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sorcery Sep 1, 8:16 AM
World Union President: " Gentlemen, your precious contribution will be of utmost importance on our mission to eliminate the alien enemy's satellite floating 100000 miles behind the Van Allen belt. "
Greece Representative: " Okay, let us take care of the supply in ouzo. The squadron will need it on their way. Consider it covered "
Canada Representative: " We will increase productivity in maple syrup harvesting by 200%. The gross will cover their breakfast want more than enough, president. "

I am much less politically minded than you when I play this game =p
My server isn't a political one, but in the channel #black-spells everything is allowed. My enforcement of rules is kind over the place, but I do try to make sure topics are posted in the right place to facilitate research. Come if you will, you are most welcomed.
sorcery Aug 31, 6:04 PM
Hey! Let's play a silly game: fill the blank in the script according to the random picture

World Union President: " "
Greece Representative: " "
Canada Representative: " "
sorcery Aug 25, 3:36 PM
Spend two weeks in a setting close to the nature you talk about, which is why I haven't updated my anime list since a while. It was restful. Fortunately, I live in a little town, far from the disorderly tumult of the big cities. France have been a lost cause for a long time, even before globalization took its toll. Our town is an oasis of quietness, precisely because our mayor has fiercely fought against the bumbling and pandering vision of the leftards. I have no clue what will happen to it once he retires. I expect new projects construction, increasingly getting populated with illiterate and aggressive apes perceiving us as aliens as much as we do. The politicians' melting pot ideology is just a travesty, as these virtue signalling idiots living in the safest and most luxurious resorts expect us to directly bond with an unwashed multitude that has nothing on common with us, and don't want to relinquish what they quit while immigrating. Throw one of these imbeciles in a Seine-Saint-Denis suburbs and we'll see if he still cherishes "diversity" as much. It's easy to be magnanimous, when you're part of the most sheltered class of the country and don't draw anything out of your own pockets. In the meantime, it's the faceless citizens who toast for it -_-

These projects will likely multiply like poisonous mushrooms on my town later on, as government have been trying to enforce a quota of them per city, even though our protector has dicked around it as good he can... I doubt he has a protégé worthy of taking his succession...
Sad thing, to see everything around slowly downgrading to shithole level
sorcery Aug 25, 1:42 PM
That is very sweet of you, thanks! How have you been, during this rather nice month of August?
sorcery Jul 28, 12:50 PM
'Sup, homey? What do you think of Vinland Saga's anime so far?
On my part, I think it has undeniable dramatic delivery so far, even though Thors' demise is staged in such a ridiculously cartoonish manner it undercuts what the angle tries to establish for Thorfinn. Come on, I buy that he is strong, uber stoic and all but he is not Robocop for fuck's sake. No human die in stand up position with 6 or 7 arrows on the hide xD I'd perhaps buy it for a guy doped up with berserk mushroom like Bjorn, but not Thors.
Not only that, but in the meantime he confronts Askeladd and his crew, gives a whole speech, hugs his son, eats a plate of herrings with specialty Jomsviking sauce... Come on, I know it's an epic, I know it's rule of the cool but it made me have flashbacks of Arslan Senki TV, great Ishkur.
sorcery Mar 24, 5:07 PM
If the outer Senshi engrossed you, it is no surprise that this is your personal favorite. In spirit, the rest of the content is very close to the former seasons. It is indeed mostly Sailor Uranus and Neptune who give it its particular coloration. Before then, there was no antiheroine to temper with the agenda of the sailor senshi... Indeed Haruka and Michiru's stricter moral sense acts as an interesting contrast to the candid idealism of the other soldiers. It adds density in the gravitas stemming from the critical dilemmas.

If I have any reproach to state about Sailor Moon S, it is the way everything so critically escalates during the ten last episodes where you see multiple characters get introduced only to be killed off at once. It contrasts untimely with the homely pacing the bulk of the series has.
As such, it takes more time than it should to get over with the Talismans (talking about them, this series don't resort to their use nearly often as it should) and the Holy Grail chasing arc. Hell, I think it's a pity than the sailor senshi mostly react to Tomoe's plots about pure hearts snatching rather than try to investigate what is the source of the Daimon's production. It's even more so a concern, that Sailor Mars horrible foreboding dream and the sudden appearance of their counterparts should motivate them to adopt a more proactive stance. But heh, it's an anime with a "monster of the week" format inherited from Tokusatsu... If we weren't lenient about it we wouldn't even have made it this far into the franchise, right? The characters are so attaching that I am ready to overlook the shortcomings of the writing and the unrealistic plot conventions specific to the magical girl genre.

Thanks for commenting in my channel, I appreciate to share a more in-depth discussion about what I watch. Not nearly enough occasions to, as I get the impression that nearly everybody shy away from it for fear of "flame war"...

I'd be tempted to invite you in my secret club but I doubt you're interested in watching the forgotten oddities I go through on a regular basis.
sorcery Feb 23, 4:05 PM
I will always value more a naturalist approach over a fantasist one. Fantasy lacks too much discipline to be satisfactory when it comes to serious genres. It's a thing to gloss an anime with a layer of cool factor to make it more appealing to a wider audience, but another to direct it to levels of cutesy absurdity.
Also, it cannot work if you don't bend the world building to make it look reasonable...
For instance, you can't make me believe that child soldiers may be made out off the spoiled, overprotected runts of our western civilization, just because they play Battlefield on their X-Bone. On the other hand, if they have grown up under the context of a long warfare, it can be a thing. In African countries under civil wars, children are involved against their will and enrolled in militias. They have to move forward whether they like it or not.

As structured as our countries currently are, are far to favor the blooming abilities of the gifted ones. On the contrary, we live under a culture of handouts where everything is at disposal immediately and rarely conquered through blood shedding and sweat. notwithstanding the generalized climate of complacent idiocracy, too.
I can suspend my disbelief for an individual of exception (just like there are sometimes 14 years old getting advanced degrees) but I won't go so far to believe it's only a matter of "willpower" and "believing in your dreams". While it can be true to an extent, taken to an extreme it's a demagogic statement. Indeed, not everything depends on the human factor. This kind of mentality entitles certain youngsters to be whimsical and disrespect figures of authority, they consider as obstacles rather than voices of reason.
BoldnessofSouls Feb 23, 12:47 PM
Thanks for the positive comment dude :D and yeah I didn't find to be that good
sorcery Feb 23, 10:56 AM
Feelfaggets really are sentimental sluts. Throw anything remotely mushy and cutesy at them and they start weeping and hailing the show for depth it didn't intend to have * rolls eyes *

I shouldn't have picked this hot garbage as I prove the ground for modern feelgood schoolgirls shows. Now, I must own up to my completionnist status and watch the entirety of it. Thankfully, just like with "Lucky Star" I have an ally to dull the pain: some good ale abbey beer from Belgium, mmm... Did I mention how I also hate the soundtrack? The carefree, minimalist composition tonally reinforces the first world struggle concept of the premise. And blegh, school flute should be banned from being used in ANY OST ever! I get a cringe attack everytime these tunes try to dial extra cuteness up of the situation. After this, I swear, watching Ninja Scroll is like having a foreboding vision of Nirvana. A Nirvana very far of this type of rainbowy care bear shit.
The fifth episode could have used gravitas, shaking it off its pink tinted goggles as the main moeblob is betrayed by her childhood friend but guess what, moeblob is a doormat and it all ends in a cloying fashion. Because good girls are always friends and overcome the greatest upheaval together, or some shit * yawns *

There's no big dramatic stake, and I can't possibly suspend my disbelief in the idea that some teenagers could be let off to Antarctica, mostly when one of them has an expert mother who went missing there. Teens in general are barely able to voice a coherent demand for a soy pumpkin pie latte at Starbucks, let alone take parts on an expedition in the most hostile continent of the planet.
DaddyClapCheeks Feb 19, 3:45 PM
Thank you for the sound advice, goodsir. I might stick around a bit longer to see if there's hope yet for this degenerate community, although the chance I would find anything good is admittedly slim.
sorcery Feb 1, 4:52 PM
Every once in a while, I get badly burn out by the medium, but I eventually come back to it. It cannot be helped, even though it's not in great shape, I hold on to its best years to find the power to give it a chance... Let's hope that someday the dark ages will get behind us.

My pleasure from watching modern anime also derives from negatively criticizing it, to an extent. So yeah, I still pay attention to hypertards, so that I get amusement from having the mark completely missed. At least, with my level of expectation down to almost zero, no disappointment incoming. Even a simply okay thing will makes for some "enjoyment". I take any 6 out of 10 I can get =)
sorcery Jan 19, 1:32 PM
Happy Birthday to you, man!
Hope it's not to lonely in the very distant Ultima Thule.
Jex Nov 23, 2018 12:37 AM
It seems pretty dumb to only watch bits of a show to justify watching a spinoff movie. You could have dived into the movie straight away. Or you could have watched the show and gone onto the movie if you liked it. It's like watching Castle of Cagliostro after seeing 3 specific episodes from the green jacket show. That's weird.
Jex Nov 22, 2018 5:39 PM
Why did you only watch 13 episodes of Urusei Yatsura. Oshii directs through 106.
Jex Sep 23, 2018 5:35 AM
how is sailor moon