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Aug 23, 2021
If you are into NTR, this is an excellent read. Per Kyouden Sanbun's style, this is a mother NTR story between a mom and her son's bully. There are many different types of NTR categories, and I personally find this type of NTR to be one of the best.

STORY - 10
I like that the story develops through two people being stranded on an island and developing relations naturally rather than through corruption, blackmail, extortion, etc. I find that to be much more realistic and enjoyable. There are two parts to this story, the first part is Uninhabited Island and the second part is Rakuen Kara read more
Oct 2, 2017
For those that can't tell by the cover, this is a lolicon hentai so if you're not into that, you won't enjoy this at all. For those that do enjoy lolicon, you probably won't either...

Story - 5
So this guy named Kou-chan is on summer vacation from college and is visiting his parents after having not visited them for a while. The reason he is visiting them though is because of his little cousin Anna that lives next to them who is a loli.

Art - 7
The background art is really nice and adds to the atmosphere of the hentai. The setting is in a small town read more
Oct 2, 2017
Reunion (Anime) add (All reviews)
Reunion is a hentai I always come back to because it does so many things right when it comes to hentai. For starters, it is unique in that the main guy never talks. You only hear Rie and Mao the whole time. I don't particularly like it when males talk in hentai so this is a big plus for me. When it comes to hentai it should be all about the girls and this is the main focus of Reunion.

Story - 5
The story revolves around a student having a relationship with his teacher and a fellow student. Really plain and simple.

Art - 10
PoRO read more
Oct 1, 2017
There are two things that are unique about this hentai. The first is that it is shot in the POV of the male prop of the hentai, the butler, so you only see Kaoru. The second is that the butler never talks, so all you hear is Kaoru. As such, Kaoru is the sole focus and runs the show. Personally, I’m not a big fan of males being a focus in hentai, nor am I a fan of hearing them. As such, these two aspects are a big plus for me in this hentai. As for the specifics:

Story - 5
While at a party, rich spoiled read more
Oct 1, 2017
When it comes to harems, it is usually the case where the characters are the focus of the series at the expense of the story. Himesama Gentei! Is no exception, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, I find this show to be one of my favorite hentais purely because of the great female character(s) in it.

Story - 5
There is nothing special with the story in this show. The characters are all royalty, with the female characters competing for the main guys love and affection. This should allow for great scene’s of rich people doing naughty things in places normal people can’t. However, read more
Oct 1, 2017
Ingrid is by far my favorite character from the Taimanin universe so I’m very pleased that Makai Kishi Ingrid was developed and it does not disappoint.

Story - 7
I’ve never been one to think that stories are necessary in hentai’s. However, compared to most, this one does have a relatively good although archetypal story, at least for the Taimanin Franchise. Ingrid and Murasaki are demon hunters that pick a little more than they can chew and get captured by the “bad guys,” who take advantage of the situation. As such, this story allows the two heroines to be raped by demons and turned into sex read more