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Jul 17, 2021
Amanatsu (Anime) add
Amanatsu was not the first shot that the studio Kamikaze Douga gave at short sci-fi music videos or movies. The studio dedicates itself to 3DCG animation, if we are to trust the studio's official channel on YouTube — where you can incidentally watch Amanatsu. It is great that studios like Kamikaze Douga use their time and resources to establish a brand presence on social media, thus permitting through participative culture the emergence of a contemporary archive.

The synopsis is concise but cryptic. A youthful girl, already yearning for death? Death, as in hers, or the destruction of "life" in general? The robot part leaves however no ...
Oct 10, 2020
Kyokou Uranai (Anime) add
Kyokou Uranai aired at a similar time as Kyokou Suiri, an anime that I still haven't seen. Therefore I will here be judging Kyokou Uranai on its own as a standalone product.

Story: 6
Each episode saw Kotoko, the main character, attempt to foresee her own future, as well as interpreting what was revealed. Other than that, the start and end of each episode is almost strictly the same, except at the end when she promotes a future blu-ray related product. While the formula offers a sufficiently free canvas for maintening interest and for dealing with various subjects, it doesn't accomplish much more than conclude concrete facts ...
Oct 9, 2020
Story: 8.
For its medium, Onnanoko ni Naritai does splendidly as a music video. In only a few lines and images, we are immersed in a story that might resound with a few people out there. I certainly was one of them. Its subject, about the desired transgression of assigned identity, is one that will overreach beyond simple transexuality. The subject itself is a bit unique, and is handled in a lighthearted fashion that will contrast with the common dramatization surrounding transexuality. Maybe that the sum of suicides originating from transexuality is a sufficient reason for such dramatization. I find it worthy to be reminded Onnanoko ...
May 30, 2020
Umacha (Anime) add
Overall: 8

Simplicity in the making, sure. It lasted a breeze, that's true. But even with its childish lightness, this animated entry manages to be exemplary. It's like the peak of frolic advertisement, and the eye candy is so all over the place, and the sounds altogether all so tuneful, you can't even want to zap.

Story: 7

In such a short time, it's difficult to tell much. The right choice, as Umacha shows us, is to cover lively snippets of the likely and believable. As the situations pictured focus on adulthood, it is clear who this advertisement is meant to cater to, and how the product sold ...
Aug 23, 2019
Story (9/10): While, compared to the nature of the anime, the direction and realisation of this movie might feel different in a way, dropping a few themes such as the gore and thrilling aspects, and even assuming such ambitions and dimensions as those belonging to the main plot are not found in this movie, the story, and its realisation, felt harmonic and appreciable.
Indeed, a slice-of-life spirit reigned from start to end, and the mood, while ebbing from times to times due to the comedic elements, was evenly disseminated. Though not especially standing out, the story did not feel incoherent in any major way, which is ...
Feb 25, 2018
Preliminary (9/12 chp)
That's a soft breeze for a light-hearted manga right here, and I really enjoyed this manga a lot, because the art is kinda clean, the story and plot is soft and chilling. Characters that are girls in high-school, I get it sometimes it bores other persons, but I really enjoyed these girls a lot because they were all cute, and even the comedy surrounding their acts reflected this full-blown light-heart atmosphere. So you can get that I enjoyed it a lot, and that is was half-fluff half-hype every now and then with gaming events. Really a standard to be achieved for other manga of that ...
Feb 25, 2018
Mixed Feelings
To me this manga fell flat, as in, I get it was kinda an old style, but just the art wasn't anything sharp or clean, if anything it was confusing and overly soft. For the development of characters, I would say it's one of the title's strenghts, and it still fell short, as it tried to be realist about something yet was too fluffy at it ?
The story was indeed gradual, like said someone in the forum, which is a good point, I can see the structuring effectively. Besides it had a plot thoughtout, just it was too subtle for me I guess.
So as it ...
Nov 4, 2017
Armed Blue Gunvolt, this name sounds wonderfully both classy and melodious to those ears of mine. At first I was expecting this episode to be the first of a series and I was all the more hyped, but it turned so it was only an one-episode long special show ; which doesn't bring it less quality than it indeed showed. Armed Blue Gunvolt seems promoting an eponym series and videogame, and dear I'm ready to get more invested in this series if it's that awesome !

Story (9) :

The pacing was fast, but comprehensive, the story dealt on the lore of this game and, as ...
Jul 5, 2017
Yurishiizu (Manga) add
By the way, there are more chapters of Yurishiizu out there than just the first chapter, so you might need to check them out. I personally haven't read them but probably will. This review will be short, as I was convinced it would be an one-shot manga.

Story (6) :

Into this rating, I put the storyline, story development and the plot in the same scheme. Paraphrasing, the story begins with one sister entering the room of her elder sister to ask her for various stuff, and allows her to perform smaller or not sexual acts on her. Meanwhile it works out nice on an hentai manga, ...
Jun 25, 2017
This special is really something I was waiting for, and dearly I was satisfied. As others pointed it out, there was a shift between comedy and drama in the two episodes, though I enjoyed both just the same. In the Overall and Character sections I will go deeper in the strenght of this series. The Sound rating, usually unfairly given coming from me, is influenced by both the opening and the ending.

Story (8) :

Whereas the first episode is skippable in the storyline, the second one will stay for a while in my mind, indeed was shown some of the soft side of Gabriel, which you ...