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Jun 16, 2019
Story [6/10]: Honestly, it was a bit messy. The story did pull me in but then it just got... messy towards episode 14. Though, it is unique because it is about a circus and it has its whole storyline plotted out and, even with the characters. Though, with the characters, everything felt rushed and squishy. By the time that some parts just didn't make sense anymore to follow along with, I have put on-hold the show at episode 16. Perhaps I am missing out but with this time, perhaps reading the manga will do some better good about how the story is with Karakuri Circus. read more
Dec 27, 2018
I have come back to this two hour movie more than ten times now, trying to understand the movie as a whole. I first came across the movie as "The Empire of Corpses" and I dare say that my brain burns from trying to understand from scene to scene. Probably thinking that it is just me that does not understand, but man, I give the show a nine overall. Watching it more, I changed it to a ten.

Alrighty! So starting off with the story:
The story seen as a whole is great but then watching from beginning to end is a brain exercise. read more
Jul 5, 2018
So this has took me five years to actually finish the show Black Rock Shooter despite it being only eight episodes. Back then, I just couldn't bring myself to watch the dullness of the show's entirety. Reason's to watch, Hatsune Miku and because it's Anime. When I tried the first episode, the show didn't really have a place and I was looking forward to Miku (but there was no Miku except the opening song). I guess we can say that for some viewers, I feel that Miku overshadows the Anime for some folks (like me). At another point, the song created the Anime and the read more