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Fairy Tail (2014)
Fairy Tail (2014)
Apr 15, 2016 12:58 PM
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Ore Monogatari!!
Dec 26, 2015 12:05 AM
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Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail
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Fairy Tail Zerø
Jul 20, 2015 4:19 PM
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Jul 20, 2015 4:16 PM
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missdreamgirl501 May 18, 2018 12:07 AM
Hi Lisa! This is a THREE years late Thank you reply for the message. I'm back from Hiatus. ^_^ Hope you've been doing well.
babyblue999 Dec 31, 2015 10:52 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hope we have another great year together!!! XD

babyblue999 Dec 30, 2015 11:38 AM
ahh right I forgot you can still have work over winter break in high school haha! in college we have different classes every semester, so we're kinda free from getting any schoolwork! but wish you luck on your side! yeah just the ones that are airing every week like fairy tail, one piece, haikyuu etc. etc...those are the only ones I'm watching! :D

I see what mangas are you reading these days? The ones I read during winter break so far I believe were kare kano and fushi yuugi! I was planning to read tokyo ghoul and kuroko no basket soon, but we'll see! I've been trying to catch up on some books like divergent and the maze runner series and the fan fiction with spirited away you recommended me...I'll be reading these soon! XD

lol I see which K-pop group are you into these days? Since the end of the year is approaching...I'm kinda waiting on the kbs awards since there were a lot of great dramas that came out this year and a lot of great actors/actresses performed well! ohhh yes running man is awesome! I haven't been watching it these days, but I plan to sooner or later...I've been super obsessed with joo sang wook these days...have you heard of him? I watched good doctor around thanksgiving break and finished giant (mainly watching it for him and the couple) and it was sooo great! he's probably one of my favorite actors ever....I'm like literally watching all dramas and variety shows with him in it right now! I just started birth of a beauty and you should definitely try it! and single cunning lady if you like birth of a beauty cause these are the two rom-com dramas he started and they're both great! probably after this I'll take a bit of a break with dramas and watch all variety shows starring joo sang wook in it cause he's that fantastic! CX

ohh I see! did you watch the 1999 or 2011 version? I watched both of them and I really recommend watching both if you haven't cause they include things that aren't in either one, but 2011 version continues after 1999 version and it gets even better! For some reason...I think HxH made a better impression on me especially with the characters and the bonds made between each other! Who was your favorite my opinion, I think it would have to be killua! XD

yeah ikr!!! I really wanted to see what happens after, but apparently, its been on hiatus for many years and most likely it won't continue, so I guess there's not much hope of it continuing....even though I really want him too, but he's been sick for too probably would have been one of the top popular shounen animes like fairy tail and one piece if he hadn't been sick! :P

yeah I'm pretty sure you recommended me shut up flower boy band and it was pretty good! I already watched the other two which were definitely amazing especially all the actors and actresses! yook sungjae was definitely my favorite in school 2015! You probably won't have much time to watch giant, but I definitely recommend this drama....I think it's been so long since I cried in like every episode and the romance between joo sang wook and hwang jung eum is just too kawaii! it's definitely a must must watch, but of course when you have the time...but tbh I watched it mainly for the couple, so this is what I mostly focused on this drama, but even so the plot is just amazing! and the other two rom-com dramas I recommended is great as well! <3
babyblue999 Dec 27, 2015 4:16 PM
haha thanks girl and welcome back for sure! it definitely has been awhile, but definitely take your time...I know how long our messages were to the point we were competing, so no need to force yourself haha! you can reply little at a time instead of all at once teehee! :D

lol well at least you're in break right now so must be chillax for you! I haven't gotten much to anime these days other than the ones airing, but I did watch hunter x hunter over the break and it was super duper good! if you haven't gotten to it and like shounen anime, then I really really recommend you to watch this! XD

lol well if you've been catching up on anything lately that you really enjoyed then do recommend me some! I've been catching up on korean drama these days its crazy haha! :)
babyblue999 Dec 25, 2015 4:05 PM

mangalicker94 Sep 19, 2015 4:31 AM
LOL, well you won't beat this. Here I am 3 month later. Sorry about that. :P

Yeah, I think I should do that. Who knows when the manga comes out. Well, right now I am reading the ecchi manga Yamada-kun and the seven witches. Really a lot of ecchi in it. But it has a ok plot too. Heard that the manga had much more detail and the anime were rushed. So I decided to start on that one, but I should definitely put Akatski no Yona-chan on the list.

Well, then I will start to call you imotou then. xD
babyblue999 Jul 9, 2015 7:35 PM
hey alicia sorry for the late reply! I meant to get to you sooner, but it just didn’t work out since I’ve been on my new laptop (macbook air) lately and I’ve been trying to organize all my bookmarks like adding everything to mal and stuff so I don’t have to deal with all these bookmarks on my site if you know what I mean! I was able to reduce to like half of it now, so I think I’m ready to reply back to you all at once teehee! but hope you had a great 4th of july (we talked about this, but wanted to tell you anyways!)! :3

ohh new york sounds nice teehee! I went on family vacation there for 4th of July weekend in my Junior year and there were lots of sightseeing areas to go to, but I would hate to live there...its too urban and too populated with millions of people probably...not to mention they all have that attitude about not caring about anything and just gives us that look as in get off our space kinda stuff….there was this one time we were heading back on a subway and my brother slightly went in contact with this one girls shoulder (you know how cramped it is with soo many people in the train…) and she started getting mad and cussed at him for no apparent reason, so its probably not a good idea to live there...but hope you had a great time at new york and china! I want to go there someday if I have the chance! aww thats so cute...your nephew reminds me of one of those characters in anime where they would do anything to obtain what they want even if it means using themselves to act all kawaii and everything! and dang thats a huge gap there alright! but I think my youngest cousin is 8 so we’re like 10 years apart and I thought that was huge, but 12 adds in another 2 years thats for sure…. O.o

yep I would totally live in their movie theater if they allowed me….so spacious and comfortable….couches are definitely the love of your life and of course I live off of watching animes etc etc and if they would just give me free food then my life would be complete! haha yeah even though its like about 7ish years...we were pretty close when we were young and we used to talk to each other from time to time on facebook and I found out recently they have kakaotalk (its like a little social network for asians...we should be friends on there if you have one and know of it!). and their old house in cali they had a pool and my goodness it was a super nice one… they had another dog back then and she would use the pool to her full advantage, but I mean it is super hot in that area so its no wonder! haha yeah when I came to visit Alaska, they have 3 new and different dogs which made me happier since I love animals especially dogs! on top of that, these are the ideal dogs I’ve wanted so those are the ones Imma get when I’m older and live off on my own! Even though it was 4 hours of sleep at night, we still took naps throughout the day in the RV and stuff so it wasn’t entirely bad! and which reminds me, I should remind them to post their Europe pictures on facebook so I could forgive them for leaving us like that~ :P

lol its late reply, but late congrat! you definitely earned that grade thats for sure! I’m also assuming you’re already on summer break now since 3 days have passed! do you know about all your grades yet! knowing from all your efforts...I’m pretty sure you got the grade you deserve! lol I mean it didn’t feel like 2 weeks for me so don’t worry about it...I feel worse for replying to you almost a week later so forgive me~ T-T

surprisingly, ga has a lot of fun places! forgot if I mentioned them, but theres six flags, white waters, ga aquarium, coca cola factory, mall of georgia (its a pretty big mall), and I’m happy they have like korean bakery and korea places here since its part of our culture and stuff, but yeah I thought it would be like a deserted place since its like southern people stuff, but its not a bad place to live in! definitely fun if you’re coming for a visit! I’ll welcome you all the way if you ever come visit to ga! lol if its 700 episodes like one piece then no way I could finish it in a week even with skim watching...I think there right around 600 episodes when I started one piece and trust me...I skim watched a lot and it still took me a month and a half to catch up on! It’ll probably have tooken me 3+ months if I watched it without skim watching which I wish I had cause this is probably my favorite shounen anime out of the 5! XD

at least you came during that time...if you had learned it any later then you would have had a hard time! so be grateful you started during elementary! ahh I see well from the looks of it...a close friend of ours lives kinda close to the subways so they probably were living near the city so it was pretty crowded….lots of traffic with a car so I see no reason why they would need one, but I mean if its work I guess it would be necessary to have one…ohhh yes I went with my brother and our church friends and watched two movies in a row...we started with jurassic world and then inside out right after (if you watched jurassic park all 3 movies then definitely suggest jurassic world, soo realistic)! but inside out was a better movie than I thought! I watched the trailers and didn’t really catch my interest that much, but after watching it I had a better impression of it! I kinda teared up more than crying, but it hit me in the heart when bing bong disappeared and when Riley returned home from running away! and my goodness...that volcano arc was sooo weird for me...I literally thought it was part of the movie, but glad it wasn’t cause it was such a weird beginning, but after finishing it, I was able to understand the moral of the story...there was that one person in our group who went through the same thing as your cousin so don’t worry about it… :L

lol well 20 isn’t bad...I just saw updates on upcoming birthdays and one says one is about to turn around 100 something so they’re worse off than you are! lol I feel you, but I still post them anyways like our trip to Alaska, but I mean if you really can’t we can always text or the social network I told you about ( kakaotalk) we can try that out! Its basically like a texting app and it has cute emojis and stuff so you can give it a try! and yes I saw the drawings and they’re absolutely amazing! loved it she should definitely become a mangaka or something! Thats definitely a great talent she has there! CX

dang thats a lot of stuff to do in the summer thats for sure...and I guess we all have different schedules then! cause at our school we have to take a certain class in a certain year and gov is something we take during our Senior year, but I guess you take it in your Sophomore year right? It’s really weird, but not unusual since that also happens at other schools...omg yes they always make my day! even though chopper is really gullible, it still makes me laugh how they get along and their bonds grow bigger and bigger through their good and hard times! and speaking of which...whenever I have the time I’m trying to draw stuff on my own too so when I ever get to drawing one piece stuff...I’ll show you some of my drawings… its gonna be really bad, but I’m trying to improve along the way which isn’t a bad thing! I already drew the dango daikazoku one if you want to see! once we add each other on kakaotalk or other social network then I’ll send it to you! I’m probably gonna either draw chopper or a wanted poster of luffy….the wanted poster looks easier so most likely Imma start that one first! now that you mention it….theres so many deaths that occurred in naruto...I cried so much in majority of them! I guess I cry a lot there due to naruto’s hardships as a jinchuuriki or someone dying, but one piece is more emotional of what they go through as a crew or one’s own personal story of what they had to go through in life...ace is probably the only character I literally bawled an ocean…..btw are you caught up with the anime for both of them? Really want to talk with you about them if you are cause super hyped about both of them...although NS is kinda ticking me off with all those fillers, but luckily they’ve gotten better so its not all bad! oh yeah it really is sad how ace would never acknowledge gold roger as his father, but if you’ve watched his life...hes gone through a lot and its not his fault for hating him since gold roger died and left ace all alone in the world so I would understand how he wouldn’t acknowledge him, but like I said in exchange he found his own family along life which makes everything even more worth it and I’m so glad he was able to meet his own brothers and form it through sake teehee! :D

yeah I kinda have the same thoughts as you! but even if yona hadn’t entered that room that day they’re bound to know the truth and end up the same way or even worse for hiding this from them...and on top of that they would probably investigate of how her father died and everything so wouldn’t make much of a difference...and it was his choice of choosing between the throne or maintaining the same lifestyle...but again we’ll find out soon enough since we still don’t know the details about yona’s father...what happened between yona and su-won’s dads and how did it lead to this and everything...we’ll probably get to the results soon enough...oh speaking of this...I was rewatching akatsuki no yona the past couple days and it still gets me all the hype and would love to rewatch it over and over again! seeing how yona’s character has developed throughout had made her even a better person! just love those kinds of animes and not to mention the relationship between yona and hak teehee! seeing the way how yona declared that shes gonna help all the cities throughout the kingdom, most likely she’ll be doing behind the scenes work with hak and the others while su-won will act as the head of the group and leading the kingdom back to its original state! and it just so happens to that they both meet and have to work together through the same problem so that’ll be interesting to see...if I didn’t mention...the way how hak reacted to seeing su-won again….dang now that was super duper I feel you girl! I still have to catch up on 4 more chapters of akatsuki no yona, but most likely I’ll probably be rereading the whole manga again cause its that good and want to experience that suspense once again...I’m already currently rereading akagami no shirayuki-hime and its sooo good already when I’m only on chapter 12… :3

lol you’re pretty straightforward about it then! to me...I would probably never tell them that in person, but most definitely I’ll be thinking about it...and theres a drama for marmalade boy? I know theres an anime, but not a it korean or different one? yeah, but thats what nice guys have to go through to make the girl they love to be happy you know! and thats when the other party starts making the girl cry...the nice guys would make their moves and everything or they would find another girl...but yeah I liked naozumi as well, but I still think akito and sana are better off together...I didn’t really like the other girl that was friends with sana...I mean I kinda did, but not when she and akito were together...and I looked up Kamisama no iutooori and dang I see what you mean since it showed a cover of a guy with lots of blood on him...but looking it up on mal it had a majority of them so it could be a different one than it showed on google… :O

haha glad you enjoyed watching SAO...then we have even more things in common then! I guess it was really interesting since the plot is different from most animes...especially when they relate it to a virtual reality game and it goes to the point where they literally have to risk their lives to get out of the game etc etc! on top of that they have a limited amount of time to do it since they’re real bodies can’t last forever out there... and yes I’ve watched the second season of whether its ALO or GGO...but I think the action was the best in GGO then SAO...ALO personally wasn’t that great for me since asuna wasn’t aired much in there, but I liked the fact how kirito went through a lot to save asuna from there! but yes tell me everything you want to tell me about the second season! I’m all ears for it! its been awhile since I’ve gotten into the topic with SAO...and yes most likely there will be a third season and its gonna be completely different once again with another main character, but thats what makes things interesting...but Idk...I didn’t really like the second season where GGO only had kirito and the other half was only asuna, but I mean they were still both really good arcs...I’m just glad that shinon didn’t come to like kirito romantically or that would have been a problem...I mean I’ve seen many people ship them, but I’m always shipping kirito x asuna together! XV

yes that would be so helpful! I’ve been adding sooo many to my list (like I mentioned above, I was organizing my bookmarks which had a lot of manga and anime saved there…). but yes its more beneficial when people tell me to read something specifically so I can get onto it then thinking for days about which ones I should start off and stuff...but sorry I haven’t been able to get to the facfic for spirited away yet, but I’ll try to get to it soon! our cousins from pennsylvania came to visit us and we decided to watch spirited away on one of our movie nights and made me hyped up about the fanfic you told me about so I’ll probably get onto it right away after rereading akagami no shirayuki-hime and akatsuki no yona...and yeah they’re pretty long, but since they’re sooo good I’ll probably get through them awfully quick! oh yeah we would call them dummies as well, but I think the teachers prefer it mannequins in a more appropriate matter idk… :K

lol yes I feel probably takes forever for mine since ours is like over 10 paragraphs so doesn’t bother me that you reply to mine last! but yep I should be free from here on out….actually other than this coming monday and tuesday since I have my freshman orientation at my college and apparently it lasts two days so I have to sleep for the night over there, but its a great opportunity to make friends before school starts! although I’m still anxious about it, but hopefully I’ll be able to make friends… :I

and btw have you started any of the summer animes yet? forgot if I asked, but which ones have you been watching or caught any of your interest...theres some that are ok, but I think akagami no shirayuki-hime is the one I’ve been most looking forward to….omg you have no idea how crazy I am about this one ever since I’ve heard about the news that they’ll make it into an anime...especially when the first episode came out..I must be crazy I like rewatched it 4+ times already and still not bored from it...if you read the manga...its kinda different on the anime since its mostly known for the art and the hair on the main heroine is a bit different, but overall its going great and the guy in there (zen) is exactly how I pictured him to be!!!! but definitely let me know about the summer animes you’re watching so we can talk about it! and I’ll definitely get to you about the recommendations with the animes soon! CX
DaisukiAishiteru Jun 25, 2015 7:06 AM
Sorry I haven't replied in so long..your finals are over by now. And it's summer break, yay XD

I don't listen to kpop now. I used to, and I like it, but I just haven't in a while. :P
babyblue999 Jun 15, 2015 10:40 PM
hey alicia! omg sorry I replied to you awfully late! I was actually replying to you little by little earlier, but I guess things went hectic cause the night you replied back...I was packing and stuff to go on a family trip to Alaska which is where I’m at right now haha! It’s been like around 7 years or something since I last met my dad’s brother’s family so I was pretty excited to see them again, but it turns out my cousins and the mom went on trip to Europe for the past two weeks so only my uncle is here in Alaska...but the tour of the place and their house is absolutely amazing and omg you have no idea how much I love dogs and they have 3 dogs in the house! My brother and I was happy enough just to hang out with them the whole time, but their house is filled with other fun stuff! Like they also lived in California and lived in pretty rich house and I knew they would live in a pretty big place, but man its filled with everything we could think of...I never even imagined that they have their own little movie theater in the house haha! but yeah sorry for all the blabber about the house tour...idk about you, but I love house tours its really nice to see the structure and all that! not to mention, right now in Alaska where my uncle’s family are staying is where 20 hours is daytime and 4 hours is nighttime so I think that’ll definitely ruin my sleep! haha but yeah I’ll be posting pictures soon of our trip in Alaska soon on facebook so wait for it! oh yeah and seeing you on facebook, you’re really pretty teehee just had to say that! and the last two days before I was preparing a bunch of stuff for our church’s VBS (vacation bible school)! idk if I told you about it, but its where we help kids learn a lot of things about God through all these activities we provide for them and anyone can join from members from our church to different people in the community! and thats totally fine like I said haha! If I were taking my finals, I probably wouldn’t have the time to reply until everything is over so yeah definitely do your best and I’ll be rooting for you on this side. I mean most likely I won’t reply as much this week either since thats when we have the actual VBS program so it’ll definitely drain out all my energy, but I’ll try to reply asap! XD

that definitely sounds like soo much bad crap to do...but I know you’ll definitely make it through all of them! You can count on me to do all the praying for you teehee! As for the memorizing...don’t think that’ll be bad, but yeah as for presenting it in front of the crowd...thats always a hard thing to do...I’ve experienced many moments where I would totally blank out what I practiced to say beforehand and I would have to say random stuff that I never mentioned before and that would literally ruin my pace of thinking and all that...but I’m pretty sure you’re not as bad as I am since I’m literally one of those people who can’t present at all and lose myself whenever I have to do something by myself...I guess its fine when I’m in it together with other people in groups or something, but its a no no when I’m alone….and naah thats fine you should always have at least one person or two to share all your complaints and worries to so I’ll be all open ears for whatever you have to say and I shall do the same to you! Now that I say that, I feel bad since I’m pretty sure mine are more blabbering nonsense than yours… :O

haha its good! Even if you didn’t know, its understandable since not many people know about it and if not then theres always those annoying autocorrects which is one of my pet peeves for sure...ohhh yes I know exactly what you were feeling when you have to present those...especially when you have like million pairs of eyes on you and it really peer pressures you to the point its nothing like how you practiced it before and all that practice was for nothing...there are times when that happens...I tend to speak fast and get to the point with majority of the stuff so I can hurry up and get over it or I would literally just read out the stuff I wrote on my ppt on whatever my work it… :P

haha pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but its good! I live in Georgia which is South of where you said you live in Maryland right now right? But yeah, thats where all the redneck people live and stuff, but its not bad and theres actually a lot of pretty cool stuff here! I thought it was interesting how we chose an area where all the tourists stuff happens like coca cola factory, georgia aquarium, six flags, and many more! Definitely if you ever have the chance to visit Georgia, we should go to all these places together if you have the time! If you love amusement parks definitely six flags is the choice or if you love seeing animals or beautiful scenery, georgia aquarium is for you! and there’s always Florida at the beach or Disney world and universal studios if you’re not satisfied with the things in Georgia! Well hopefully when I get my job, it won’t be hectic to the point I don’t have time for it and if that happens to be the case, then I guess Imma have to make myself time to watch at least one full anime once a week or something teehee! Everyone makes mistakes and its always good to be corrected so you don’t make the same mistakes again so its definitely good to let people correct you. At least for me, it’ll definitely help me improve so its a lot better when people like my brother corrects out my mistakes! and thats really terms of accent...are you talking about for chinese or english? O.o

I mean its similar, but I think the main reason is that our teacher told us that there are a bunch of wild cats out there that are twice as big as our pet cats and idk the reason why, but they have to remove them in certain areas and instead of having to kill them...they decide to like put them to sleep or something having to use them for dissection purpose so I think that may be the reason! woah I had no idea there was a bubble tea shop at New York! I went to visit there for a family trip like two years ago and I haven’t seen any bubble tea shop time if I happen to again, that’ll probably be my first priority and definitely pizza (unfortunately we didn’t have the time to stop by for pizza when that should have been our first to do list since I heard how awesome NY pizza is…)!haha its cool alicia I mean even though I listed like my top 5 animes and mangas on my profile page...there’s still sooo many more that I really enjoy and it really gives me a dilemma about it whenever I finish something awesome, but can’t choose whether I should keep my top 5 the same or time to start switching to a new one… :(

yes I’m definitely grateful even though she didn’t have to do anything about it! but another way I can think of it is that she bought it for my graduation gift which isn’t a bad way to think of it teehee since it is something to celebrate! XD

haha thats funny! Well I mean it was technically one more year until I could get one anyways so didn’t matter if I lied about being one year older or something! but I mean seriously you’re not the only one girl...I know some people who made it when they were in elementary and they all put their age as like around the 20s at that time so they would be super old at this time now and no one really cares nor really knows anyways until you see that their birthday date comes up and it would list for some saying that they’ll be turning this age when they’re really not teehee! but basically saying don’t feel like as if you’re the only one who did it! :3

I would definitely love to see some of the drawings she draws especially anime! Like I said, I can make an effort to drawings animals or little mascots in animes like dango, but definitely not people...I can barely get through drawing stick figures...and goodness girl you look pretty so you don’t even have to worry about it! It would be nice though if you updated new photos on your profile picture instead that’ll be even better for me to see how you look like! but don’t get me wrong...the anime pictures are just as pretty as you are! CX

haha I mean I gotta go all out since its a new beginning for me so I don’t have to worry about having any summer hw or anything which leaves me to doing anything I want without any limits teehee! but after this summer is when everything is gonna come with a price plus interest so thats when I’ll start worrying about all that...haha you’re probably the first I’ve heard about not preferring freckles! but at least it was only ace for the beginning they all looked weird to me...probably only chopper was the only cute character I liked, but I guess his arc didn’t come till like later...thats when I got used to the art and started loving everything about it! omg after my alaska trip...I have even more episodes to catch up now...well since most of them are about to end anyways...I might as well wait and catch up on my other korean dramas and then I wouldn’t have to suffer from all the waiting with the animes so both beneficial for me! awwww omg theres soooo many deaths that made me bawl in naruto especially like with jiraiya and I seriously thought like gaara and kakashi were dead and I cried my tears out and next thing you know they come back to life and I would freaking scream at the producers about why they would make me go through all that when they’re gonna be alright at the end...but yeah at least they’re still alive so thats all it matters! and yeah that was pretty sad, but hey at least in exchange he treated luffy and sabo as if they’re real brothers so I thought that was a sight to see and at least he knew who his father was...luffy didn’t realize until his grandpa told him so casually about it! :D

girl you took all the words out of my mouth! I guess its a good thing we think alike so much here! Even though what Soo-won did is unforgivable in certain ways, I think it still brought more benefits than harm cause yeah yona did went through certain period of those dark days where reality is no longer there anymore, but this helped her realize even more how the world isn’t the way how she saw it when she was raised by her father who hated weapons and conflict...and it definitely developed her character a lot more! if it weren’t for that incident, she would have continued to be naive and weak without having any reason to continue being stronger physically and mentally! and yes I agree with you cause now she’s gained a lot more comrades that she can spend her life with and do everything together! haha yes I think her bow skills are what inspired me the most and I guess her courage to do what she wants to do to help her country and she would do everything her way than having to listen to what other says! Another thing that caught me the most is that she decided everything on her own to set out and explore what the real world is like and she’s the one who persuaded hak to come with her as a friend/comrade instead of someone who will continue to protect her for the rest of her life! saying all this should make soo-won realize that yona is no longer the same person he once knew and he should have definitely expected that after what he’s done to her father and he chose this path where the three of them can no longer have the same relationship as they once had before! I can’t wait to read even further to see how yona will keep proving to soo-won her progress in her character! and wow who would have known that the soldier had such a dilemma and how he was once loyal to yona, but made a conclusion to follow soo-won thinking that he could change this whole system of no conflict etc etc! :P

I’m thinking the exact stuff as you’re thinking! like even though they did briefly give us information about what happened...we don’t know if it actually happened with what others said like maybe it could be a lot deeper than we think and it turns out to be something completely different to the point that soo-won misunderstood to this whole situation and it could be one of those things where he would start doubting the path he’s taken or whatever since we don’t know the full details of what exactly happened...but yeah seriously they need to speed up on publishing more chapters! I think I understand how you feel...its not that I hate boys, but I guess girls are more comfortable, but I do like hug and stuff with the church guys I grew up with since we’re basically like family practically so I’m ok with them, but like the guys from school...its really awkward to do you know and its not like we’re that close to the point we would do those stuff! I mean theres some really close friends I have that are guys, but idk its a totally different feeling from the the guys at my church who I grew up with if you know what I mean… :O

ahh ok I feel you! Its similar feeling for me cause I grew up speaking and learning Korean culture and stuff, but I didn’t really take it seriously when my mom offered that I should go to Korean school to further develop my reading and writing skills there, but I was like what...late elementary/early middle schooler so theres like no way I would have put in 100% devotion to it when its only taking a day off of my weekend you know...and another correction teehee! You would either say smarter or more smart...well actually I think smarter is more likely the word! Lol well theres always at least one person that’s better than you which gives you more determination to do better so that you can one day surpass them...idk its something that was taught to me from anime hehe like naruto! XD

haha thats pretty amusing! I think people like my brother...he’s not actually a bad singer, but just the way he presents himself to it...makes him kinda to the point where people would just laugh at the things he does instead of being inspired or whatever….but he’s not a horrible singer, but I would kinda describe him more as like a comedy singer?? That’s definitely a big accomplishment there….you should be proud of your cousins teehee! Although its not surprising since there so many smart people out there who accomplish soo many grand things, yet they don’t get into the top schools they want to get into I guess cause its getting even more competitive over the years and that just stresses the next generation even more...I actually had a talk with my uncle at Alaska and he was saying how you don’t have to get into those really good schools as long as you persevere and go through all the way and get your license and thats when everything will go well for you...but hopefully I’ll be able to do that with my major since its also another competitive area… :P

It’s understandable though! I think among the nightmares I’ve gotten was from spirited away, but I guess its ok now since I watched that when I was little and I’m starting to love it more and more the more I watch it so I’m starting to get used to it...and I mean the horror in anime isn’t super duper bad if you know what I’m talking about...its probably more suspense and thriller type than horror….like seriously if you see the american horror movies (never watched one…) just seeing the covers would make me get nightmares….so comparing to those...I think anime ones aren’t entirely bad and the most is probably like getting their body sliced up, but its not even showing any details of it...haha you’re busy yourself then! My June is also going away with all these chain reaction of schedules of doing this and that, but definitely looking forward to July where I can enjoy being at home all day doing whatever I want being lazy and just watching tv like all my other summers! and super duper excited about getting a macbook air especially when they give special deals! Right now I already have a coupon for $100 off, but if I wait till July...mostly likely they’ll give a $150 off on the product so that’ll make the price even better when it came out during this year of 2015! haha well that might work as well, but its just kinda weird for us if we ever go back to normal without bringing the problem to a close you know and for some reason its always my brother who closes it first! I’m a pretty persistent person so maybe thats why I’m always on the winning streak even when that has nothing to do with this teehee! :)

haha that fits my description! We are sooo alike which is definitely a great thing! Now that I think about it...don’t think I ever cry when reading manga or books...its only those moments when I just stop reading for awhile and just gets me thinking about what just happened and everything...and I guess the difference is that I would go fangirling and make sounds when watching anime, but whenever it comes to reading...I just have just huuge smile on my face or whatever without a single sound present...idk that was a weird observation of mine whenever I do these two things…and thats awesome similarities in what we watch means that we can relate to each other even more! and yes marmalade boy does have an anime...its kinda long with I believe 76 episodes and it is filled with drama, but I think if you liked kodocha then marmalade boy should fit your taste! definitely do read fruits won’t ever regret it if you watched the anime...the anime really disappointed me with the little romance they have when everyone else was saying how much romance there was and I’m at the corner thinking I don’t see a single scene of romance…. -_-

for me it can definitely go both all goes to the actual character yeah naozumi was nice and everything, but just everything akito does really gives me an impression of even though he may do things that can irritate sana….he doesn’t mean it in a bad way and just the way he thinks and expresses it are totally different, but he means no harm about it if you get what I’m tryna say! lol its fine I can see that thats one of your pet peeves for sure! Which gets me thinking that I’m glad that I’m a girl haha… :)

thats really cool! You should do one for like every element if you want! If you ever watched Avatar….water planet could be exactly as you described...and theres some for like fire, air, and earth and you could just think a bit more creative adding like people flying for air or even doing like those reanimation moves from naruto for the earth one haha! Sorry I’m being all weird about this, but this is exactly how I’m thinking the moment you told me about it! and its cool off topic is a good thing since we get to learn more about each other so thats probably one of the good ways to learn more about the person! :D

lol trust me….I don’t have any horror animes to suggest anyways since I myself can’t handle those kinda stuff either along with a certain extent of handling gore...but yeah theres really nothing for me to recommend in that area unless if you think attack on titan and tokyo ghoul are something thats horror….and alrighty basically you need something with romance! Now thats my main pro point to anime! Can’t last through an anime without romance in it you know! Now that you’re mentioning around these lines….have you ever watched sword art online? I would definitely recommend this if you like action game and theres definitely romance in here trust me! And whenever I have the time...I’ll provide like little feedbacks of if you’re interested in this...then this is the anime for you or whatever….I can already feel like it’ll be long list, but I’ll try to provide similar romance animes along the lines that you’ve watched! and can you just list a couple romance animes that you enjoyed the most and that’ll get me an idea of what else you’ll like since they will be pretty similar! and I don’t mind either works mostly likely I’ll be trying to watch a lot more since I’m in the mood of experiencing it in live action mode or whatever (thats why I rewatch kimi ni todoke sooo many times due to all those cute lovey dovey moments even though they can be pretty frustrating to how dense they both are about love..)! but if you have the time...both anime and manga recommendations would be great!if not then manga is fine since I’m always having a hard time choosing what to read! oh and if possible I would like recommendations of ones that are complete since I have sooo many on the list I want to read, but decide not to read because majority are still publishing and who know when they’ll be finished… -_-

ohhh thats sooo cool! I think the title sounds a bit familiar, but after telling me its about the future of sana and akito then nvm….but that sounds amazing cause I always wanted to know about their progress when they’re older since they’re like not even in high school so I thought romance at that age sounds pretty deep if they don’t show it any further… O.o

Dang….I haven’t done one of those since during my freshman years...but I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine if you’ve been practicing! It was on one of those mannequins or whatever right? :V

lol no need for you to apologize when its basically been 6 days late for me to reply….so I should be the one to apologize, but definitely do take your time in replying….don’t to pressure you to having like this duty or whatever to having to have to reply and everything you know….sound like super lots to do, but I know you can definitely get through all of them and most certainly do well on all of them with one of the top scores for sure! I wish you the best of luck alicia! XD

and did you send it to me on facebook? If thats the case then I didn’t receive it at all… O-O
mangalicker94 Jun 12, 2015 9:39 PM
Yeah, waiting is the worst. Especially with spoilers in every corner. Have got in that trap with Bleach, OP, Naruto, etc. The list can go on. I hope I don't get major spoilers from Akatsuki no Yona. It's really a great anime and it's one of the few anime I haven't started to get spoilers from.

Hahah, sorry sorry. Yeah I am in my 20s. So I guess that makes me a onii-chan. :P

Yeah I guess we all are. Here again the reply comes one month later. :3
babyblue999 Jun 5, 2015 10:55 PM
haha sorry I probably made it sound complicated than it is...I didn’t mention this part, but I’ll say it, but in the first 4 friends from Alabama came to stay at our place to hang out then the next 4 days I went to Alabama with them to hang out...after that its 5 days with the church at the beach!does that make better sense? ^-^

SDA, not SAD haha!not really...well I guess comparing to other religions it probably is, but its still pretty long only that its not that spread out with many people knowing about this religion...and its fine. If I wasn’t born as an SDA then I probably wouldn’t have known much about it either until I met a couple friends in my high school who are SDA!and thats cool do you practice it with them or just don’t really care about it? :O

yep muramits are like the highlight of our beach trip so of course everything is worth the time! We would put in about like 2-4 hours a day for muramit practice so it would make sense that it gets good, but I guess for this one we didn’t really use up most of the time until the performance got closer. I think out of all the muramits I’ve performed, this one is probably the most funnest and comfortable to act out where everyone else in the group isn’t too stressed out about their roles (since we all have to memorize our lines without any scripts…) and enjoy acting them out!haha probably, but if you were to have come with me during this beach trip then you probably would have been excused as well since you’re new and just visiting in fact teehee!all the new girls were either excused by someone else volunteering or were in the winning team which are excused from punishments and earn prizes in the future!and its not too scary to the point you just want to fall in a hole, but still want to put in the effort in what you want to do haha!I think from the time I’ve been here till now, the punishments have been moving everywhere in terms of it went all physical at first then it goes to mental punishments and theres in between now so you have a choice whether to be mentally or physically punished...and I totally know how you feel!I’m pretty sure the guys here are no different from the ones in your area since they’re all crazy hyper species which makes me wonder how scary the overall world is… O.o

haha you can say that again!Well I got used to it at some point so I don’t really concern myself over the huge highlighted 5 notifications listed on the top left haha!and thats probably the case, but its understandable since not all of us have the same amount of free time as other people do!Thats probably what Imma worry about in the future...OMG I don’t ever want to be soo busy that I don’t have time for mal anymore!!!and its good I understand and 4 years of learning experience for English is pretty good!However, just thought it would help for me to help correct your mistakes so you don’t bring it up again in the future!I guess that would help from someone whose lived in America her whole life teehee!ahh ok I see yeah that happened to one of my friend’s group where we all took Anatomy together, but have different periods and on top of that, she’s allergic to the fur so she had to dissect a skinless cat where she would have to group with random people and they all didn’t even want to look at the cat...its sad cause shes not much of a fan touching it either, but she had to muster all her courage to dissect it all herself...but she did it which I’m so proud!like I said though, good things will follow and all of that is in the past to the point you’ll just laugh about what happened during that time so don’t think too much about it!oh wow then thats not too long ago that you’ve had it!I’ve been raised since childhood to have bubble tea everywhere so one of the top things I can’t live without you know!wait do you not have any places near your area that sell bubble tea?but its sooo sad cause I just found out recently that some of my favorite flavors contain caffeine and I normally don’t just soda and stuff since my mom kinda taught me not to drink all those carbonated and bad stuff too much, but this really breaks my heart...btw whats your favorite?tapioca milk tea is my all time favorite!!! <3 <3 <3

yeah ikr...whats even sad is that the accident happened at the parking lot near where I always go to buy my bubble tea so everytime I would arrive over there to buy some, I’m so super duper cautious the whole time and I’m kinda reminded about the accident the whole time that wasn’t even my fault yet my car had to go through all that...and I always look at the side where my car has the dent and it looks weird I’ll be honest, but whatever I kinda think of it as my car’s battle scar of honor or something like that haha!luckily though my dad has a couple friends who were able to fix it even a little bit better for free and with a little bit of paint to it so I was really grateful!it would have been so much money if we had to pay for the seriously!The paint literally covered the area she hit so it looks as if nothing’s there anymore yet she got me sooo much so I feel really bad...I want to tell her to get her refund and everything, but at the same time, its very rude to throw back all the stuff she personally went to get for you so kinda have no choice, but to graciously accept her offer… :P

haha thats a good enough reason!the only reason I made it was cause I was peer pressured by my brother about how much better it is comparing to back then when myspace was the thing people used, but I’ll admit it was better since more people used that (although I had to lie my way since what...13 or older can get a facebook and I was like 11 or 12???) comparing to where random people I have no idea at all added me on myspace so that was better in some ways!haha just because its an art class doesn’t mean they teach you...literally you had to do everything on your own and if not, they do everything for you so theres really no teaching involved...basically I had to learn everything by myself and sadly there was no relation to animes no nothing...other than those historical art stuff, but some of them were really cool!I’ll show you some of the stuff I’ve made and drawn during the time once you add me on facebook!and since its the summer...I’ll probably try to make an effort to draw a bunch of animes, but it might mostly be mascots and stuff cause I can’t draw people (can barely draw stick figures... sad huh…).What did you want your friend to draw? O.o

yeah hopefully it’ll be anytime soon until luffy comes in to beat his butt up you know...speaking of which I still haven’t had the time to catch up to any of the animes yet, but I’ll probably do that in two weeks (btw this coming week I’ll be going on a family trip to Alaska and the week after, we’re doing this annual event called VBS (vacation bible school) where we would volunteer to provide all sorts of activities to help kids learn and know about God in a fun way!). Since I only have like a couple days during the weekday until I head to Alaska so I’ll probably watch one korean drama since thats only about 11 episodes so it might be faster to catch up than all the compilations of everything I have to catch up on currently watching list!OMG like seriously, I even have some friends who quit watching one piece because ace is no longer in the anime and it took awhile for people like me to get over the fact that ace really died like out of ALL people, it was ace that died….but I mean he died an honorable death protecting his brother so glad luffy is alive, but STILL!its not complete with the 3 brothers who shared a cup of sake seriously broke my heart even more when I saw all the flashbacks of them when they were all that you mention...its even sadder how the dad was there the entire time, yet he couldn’t even do anything about it and even if he had a second chance….theres probably not much he can its probably a lot harder on him where everyone else’s memories got all screwed over while his is all normal yet no one remembers him...thats probably gotta be one of the most painful experiences ever where all your loved ones don’t remember you… T-T

OMG OMG OMG!!!So I finally caught up with AnY a couple days ago and man how intense that was with the arc and when they all met Su-Won...I thought my heart would slowly start beating from beating wayy too much...and seriously did you see how hak was behaving?dang I was scared the crap out there for a bit since he couldn’t even tell friend from foe, but there comes yona coming to the rescue!seriously AnY has to be one of those mainstream mangas where they have no choice, but to publish 1-2 chapters a week since everyone is dying to know what happens next….wow I really didn’t expect them to meet each other so soon though...I mean I know they had to meet somewhere at some point, but not this sudden...haha well it could be cause I haven’t read it for quite awhile so that could be the reason! :L

oh sorry I thought the previous paragraph was for AnY, but nvm haha it probably might have been for spirited away facfic or something teehee!but I’ll probably get to that when I’m in the plane or something to you happen to know if theres any where you could download them?cause like manga if you download them beforehand, you could read them anywhere without wifi or data you know so that could come in handy for me!and if you didn’t really understand the year stuff then its ok just think of it as I’m commenting to myself teehee!but yeah as for AnY, it’ll probably be when this arc is over they might have to get to the point where they cover what really happens between the fathers and everything...all the previous stories and talks and it’ll be settled or have to fight over the crown for ruler of the country etc etc...but yeah I see what you’re tryna say...but dang if they’re literally mean then that must really suck...I thought you were exaggerating it a bit at first, but I guess you really meant it!mine are all crazy, but not in a bad way...I guess you’ve been having bad experiences with guys all this time… :O

I envy those people who already speak another language as their first since nowadays, English is a must learn now since its spoken all over the world you know!so its really cool that there are people that have primary languages they speak whether its one or two and now they’ll be adding one more to the list since majority of other countries make it mandatory that people learn and speak English now!but I mean I’ve been growing up learning english and korean so its not horrible, but I still regret not taking it seriously when my mother had me take korean school when I was younger...if I had taken it more in thought then I would be so fluent in reading and writing by now haha!at least I can speak it which not many people can do so kinda satisfied with that and it makes it a bit easier if I ever want to learn another Asian language...and wow thats really fascinating alicia!that makes you like one of the smartest people in that area which is super duper good and the fact that you weren’t even suppose to be in that class makes it even more achieving!now you deserve to be respected by everyone!so proud of you girl!!! XD

lol is that so?I honestly don’t think theres not much gap difference between tokyo ghoul and attack on titan...but I guess that also depends on peoples’ preferences as well so I won’t force you...but I’ll tell you that I was exactly like you when I first started out, but now that I’ve been hearing soo many good things about it from other people, I’ve been eagerly wanting to watch it and I guess as long as you have the determination to get through it, its not as bad as it seems?but I can totally understand if you still don’t cause I’m still having thoughts about reading the manga since people say that its a lot more bloodier and some were even saying how they baby the gore in the anime so that kinda gets me worried...but I mean I talked with a good friend who pretty much persuaded me to watch it so hopefully it won’t be entirely bad...but before I get to it, I have a couple of other mangas I have to get through first and of course read through the fanfic spirited away you told me about teehee!omg theres just sooo much things I have to catch up on in the summer that I seriously have no idea where to begin...and on top of that my june is almost going away with all these schedules of family trips and volunteering… -_-

haha well if it happened to have been a scary incident, then its a good thing that you don’t remember a thing about it since that’ll make it more peaceful for your life!and yeah thats exactly me, but I feel more pumped to write it...probably because I write messages to so many people, but barely get any back so it gets me excited when I see that I have a new message on my profile so I would normally reply ASAP!woah what a coincidence...thats exactly how it is with my brother and me...normally my brother is the one that apologized to me first since its dragging out if you know what I mean...and I can be pretty persistent when it comes to these things which kinda lead to always my brother giving an apology rather than from me when sometimes the fault lies within me, but oh well he doesn’t know that haha!yep hwaiting and fighting are basically the same thing, but its to peoples’ preferences to which one they want to use! XD

yeah I heard that in the manga theres a lot more progress which mostly happens a lot since they can’t fit everything into a limited amount of time in animes!and most cases, mangas are always better!but animes still have its good points in terms of the color, sounds, and animations!it impacts to triggering more of your emotions at least for me since I don’t really cry or anything like that in mangas since they don’t really move and you have to imagine most of the scenes throughout your brain and thats a lot more work than watching it on anime which takes care of all of that for you!haha sorry I mean it has been like forever since I’ve watched these...I mostly would probably remember more of the guys since I’m more attracted to them!and I would definitely remember the ones that catches my eyes like usui from kaichou wa maid sama or kazehaya shouta from kimi ni todoke!but theres a lot more out there to the point I will never be able to choose my most favorite ideal type...but thats good yeah it was pretty unique to watch KnO because its a bit different from other animes...if you watched marmalade boy, they’re pretty similar with the similar art of characters and the intensity of the drama!I think fruits basket was the second manga I’ve ever read (kitchen princess was the first!) and man it was far waaaay soooo much better than the anime!I was super duper disappointed in the anime cause I thought there would be at least some form of romance even a little bit, but signs at all and it just ended weirdly at the end as well, so I really didn’t enjoy watching it...I mean I liked it for the guys of course, but still….oh so you’re for the rat?I’m all the way for Kyo and girl you have no idea how happy I was when I was reading it!I was totally fangirling all the scenes between tohru and kyo!but idk...I don’t think the anime is worth it unless if you’re just watching it for the guys… :B

dang you really were having an awful week...I can understand at most 2 days of bad luck, but dang almost a whole week must be like a life worth of I’m guessing every 4 out of 5 days...something bad happens to you and you have that one day where your life is peaceful and theres nothing that’ll ever get in your way then...and correction its Luckily it didn’t break, not broke teehee!but all that description of your week only provides me with one word...karma and thats pretty bad for something happening day after day...but at least nothing bad happened to you today...guess you’ve had enough of it that the heavens decided that they shouldn’t do anything to you or you’ll reach beyond your limits...but starting today and onward...have a good feeling that you’ll be experiencing all the good and fun stuff especially when its the weekend...its time for you to catch up on all the animes and mangas teehee! :3

haha thanks for the short story!it was really refreshening and fun to read!and that really shows me that you’re some sort of genius that came from another planet involving math or something haha!but I would have probably done that if I were in your shoes...especially if its like 1-2 point(s) difference teehee!and wow that someone must be beyond a genius if she beated your score of 104!how much more bonus points did she get?I’ll probably tell you a story as well...its not funny, but more like dang how does this happen and its not everyday you get to know someone whose this smart teehee!but my brother has a friend we used to know when we took taekwondo when we were younger...and it turns out that he came to our high seriously he’s suppose to be like 3-4 years younger than my brother so when my brother was a freshman...matthew (his friend) is a suppose to be a 7th grader, but he’s soo much that he skipped a grade level so he’s taking all 8th grade classes!but apparently he’s like beyond a genius in math so he’s taking accel geometry which is something you take in freshman-sophomore year and normally you’re considered the smartest since thats the highest level class you can take for freshman he and my brother are in the same class, but he even got a 100 in this class that the teacher suggested that he take AP Calc which is a Senior class and he still got the highest grades out of everyone else...isn’t that fascinating? O.o

oh btw...I probably have been asking this several times already, but kinda lazy to read back our previous messasges, but what genre are you in the mood for right to watch for me to recommend?I’ll probably send you the list somewhere this weekend!I mean you can list all the ones you like, but also include the ones you’re in the mood for watching right now right away!and also...I forgot to mention that I really like your new profile picture!its soo kawaii!may I ask what anime its looks awfully familiar, but I can’t seem to recall where its from… :O
babyblue999 Jun 2, 2015 9:58 PM
yep I’m sharing with other was suppose to be like the pool house is shared with all the girls and the upstairs of the beach house is shared with all the guys! theres also like couple rooms that are booked up by couple families like one of the leaders and our pastors family, but a lot more people came than we expected so couple people like my friend and I had to sleep in one of the family’s rooms where theres couches and reclined ones so theres enough room for everyone!and this is an annual beach trip only reserved for the youth, so no parents involved other than the youth leaders and the pastor teehee which is pretty awesome since we are like parent-free for almost a good week!for me it was over a week cause i was staying at a friends house for a good 4 days before the beach trip, so now that I’m feels like its been an awfully long time!but yeah I knew a good majority of them since theres quite some new people we have joining us this year (well I know majority beforehand, but its their first time joining us to the beach trip…)!and no no its fine girl!you can ask all you want and I’ll be glad to answer all of them for you! :3

idk if tradition is the word, but more like the main part of the beach trip where this is the major event we look forward to and this is the point of the trip other than the beach!and I’m an SDA (Seventh-Day Adventist) where we go to church on Saturdays and there’s not many people that don’t know about us, but its slowly spreading out so someday we’ll be known worldwide!do you believe in a certain religions as well or are you an atheist?lol if you lived near us, I would have maybe tried to hook you up to come to our beach since anyone is invited and there was a good amount of new people coming this year and everything went well so one more wouldn’t hurt!and our muramits went really well this year surprising...they were the best performances I’ve ever seen out of all the beach trips I went to out of all the other years!and this year, they finally decided to use a camcorder to record everything that happens instead of letting some random person recording on the phone so it’ll be official!once it comes out I’ll let you see all of ours!and of course they’re not all perfect cause some of them couldn’t finish memorizing their lines (we had to make our own lyrics to the disney songs and memorize everything from our brains…), but it went super duper well and I’m really proud of everyone who participated!and yeah...I understand how you feel...other years I don’t get nervous until the moment we’re preparing ourselves to perform and it could get nervewrecking, but this year is probably the first time I was able to perform without any worries...I mean yeah I have less parts and don’t have much to do, but I’m still bad at performing in crowds...if it weren’t for knowing all of them, I probably wouldn’t have done well as I normally should, but ours went well and it was really fun to act it all out!it was a relief that we got comedy since it’s easy to act all stupid and everything so I think ours went really smooth! XD

yeah like I said...there were some mess ups cause some didn’t get their lines memorized, but they were able to cover it up for the most part or get right up with the next part so it wasn’t entirely horrible!at least they had the mind to continue instead of standing there the entire time!ohh yes the scavenger hunt went pretty well!although we placed second out of the 3 teams, I think its still a pretty good placing since we’re not first or last, but in between!they’ll also be posting those anytime soon, so I’ll probably show them to you on facebook when they’re out as well teehee!oh btw do you want to add each other on facebook!idk if its weird or not since we just met, but I actually friended some people like you on mal on facebook and we were able to talk at times knowing how we look like and everything so I thought that was pretty cool lif you ask me!but I’ll send you a link of my profile if you’re up for it! CX

ohhh don’t get me with the punishments...before I get to that...theres this one group who really went beyond our expectations and I thought we did pretty good on our comedy Aladdin performance!however, they definitely deserved to get first place for their horror/thriller Mulan performance and got 150 points total while second place (us) gets 100 then third place which was drama The Lion King performance got 50 points so thats like a huge gap of points there!and overall win went according to how it was to whoever placed for muramits!so my team and the other team had to do punishments and as for the choices...since we placed second we get to choose our punishments first!but before I tell you which one our team chose, I’ll tell you what the choices of punishments were… -_-

so yeah...those are our 4 choices of punishments and our group chose the second one since thats like the least damaging in terms of physical contact, but I guess for some it was more mentally damaging...but for me, I’ve experienced it before so I basically overcame it already and I was alright with doing this one, but felt bad for the other members cause they were all new to this...most of my group were guys and they all suggested belly flopping, but us girls really couldn’t do it so they gave in and let us choose which was really sweet of them!and it was soo nice of our leader saying that we can only sip a little bit of the water, and he’ll drink the rest of it for us!omg I felt really bad, but I mean I drank a bit more than the others to make it less painful for him in terms of mental strength...and the other team decided belly flopping and one of the leaders and the leader of my group volunteered to do it for the girls of the other team since one of them is a new member and the other one is about to move and leave, so they were nice enough to do it for them and they started doing it more to have a competition of who does the better belly flopping and man at the end, their stomach were soooo red it got me painful… -O-

haha glad you understand me there!but yeah most likely, Imma probably continue keeping that 5 notifications sticking on the top left tab of my mal since its been there like for a good year or less so used it by now...if I see 6 new notifications thats when I realize that I got either a message in my inbox or a request from someone or a club! :)

haha nice!I had to do that as well cause I was in the middle of typing on my computer, but I had to go down soon so I wrote the rest of my message saved to google docs on my phone and sent it there!aww I’m really sorry to hear about that...I remember how I had to do that in my 7th grade year...and did you mean dissect haha?but anyways...I never physically did it cause I couldn’t stand the thought of touching anything of our bull frog (on top of that, it was pregnant with probably almost 1000 eggs or something…) and plus the other members of my group really wanted to do it so I let them be their guest of just watching the whole time...but dang that must have been a bad experience for you there!I mean that shouldn’t be the point of making a big commotion, yet your classmates made a big deal out of it?wow...did your partner or group say anything about it?if they didn’t then they’re harsh and they shouldn’t have let you stand there alone...but I’m pretty sure better things will await for you in the future and I’ll definitely be praying for you about it!and yep at least it’ll help you become more cautious in the future and you learned something out of it at least! :D

yeah theres seriously nothing to do on there other than when I need to have group meetings about something or when I have to check up on feedbacks on whats happening with our church etc etc...and mal covers everything since they all post about current events and other things which I thought were pretty cool and its really fun talking with a variety of different people from all over the world talking about what we all love...animes and mangas and any other interests we share!haha and I’m just kidding!pretty much what I said is an exaggeration, but you get the point...just tryna get it across that I have that much to recommend for you teehee!and yep thats right, but I wouldn’t go that far unless if you just want to see the different experiences and pokemon!and thats really cute teehee!now that I have lots of free time...I was thinking about starting to draw some anime stuff into my sketchbook since I took 3D art class...I mean we didn’t draw the stuff we wanted, but I still got some experience which is what matters!and thats so true...overall I don’t mind much either since he’s still the same old Chopper we know, but more advanced so I’m ok with that, but if I had a preference it would be the old one...but yeah he definitely did get a lot stronger where he only needs to take less pills and can transform a lot longer!and I would love to have a doctor like him with me at all times!and I definitely agree with you there...doflamingo really screwed up dressrosa with almost everything...they probably do have the darkest history out of all the seriously people get turned into dolls and they can’t move and say anything against their own will and all the people involved with them have their memories all switched around which is what broke my heart the most...but I’m just glad that Rebecca remembered that his father is still alive and there! XV

I guess maybe?starting like the second semester of Senior year...everyone starts skipping and getting checked out cause they have this thing called Senioritis which is where they don’t really care about school and don’t really have to try since we’re all already accepted into the colleges we want and all thats left is to wait until summer comes...and I checked up on the manga and it turns out I’m like 10 chapters behind on AnY, so I probably have quite some stuff on catching up haha!and I betcha that Imma definitely fangirl all over what’s gonna happen for sure!hopefully everything goes the way I anticipate the way it’ll be!and tell me if you happen to like KJK’s songs!I have some American songs that are similar to his way of singing and really like these kinds and same applies with the bands I’ve mentioned!but its fine if you don’t like it since we all have our own preferences! :3

haha well it was like one of the best games I’ve played then and there was this one Asian game we all used to play called crazy arcade...its a really cute simple, yet addicting game we all used to play for a long period of time thats for sure teehee!and another one called insaniquarium, but this one you don’t really play it with other people so thats probably the only difference!but yeah I’ve heard of brother and his friends used to play it all the time and I would watch them play sometimes, but never experienced it for myself!ahh so I guess I’m 3 years older which isn’t too bad actually...its definitely better than like a 10 year gap haha!and yep and 1 year doesn’t really make a difference! :)

haha I can see why you like Su-won and he’s one of those types I like as well, but I would have liked him better if it weren’t for the part of him killing yona’s father even though I know that he has a legitimate reason for doing it...but I guess we’ll have to wait since we still don’t know yet of how yona’s father was such a bad person and the things he’s committed for him to turn out this way you know?and I can kinda see the anime it was amu x tadase and yeah it was really cute seeing them together...but I still definitely ship amu x ikuto together since I prefer the cool guys over the cute ones and it was cool to see that amu and ikuto ended up together in the manga I believe...and after a couple hints in the anime, I had a utau and kukai would end up getting together at some point if you haven’t noticed (you would find out in the manga if you haven’t either way teehee)!and right right it was chihiro!I must have gotten it mixed up with someone else, but yep remember now!back when I was a kid I would watch it in english dub the whole time, and it was recently when I would rewatch it I started watching it in sub!and dang girl you’re smart for getting over a 100 haha!majority of the AP classes I’ve taken were mostly all B’s or super high B’s, so never really had any areas where I got over 100 with 10 points for it… -_-

and thats good cause I definitely love shoujo just as much as you do!back then I used to think that shoujo and romance were kinda categorized together, but now shoujo is the one for me since it is a genre where they direct the audience towards girls so definitely lots of room for fangirlling teehee!and girl trust me...I was having a dilemma with tokyo ghoul as well cause people were saying how bloody it is, but I mean if you’re ok with just bodies cut out and not anything inside coming out and just splatter of blood basically similar to attack of’ll be fine cause I really wanted to watch it for the plot, but my biggest worries were the horror/gore portrayed through the anime which wasn’t as bad as I thought...haha and at this rate...thats definitely high there!I was thinking maybe we should either cut some parts of the topic we’re talking about off or hurry up and get through with that conversation quickly making it less and less...but instead of that I have a feeling we’re gonna have lot more things to talk about since we’re still getting to know each other!but probably the best solution would have to be something like replying one whole message in two answering the first half and when we have time, we answer the other half in another comment so we don’t have spend one massive amount of time replying to one message...but whichever way you want is good with me!since its summer for me...I can even take up a whole day just to reply to you since this is really fun for me right now teehee! X3

and sure I’m all up for any recommendations...the more the better especially when it fits my preference!haha yeah I check my mail sometimes and thats when it happens to perfectly time up with when the messages appear...but majority of the time I would just go on mal to my profile scrolling down to see if I got any new messages or not since thats the fastest way for me to check!and lol at least 7 hours is a lot better than like a year or so later so definitely do take your time girl!but it does make me a lot happier when I see someone reply right away to what I write, but number one thing take your time replying at your own pace!mal is the place to do whatever you want at whenever time! Xv

dang...I guess your situation is the same as me with my scenario of my car accident ya bad thing after the next, but I mean if it continues being exactly like mine...then pretty sure right after something good will happen over time and it’ll continue like that so I pray that it happens the same for you as it did for me!hopefully you’ll be able to make it up with your sister soon and there are always good things coming out of all those bad experiences so don’t feel completely down about it!I’ll always be there to cheer for you from now on so hwaiting (its kinda like a korean cheering saying that you can do it!)! XD

and yes I have although it was a long time ago...but it was a pretty cute anime, but I was definitely expecting romance out of this...but I guess it didn’t have much so that kinda disappointed me, but it was still pretty good overall!I like the relationship between alice and was it natsume?and if you’re asking about this...I’m assuming you like these kinda maybe I’ll recommend you some beforehand before sending you a whole list of them teehee!I was just looking through the recommendation list through gakuen alice of the ones I’ve watched...and I watched kodoma no omocha somewhere around last year and it was good for something made back then and did have romance of course along with lots of drama (a lot more than gakuen alice) so I would try this even though its pretty long and I guess if you want some of the shorter ones...I guess fruits basket kinda fits with this where the relationship between the characters of both animes are similar and I was expecting for both of them, but no signs of them...well yes, but only like a glimpse of it….definitely recommend the manga for fruits basket (soooo much more romance!!!).well I’ll just assign these two for now since theres no way you’ll be able to get through more than this by the next time you reply to me teehee!but I’ll send you of the list of certain animes within the genres you listed!but can you just tell me what genre you’re in the mood right now so I can get through those first and I’ll send the rest later whenever you’re up for some more? O.o

and yes I have noticed that my messages are getting longer and longer for sure, and I apologize for that if its too much of a hassle to read!just tell me if I’m writing too much and I’ll try to shorten it as much as possible or Imma just have to suggest before where I would reply your message within two responses!and btw...when does your school end?hearing from this response...guessing you’re still in school? :O
babyblue999 May 31, 2015 9:49 PM
haha yeah i actually wasn't expecting to reply back to you until i got back from the beach trip, but surprisingly we have lots of break time in between and theres nothing better for me to do other than to take a nap...figured i should do something more productive and plus i really enjoying talking with you!and i probably will tell you this beforehand that ill probably write this our of order from how you write it since i actually read all this last night and was planning to reply right away, but i share rooms with other people and didn't want to constantly bother them with my typing so writing to you now teehee! :3

but yeah...we have like this tradition every year...its called muramit...kinda forgot what it stood for, but its like some combination between musical, drama, and theme or something...but anyways, thats like normally the main event of our church and we would normally choose like a certain category or whatever like disney which we're doing and we would make like a parody choosing songs and making up our own story depending on the theme and the props we use and whichever team performs those categories the best then the more points we'll for me team we got aladdin and genre is comedy based on this one little verse from the bible about the proticle son (sorry don't know how to spell it...)...and then we would gather into like 3 or more different teams depending on how many people there are and we would be in those group the entire trip. since we're still a church we would have like couple services throughout the day, but afterwards we would have activities planned by the leaders at the beach...yesterday we were doing a relay race where its like a competition game of a marathon and it was very interesting cause in the middle of the game...theres like random people who wanted to join us and believe me...they were just entering like a battlefield where no one wanted to participate, but i guess they looked pretty strong and buff...they had no problems at all! XD

but throughout the weekend we would have free time and eat or enjoy mother nature...and in between we would have mandatory practice times for our muramits and i guess ours is going pretty well i guess....someone had like a total plot twist in the story for aladdin, but ill let you know about the details later!and later on at the beach...we'll be doing a scavenger hunt where we have to find something or do something and have it all caught in a picture on our phones and later during the night, we would have judges judging which ones are most creative and unique or whatever and thats how we'll earn our points!and btw...we all have to do our best cause our church is known for punishments at the the first place will be let off while the last two teams have to go through some severe punishments which we have yet to know so gotta do our best... -_-

yeah im one of those people who feel bad if i have to decline a friend request, but its reasonable since whats the point in being friends when we won't be talking at all or if we don't have any same interests in animes or anything else...but thats why i give them a chance where i sent majority of them a message about how we should introduce ourselves a little bit before becoming friends...although most of them haven't replied back, it'll still take time since thats what mal is all about!lol well you can most definitely take your time in writing your about yourself post...i think for me it took quite awhile to write that down since it'll be read from people in public for those who are interested...i actually wasn't going to write one at first, but i was checking out a couple profiles when i first started and i realized that many of them wrote something about themselves so it'll bring an idea to be friends with that person or not so i thought i should give it a try and i guess it did bring some people in! :)

ahh ok yeah i feel you!but nahh im pretty sure everyone who talked to you here wouldn't feel that way cause at least for enjoying it lots so i would be honored to keep getting replies from you!and i mean for me i normally would reply back the moment i see a new message when im on mal since not many people reply to me...or at least not many at the same time...well i guess there was this one time where three people did reply back to me and it did take me awhile, but it was really enjoyable for me to do it since i don't get many back so ill welcome your messages anytime!aww im soo flattered!im normally ok with people taking their time replying to me and thats how i would get a reply back like a month later and i would have to go back through our conversations about what i said and everything haha...i guess thats why im extremely happy that the moment i go back on mal i get a reply right away so really grateful for that!lol if it gives you brings me like happiness and joy!but yeah theres not much to do on facebook other than seeing what other people post about their daily lives, but im more interested in anime and manga so i go on here more! CX

you know how like the first generation is like one series or whatever and diamond and pearl is another series?well it applies the same where black and white is its one series while XY is another series of itself so it has a lot more new pokemon teehee!but i mean its interesting...i guess out of all the girl main characters...the main girl in XY is probably the prettiest one i met so it was pretty nice!and yeah thats true, but it still adds like some sort of continuation of a plot for ash and pikachu if you ask me!and you probably don't know about it, but apparently even though theres all those pokemon series being aired thouhout...ash is still the age of 10 which is surprising, but unexpected at the same time since it looks like he hasn't grown at all haha!for me...i never watched the actual series of sailor moon it was more of the movies, but they aired like a new remake or something and its still airing right now and thats the one im watching and the guy is a lot better looking in there!haha trust'll probably won't finish even if you were given like 100 years of free time cause thats just how much recommendations i have for you...and even if you happen to finish the animes...theres still like mangas and even korean dramas etc etc! :3

yeah for one piece there were good changes and some i wished that had remained the same!ill agree that nami is like super gorgeous and robin got a lot fancier herself!but ones like chopper...i liked his old outfit and his old transformations looked a lot cooler, but not saying hes bad right now...just thought it would be a lot better with his older one, but i guess they all still have to change at some point so might as well do it then teehee!and omg zoro and luffy got a lot more kakui!and im guessing you're all caught up and i had a feeling that sabo didn't die from that accident when they were little kids...oh goodness you have no idea how much i cried from the death of ace....i thought one piece was like literally no more the moment he was gone, but it was still nice to see luffy move on from that harsh incident..on top of that he got sooo much more stronger!yeah it still probably wouldn't be for awhile since they're all planning to remove doflamingo and everything and also with that game to kill all the star rated people! :)

yeah thats so true, but i mean you gotta have some sort of free time to cram in some anime or manga...but its definitely true imma have a lot less time to spend time watching anime here and there, but it'll still never change my love for it teehee!and exempting finals...theres like this privilege only for seniors at our school where if you get an A average in first semester you get to exempt all of them second semester as long as you're not failing any classes...but if you don't, you still have a chance where as long as you have an A in your class you get to exempt that final for that class for second semester which i thought was pretty cool so i didn't have to go to school for majority of the days while people like my brother whose a sophomore had to go to school and take all those felt so nice sleeping in till like the afternoon while he had to go take his finals forcefully...oh yeah i heard about it not having a second season, yet its so good they should have it due to the manga being so good and everything! :D

omg if you never heard of kim jong kook thenn i really suggest his songs cause they're super good!if you're into ballad songs then i really suggest him!well 20 is like a small amount...i probably have around like 50-80 or something...ohh which reminds me do you happen to know about mydramalist?its like mal, but for asian dramas!if you're interested you should totally make one and we can talk there about dramas if you want!if not we can just talk here which i totally don't mind since i go on more here anyways!and 2pm is one of those cool boy band groups and they're all good looking and cn blue is like a band group where they sing with instruments which is what gives them charisma! :D

i think thats me as one of those emotional types where i can feel the impact just by even the littlest things other people say to me...but i mean i get over it pretty quick so its not so bad! :P

yeah im full korean in blood i guess and same goes for my parents...they were born in korean and they met each other right when they both came to america!and its fine i have a bad of explaining things so its understandable!and thats really cool!actually i have couple friends over there i met when i used to play this one game long time ago called maplestory....have you ever heard of that game?it was like my childhood game and thats when i was able to meet lots of new people just like mal and get to know them about their real life stuff and become friends with them on facebook or something....but these days i guess we're so busy we don't really talk much anymore oh well thats part of life you know...and wow thats really cool!so are you a rising sophomore or junior?cause my brother is a rising junior this year and y'all would be the same age if thats the case!lol at least you can read them...i can't read or write them at all...just understanding basic conversation and speaking couple phrases is the most i can do! :P

i can kinda see that i understand that su-won had to do what hes gotta do, but you know its still sad and unforgivable in a way since they did all grow up together...but at the same time he probably had to hold that grudge for all these years so i can kinda see that as well...but still i guess just the order he took kinda got off of me...but hak is definitely my guy so im all for him!i guess for su-won...he kinda chose to make the country a better place than to keep his relationship between yona and hak you know...and actually i don't think i read the full details about yona being kidnapped....probably gonna have to go back to reading that...and yeah i was referring to akagami no shirayuki-hime since it doesn't even have like 92 chapters hahaa! XD

yeah thats actually a lot of likes for anything like anime or manga related or whatever...but im pretty sure imma already love it cause spirited away was so good and i kinda really liked the relationship between the dragon and the girl!if i was haku and chizuru... :3

haha maybe not too much though or our faces are gonna turn white instead of like yellow yeah i got you girl!i will probably sound more of a stalker than you the longer our conversation goes! :)

wow that's definitely a lot of genres you like there!but at least for sure i'm glad that you like shoujo since that probably covers all of my favorite genres so it'll probably be most favorable out of like everything....well shounen is just as great, but shoujo gives me more of those satisfying goosebumps...!but yeah overall i'm most likely ok with anything either other than horror or gore...well there's a certain level i can handle of course, but for the majority it's not my thing....if you watched attack on titan or tokyo ghoul....that's probably among ghetto highest i can somewhat handle....its maybe cause ive never gone beyond that...but definitely the moment I'm all finished settling down from ghetto beach then i will definitely get started in making a whole list for you!it might take awhile since i normally analyze someone's list before so they won't waste their time saying how they already watched it and if gives me an idea of what kinds of animes they like as well...anyways ill do my best in sending it asap!if you're looking for one right must must go through all the ones ive listed in under my favorites cause I go all fangirl for all of those! <3 <3 <3

Awww that's so cute alicia how you keep track of when you read and posted it!makes me appreciate our times a lot more now!you're probably the first on mal to be this eager about my messages teehee!speaking of that...really sorry cause i actually has for save this on google docs beforehand since i couldn't finish replying to you (when i copied pasted...i was already writing over 3 pages which surprised me how much i wrote...)!we have like time limits like i said before or we would have point deductions if we are late even for a second so all the earlier stuff before the last 3-4 paragraphs....those were all written in the morning like how i replied yesterday!but forgive would be really frustrating having to x out what i wrote and start everything over again and believe me it's happened more than once to me before and it wasn't fun one bit to rewrite what i had thought exactly before... -_-
babyblue999 May 30, 2015 7:41 AM
hey alicia!i just happen to find out that we get to have quite some breaks in between and i brought my laptop with me so ill try to reply back asap here whenever i get the time!we actually happen to have to be on time on schedule since we're on teams during the event and if we want to win...we have to not be late for anything so we don't lose any points, but ill try to reply back as much as possible since i don't want to keep you too waiting! :P

but yep i read this last night, but normally even right like holding onto like 5 friend requests...its kinda annoying though since i would have that 5 new notifications in a different color on top of the tabs the whole time...what i try to do though is message them and let them know that we should chat for a bit to see if we have similar interests or not and we would go from there whether we continue, but i guess a majority of them won't reply back so maybe thats why i would still have them on hold even by the same time though imma probably have to delete some of those where we would have like a low percent compatibility and i see that they rate the anime/manga low for the ones i like so thats normally how i decide things!haha well i'm glad that there are still people who actually care to spend their time reading my about myself post teehee and definitely flattered for that!i might have to change some things in there when i get back since im no longer in high school now haha!but maybe if you could start writing one yourself and i could get the chance to know anything more about yourself, but of course we can always continue to chat here and we'll know more things about each other along the way! :D

yeah i know how you feel!idk it just doesn't satisfy me when i brought multiple paragraphs to the point you don't know how many there are and you see the other party just replying within one short paragraph...i mean as long as you replied to everything i say...doesn't really matter about the length, but theres some who don't even get to all them and i feel like i was just blabbering about all the other stuff!but since we're in the same boat...we should go all out in everything we say cause i actually enjoy the long responses you give me!on top of gets me hyped up cause you're among the few who would give me just the amount i write teehee and really grateful for that!and don't worry about writing it back late to me since im fine with waiting as long as you reply back to me at some point!i definitely understand that we're busy and we don't got 24/7 to be here all the time, but at least for long as im not on a here most of the least more than social medias like facebook! :3

pokemon is like one of my childhood favorites and it still actually trying out the need season have you heard of XY?although i feel like every new season...the pokemons just get uglier and uglier which makes me want to rewatch all the old ones since there were a lot more cuter ones!but definitely recommend the first season and the next two or so and the movies if you like the first three series!the art for sailor moon wasn't horrible for me and i guess because i was a kid...i thought they were really cool and pretty that i just had to get all the movies in the old days and i believe i still have them in my basement untouched haha!since of course you can watch everything online these days so no need to!oh yeah its true they do repeat it a lot in terms of pulling out the cards and fight to obtain more cards, but it should be like similar to shugo chara if you liked that one and the plot itself is pretty good since i honestly thought it had more romance in CCS than SC...but no doubt they're both super duper kawaii! <3

haha yeah after watching one long as i hear that the plot is good im good with the art since i absolutely love one piece art now and the new change up isn't bad either!which reminds me...are you all caught up with both one piece and fairy tail right now?cause i would love to talk about theses two with you if you have!im not completely caught up with the manga...probably same like 4-5 chapters behind and several episodes, but by the time im back from the beach trip...ill be ready to catch up with all of them! :D

but even so...she's among the few who still replies even though it takes awhile which im totally ok with since its better than not getting a reply....theres some i realize that they don't get on mal anymore so i guess thats the end of the story there!but that'll probably never happen to me since i have anime/manga and probably will never get bored of it till the day i get to my deathbed haha!and i graduated last friday and during that week was my last week of school, but i didn't go for majority of the days since i got to exempt most of my finals and one of those days it was like a senior field day where we get to form groups and compete with other senior groups with the games they provide for us!and thats really cool!what state in the US do you guys live in?i was born in california and lived there half my life and i spent my other half in georgia right now!haha yes thats exactly how i am...i was suppose to start this shounen anime called hunter x hunter since like december, but look at my still pushing it back, but im definitely gonna be watching it in the summer so no more delays! :)

i used to be obsessed with k-dramas since thats all my parents did back in the old days, but then it went to animes and you know it went back and forth depending on how good they are!and thats good since k-pop is slowly spreading even more worldwide so ill be able to talk to many people about it, but im not really obsessed with it since i don't listen much of it anymore...but still like it!and thats really cool so its majority of new groups comparing to the super old ones like dbsk and super junior!havae you heard of kim jong kook?he's not a band group or anything, but he was my favorite singer since i was a kid cause my parents really liked his songs and thats i came to love him!he's also in this korean variety show called running man!if you haven't heard of it....definitely recommend you to watch it cause theres not a single moment where you won't laugh to the point you'll sore your smile!and some of the ones i like are probably cn blue and 2pm!they have pretty good songs if you ask me...and i guess these days...exo and shinee are the big talk of town, but they're ehh for me... :L

haha so you're like one of those types who gets very emotional huh?well not a fob...more like korean american aka abcs (american born children). I was born in the US, but my parents are korean who were born in korea so makes us korean, but americanized!ohh i think i've seen some people like your neighbor and they're pretty good looking!at least among the people i've it would be like a total coincidence if y'all were like the born at the same time then you would have to celebrate birthdays together every year!and may i ask how old you are!there are many ways i could address you in korean depending on whether you're younger or older...and omg thats like super kakaui!so you're like trilingual then?for me...i know korean, english, and spanish, but only because i learned spanish at school...however im not fluent in it teehee, but i know something than nothing!and since ive been watching so many able to say some phrases and understand basic conversations now so im actually learning stuff along the way haha!but thats really cool....i would have never guessed that you lived in south america! CX

OMG seriously we should hold petitions to hurry up and get it into an anime!especially when they're slowly progressing yona and hak's romance relationship teeheehee...btw are you for hak or su-won?im like all out with hak for sure like literally hes super kakui in everything he does and everything he risks for is something for me to die for haha!and i guess among the 4 dragons...i would have to go for shinha!he's so adorable and his personality so pure!and ao the squirrel is soo kawaii!and thats good to hear...imma catch up with it sooner or later anyways and they're like in a middle of a battle or something so not much waiting for their romance chapters!hopefully they'll add in even more along the way!lol i probably asked too soon about who you'd choose, but you'll have to choose at some point haha!lol alicia...kinda figured you weren't too far, but if you're around chapter 20 then thats when all the good stuff come or i think its around chapter 10ish... O.o

wow thats pretty a lot!and i looked at the website real quick to see how long it was and i thought it was literally that length, but turns out theres like what?around 26 chapters or something, but thats really cool!i've heard of fanfics, but never read one before...i was thinking about reading it, but i have a feeling its better to read it all at once once im back from the beach trip since i focus a lot better that way!i mean im pretty sure imma already love it if that person is a fan of spirited away you know! :D

haha yeah i learned my lesson the hard way...i've never gotten a sun burn before until last year where i didn't wear a hat so i got like a red spot on my head and it turns out i forgot to bring a hat this year so don't know what imma do...probably gonna have to wrap a towel around my head haha!or maybe i could just rub a large amount of sunblock on my head making my hair white that'll be a sight to see for sure!haha but just wanted to let you know beforehand that im purposely not like replying back to you for a whole week or so, but because i don't have the time...but now that i now that we get like 2 hour breaks in between ill try to reply whenever i can! :)

oh and btw...whats your favorite genres?i was gonna help introduce you to some when you tell particularly like pro in the area for C.A.R (comedy, action, romance) so if you also like these genres...then we definitely have a lot in common!and i feel like you're a shoujo type so romance is probably among your favorites! :3
Axelucard May 30, 2015 5:37 AM
well i study japanese so i don't really mind the subs i just disable them or just watch raw but mostly i watch with subs even though i don't read them that much i don't know i'm just lazy