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Mar 26, 2018
What can I say other than Darling in the FranXX isn't a mecha anime which it tries so hard to be. It would be better suited as a psychological coming of age story, separated between the 5 pairings, each having their own story told though a few episodes each with interconnecting plots. Along with the foreboding nature of the city they live within or outside of. I won't give away any spoilers cause that's actually the only aspect keeping me watching this series.

When it began I was thinking all great, another return to roots mecha anime from Trigger, Kill la Kill was great, Gurren Lagann read more
Mar 15, 2018
Unfortunately there are too many flaws to give Violet Evergarden an honest 10. Mainly in the story department because they are hit or misses and some could be longer, I just feel the 14 episodes are a hindrances, if they had a full season maybe the few stories that felt rushed could have been elaborated on. The two I can name are when Violet was apart of the school for a short time to learn to be a doll, that all began and wrapped up in a single episode. It was still good, I just felt more could be done even though the ending did read more
Jul 25, 2017
Where do I begin with the mess that this manga's story is? As a person who doesn't like survival games, yet I have read a fair bit of Btoom...not sure if that is it's correct spelling or not, but I do not see any story in Dead Tube. Btoom is the only other survival game manga I have read which had a story. Dead Tube has a plot, but that is all it has. The plot being film gruesome scenes and get the most views. It's a good idea as a plot point, but not as a story.

And the "story" is hardly held together by read more
Jun 3, 2017
Probably my 4th review, and boy did this anime become a let down quickly. Don't get me wrong, the premise is a great idea, but the execution is poor with Re: Creators. Episode 1 is promising, but from there it falls into cliche valley.

What began it's descent from a really, really good anime, which I saw a different review suggestion this could be a classic--which I find a joke--is I think the second episode which provided us a theory as to why everything is happening.

This theory was poorly placed because the characters from the anime worlds were just introduced and with no evidence supporting the read more
May 12, 2017
I will note that I am not the best at writing reviews, and that this is only my second or third time writing one. It may not be objective and fair, but these are my honest thoughts on this anime.

I decide to give this a fair try, and I'll be watching it till the end, my friend suggested it to me and that is why I am continuing to watch it otherwise I would have dropped it the first episode. He claims it picks up but I have yet to see that.

The story is one of the weakest aspect of this show, careful because I read more