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Mar 31, 2019
How do you imagine your ideal relationship? Possibly good communication, reassurance, affection, and making happy memories together? Mairimashita Senpai checks all of those. This manga has one of the best, strong, and healthy relationships I've seen in a manga or anime.

The story is fast-paced compared to many other romances. The two characters get together right from chapter 1. Usually, there's the "chase" or a confession many chapters later. But this manga is like, "You wrote cute song lyrics on my desk, I like you, so let's date" within a day. The story focuses on their relationship and how they handle different situations like Valentine's Day, read more
Nov 18, 2010
What I kept thinking is that this manga is a perfect shoujo manga due to its romance. It weirded me out at first but you learn to deal with it after the first 5 chapters, when you just can't seem to stop reading^^

Story- 8/10
Don't be fooled by the synopsis. The gender bender isn't really the main plot in this. It's sis x bro love just to warn you. Actually I think the plot would have been no different without the gender bending involved but don't get me wrong, it's still a good essence to the story; all the more reasons to why he loves her.
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