is not despeair nor sadness. Its a question; "why!". Really I wonder why did they produce this anime. This is not filled with action , Its not solely drama, ıts not discussing war only, love is just a sub topic eventhough tried to be the main one. This anime is different, nothing cliche but nothing brand new at the same time. Its just weird. ...
Sep 3, 2011
Kaiba (Anime) add
Well this work is for type-A otaku or people who think anime is more than brainless kid fights. More deeper (not a philosophy book of course), and more mature than many products out there. But still has the anime spirit for sure.

For the ones like me who doubt about artwork I have to say that, give it a try. After first episode you will like it. Mostly if you like works of studio 4C or cutting edge liners you wont have any troubles. Drawings never brings down this series on the contrary ...
Sep 3, 2011
Aos (Anime) add
This work of art must be watched if you at least know about a little bit about contemporary art theory. Art does not have to deliver sth or does not have to had a purpose like before 1880's. This piece is a typcial surrealist exprssion. weird images and symbols created by the director. Drawing quality is not the issue here. Symbols are more important. What you get or understand from this highly depends on your knowledge level and experiences so it differs from person to person and that what makes it so unique, please give a try.
Sep 3, 2011
Battle Royale (Manga) add
I have to say that I started this series with a recommendation. I was talking with a friend that how I loved "Berserk" and "Gantz" (manga of course). Then he said that there is manga called "battle royale" that I should check it out. After reading the summary of it I was very enthusiastic. However nothing goes as smooth as it begins.

Story starts very promising but then it lose its pace. It always interrupted by pathetic flash backs. There is always a struggle between naive goodness and realistic evil. They tried to create an athmosphere ...