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Hidamari Sketch
Hidamari Sketch
11 hours ago
Watching 1/12 · Scored 6
Sansha Sanyou
Sansha Sanyou
12 hours ago
Watching 4/12 · Scored 8
Soushi Souai: Junai Mellow yori
Soushi Souai: Junai Mellow yori
Yesterday, 11:02 AM
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Children Can't Choose Their Parents
Children Can't Choose Their Parents
Jun 23, 3:55 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 4
Jun 20, 8:38 AM
Reading 3/8 · Scored 7
Love Love Sisters
Love Love Sisters
Jun 20, 7:49 AM
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katsura141 12 hours ago
teach me how to watch anime @3.5x speed senpai
Nattsun Jun 26, 6:18 PM
I am fully alternating anyway, no need to learn something I mastered :p

I strongly recommend you to learn alternating at some point, it makes so many patterns easier and you are not limited to singletapping. On top of that it saves a truckload of stamina, so you don't have limit yourself to physical strength in a circle game d:

The osu! forums gave me aids, it's not a safe place to be.

PS: It's in my PTW list, I probably know about most CGDCT shows already.
Nattsun Jun 26, 3:31 AM
Well, think about it like this. Some maps give as much pp as they are worth it. Some are farm maps because they are overweighted and some don't reward you at all for the effort. This is why I say rank =/= skill (it's not just me saying that, everyone knows it). This is also the reason why I stopped farming and learn any mapping style, heck I even learned AR7 lol

There are 3 digit mouse only players and Angelsim hit #1 with mouse+kb. No excuses.

Rafis doesn't tryhard anymore. Apparently he shit some top plays to protect his #3 rank, but he doesn't aim to be #1 anymore. The top 10 is inactive anyway, half of the top players don't farm actively. The "gods" just shit out some plays when they want to protect their rank, some people farm like crazy to maintain their rank and the others just "enjoy the game" :p
Don't get me wrong, people are changing ranks daily in the top 20-100, but the gods can just farm when they feel like it. Also, Rafis was #1 and his "best friends" play was the highest pp play at some point.

PS: It's not 300bpm. The song is, the map isn't. High bpm sliderspam maps just have high note density due to the bpm, but they are not fast, just hard to read and aim. I am alternating anyway, I'm only limited to speed when I have to stream lul
violetwillreign Jun 25, 8:03 PM
ohhhh watch haikyuu !!!!!
and slam dunk? heard its great
Nattsun Jun 25, 2:44 PM
I never really played 3* maps, only this comes to my mind:

Sliders are worth no pp at all. The system just counts the minimum amount you actually have to follow the slider plus since you can't drop 100s by clicking too early/late it's basically valued 0.

As example: (the 4.22*, I'm top50 btw :^)) It is aim heavy and requires a different kind of aim. It requires fast snapping of short distances which is really hard to pull off, but since the distance is small the system doesn't really reward it at all. You can compare it to any 90 second TV size in that star range, the TV size will be worth more pp, but is a joke compared to the other map difficulty wise. The *rating is crap and you shouldn't take it serious.
Nattsun Jun 25, 8:20 AM
You know the definition of harem, don't you.

Touhou is comparable to CGDCT at best :V
Nattsun Jun 24, 3:46 PM
I didn't know that there is only one male character in the entire Simpsons series :V

It must be fun to be satisfied by 3* SS ranks lol. Apparently you have to play harder maps for pp and you should definitely read the pp system. It's broken, but not in the way you think.
Nattsun Jun 24, 3:31 PM
No mod best mod. I just love Natsumi from Non Non Biyori that much. She carried the show and all the jokes build around her were entertaining as fuck, almost made me cry due to laughter. Natsumis nickname is Nattsun, the rest is kind of self explanatory I guess.

You do :^)

Why would you do that? More played maps = a more balanced overall skillset. You shouldn't retry too much on the same map, you will improve faster if you just learn skills instead of chasing for one decent score. If you mastered certain patterns good scores will come naturally and this feels way more satisfying. The end goal is the same, though. Scores with 98%+ accuracy and obviously an FC :p
Personally I aim for 99% on any map and 99.5% on long farm maps. But those are super high standards and I just do it for myself, you don't have to aim that high.

(Depends if the small male has 32 cars or not :^))
Duarvo Jun 24, 3:25 PM
Nattsun Jun 24, 3:07 PM
Natsumi senpai for you. Ty.

I am reformed now, had to change my name :^)))

Anyway, how are things going? Still playing Minecraft? I learned EZ by the way lol, you were always so obsessed with that mod, it's actually not that hard. I'm obviously not good enough yet, just 2 ez FCs so far.

Jobei Jun 24, 4:43 AM
I don't really play pokemon games because I don't have a ds, but I know about them.
Jobei Jun 23, 11:42 PM
Thanks for the recs! I think I've seen a couple of Pokémon movies, but I forgot what they were called because it was years ago. I think I watched the Pokémon series with snivy in it as well and I watched about 50 different episodes.
violetwillreign Jun 23, 9:18 PM
lol roo

what first answer????

i love shounen

90& of my anime list have probably the shounen tag

i'm not into romcoms that much
they're ok i guess
violetwillreign Jun 23, 2:26 AM
but you don't even know what i look like??
i mgiht be ugly as hell?????????

i'd just be like "are you sure??? did you just recently hit your head or something??"

oh i'll try
what is it about though
oregairu hurt me a lot in s2
violetwillreign Jun 22, 8:25 PM
omg not sure if flirting or