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Days: 71.3
Mean Score: 7.50
  • Total Entries315
  • Rewatched30
  • Episodes4,128
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Watching 20/25 · Scored 7
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 8
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Watching 31/39 · Scored 10
Manga Stats
Days: 14.0
Mean Score: 6.63
  • Total Entries54
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,527
  • Volumes254
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
May 10, 1:55 AM
Reading 147/? · Scored 10
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid
Apr 23, 9:53 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Tenkuu Shinpan
Tenkuu Shinpan
Apr 16, 12:11 PM
Reading 89/? · Scored 7


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Botato May 18, 11:04 AM
I didn't read the manga, no. I did read some chapters following the ending of S1 (which at the time I haven't actually seen, I just knew the general plot thanks to unchecked spoilers on fb of all places), but at some point I just started reading summaries when I didn't feel like reading a full chapter.
For this season, I think it's great. The anime has been on a roll since S2. All the good moments were made better thanks to the visuals, music and great direction. Anyone who was familiar with the manga would agree, I think. It's what I wish most studios would take as an example when doing adaptations.

I'm not sure what you're referring to, lol. My memory is failing me today. Like I said though, S1 is superior visually. A downgrade IS noticeable, it just isn't the trash people make it out to be; it's bad relative to S1, but it's about average or even above average compared to anime in general. You're not missing much by skipping, honestly, so yeah.

Pretty much. Man there are still things on mine from like, 2011 or 2012; before I even signed up on MAL.

I know that feel bro. It's a phase, I think. Occasionally I get in an anime mood and marathon anywhere between 3-10 shows in about a month or less, only to get burned out and slow down again to 1-3 every 3 months.
Botato May 11, 11:18 AM
Yeah well, the usual rule of thumb is to lurk sub-forums of what's popular in a given season.
Yes it is. In some cases it is non-existent even. But like I said the art quality is good, and I think they did a good job making the still images look good and even compensated for lack of fluidity with the way they cut between frames. So far it seems to be more of the same; more heroes, more monsters, etc. One of the new characters might make things interesting but I haven't read the manga so iunno.

Yeeeeeah... Although I will say thinning down my ptw felt good for some reason haha.

No worries, lol. That's what I do too mostly. There just isn't much I want to talk about these days so I don't visit the forums too often.
Botato May 7, 3:47 AM
The fun is in not reducing your lifespan or brain cell count. Also I don't think anyone claims Kirito is best mc, that's a common misrepresentation of SAO fans.
Eh, nah pass. I liked the comedy and the fight scenes were great in S1. S2 has the comedy, but sadly the animation isn't exactly up to par. The art looks good overall so it's not a complete disaster visually, but anyway. If you weren't fond of S1 I can't imagine you'd enjoy S2 in any capacity.

Rofl. Yeah well, pretty much my PTW/PTR lists. I actually even ended up removing a bunch of stuff from my PTR list specifically a couple months ago. Years just pass by and I make no progress so I decided to completely drop the idea of reading certain titles. All of them were LNs, I don't remember if I deleted some manga titles but anyway.

Oi, are you dissing my boy Late Reply? He's pretty cool, I'll have you know!
Botato Apr 26, 9:56 AM
Of course, haha. I really miss posting in a friendly sub-forum. These days the things I watch are either shitty adaptations of things I like so if I go to threads I'mma just be a salty sourcefag, or overhyped stuff which means shitstorms.
Speaking of overhyped stuff, are you watching OPM 2 this season? What do you think so far?

Well this is where the analogy falls apart XD
Like yeah I'd store it for later but by the time I get around to eating it I received 5 other cakes as well. Now, obviously the smart thing to do would be to store those for later yet again. That's precisely what I'm doing, I'm a smart man I'll have you know, and thus you know the true story behind my backlog. I had too much cake.

Thank you!
And... Yeah pretty much. Oh well.
Botato Apr 20, 9:34 AM
There doesn't seem to be any official source cited in that article tho...
I want a 3rd season so they can fix the abrupt ending, but it's not gonna happen.

Nah my point is, why buy 2 cakes when you can only eat 1. Sure the second one would taste great if you picked correctly, but you can't eat it anyway so who cares.

Life's weird. Lots of stuff not happening.
Basically I graduated and now looking for a job.
Botato Apr 16, 11:49 AM
Pretty sure there is no S3, someone just added it and the mods never got around to nuking it. I tried looking for any official sources for an announcement, nothing. If you happened to come across, do share, having no confirmation is too much for my little heart.

Ah well, I'll try nyaa next time I'm in a LN mood. I do remember getting the first 4-5 volumes off of a random forum when the anime was still new though. Won't start until I know for a fact I can find future volumes though; it would suck if I started and then had to stop mid-way through the story.

I feel like we've talked about this before so I'm getting weird deja vu here. But anyway yeah that's a great way to live. I go the extra mile by not picking up things I have the slightest feeling they will bore me at some point. It means I miss out on very rare gems but honestly considering I'm rarely in an anime mood lately that doesn't matter. As long as I get a decent couple episodes every week I'm good, no point in watching everything I will enjoy. If anime was my only hobby then sure, it could work. But I also read manga, LNs sometimes, and although very rarely just random books. Not to mention video games and yt videos etc, there's just a lot to do in my free time it's impossible to do everything.

Oh I will. Like World of Colors and Dororo, it's on my radar. I will watch them, eventually, just now isn't the right time I think :joy:
You'd be surprised at how much I felt Hibike Euphonium S2 improved over S1 just because I was in a better mood when watching it.
Botato Apr 15, 2:13 AM
Ah Sidonia, brings back a lot of memories. Some painful ones too. Truly a bullied child, that series.

Is there an active fan translation for NGNL or are you buying the official translation? I kind of wanted to read it after S1 ended but there wasn't much material and it was hard to find. I might dig into it at some point because we are never going to get S2 rip.
In terms of gaming yeah they've been great, heh.

Well at least you haven't burned out yet. I sort of don't feel like keeping up with seasonals this spring, luckily from what's airing I'm only interested in AoT and OPM, they're not much and they're sequels to things I like so should be easy. I wanna try that Kimetsu no Yaiba too but kinda wanna read the manga first.
Sounds to me like you read the Kaguya manga, lol. How is it? Did you read anything else?
Botato Apr 13, 3:33 AM
Oh no there are still people, they're just more spread out. People watch more things in general now every season, so unless there's something like ReZero or Steins;Gate or the like, you will see less activity on individual series. But overall I'd say it's the same, even when MAL went down for like 3 months straight people still came back anyway. The less toxic bs the better imo, so less 10/10 vs 1/10 is a good thing.

Ah, those buggers are a pain. Hit me up if you find a reasonable solution, I'm kinda out of ideas.

Not much, really, haha. But I skimmed through our last conversation and wow, things have really changed. First off I am now up to date with the Index novels, read every single volume of it, the sequel new testament AND all official parodies/side stories. S3 was shit btw.
I also got a good chuckle out of my giving up on anything new Mega Man, literally 1 month or less after that conversation MM11 was announced and things are actually looking good for a change.

What about you? Anything exciting besides 8 legged abominations?
Botato Apr 12, 10:08 AM
Would have been in the 50,000s by now if not for Skype and later Discord taking over most of my conversations with people. Also I may or may not have given up on episode discussion threads on MAL entirely.
But anyway, 20k is nothing if you have places you hang out at regularly here.

Indeed. About a year and a half, in fact. How have you been? No more problems with man eating spiders I hope?
Charlotte1412 Mar 15, 8:56 PM

Gin-senpaiii Mar 13, 5:46 PM

Inorichi Mar 20, 2018 12:15 PM
It was a good mecha that wasn't Gundam for once, interesting plot, waifu character, + your op mc. xd
Botato Nov 20, 2017 2:23 AM
Sounds good enough XD

Wait you are confusing FZ and FSN characters. They are not parallel timeline, FSN happens after FZ. FSN is the one with different timelines, the characters remain the same across all three routes it's just different ones get different focus in different routes. As for other Fate titles (aka not Zero or Stay Night), they deviate from much earlier in the timeline, and have nothing to do with the original FSN and FZ outside of sharing the setting/universe, so it's not unthinkable to have different characters.

I think it has to do with how the studio started. Tl;dr they were a small unknown studio that wanted to make their own game but couldn't, ended up working for other bigger companies and were driven to bankruptcy thanks to shitty decisions from the top suits. Before they were about to shut down they went "fuck it, let's just go with a f2p model" because they really wanted to make their own game. This passion project succeeded and far surpassed their expectations. It's amusing when they talk about how publishers told them to fuck off because they doubted they could come up with new ideas for Warframes, that was when they had only 4 or 5, now they are over 30 and ideas are still coming. It's like an indie group hitting a gold mine but still retain some of that indie spirit.

Ohhh okay. Was thinking it was something like DotA 2 or CSGO. I'm not one to talk because I barely played but drop rates in them seemed way too low.

Hahahaha. Noted :D
Botato Nov 7, 2017 1:16 AM
Oh. Lol. I don't think that counts o.o
That was in the prologue scene I think introducing the world and the fame of the 7 legendary sins.
But yeah wait for S2 XD

I'm not sure I fully understand, but the routes in FSN depend on each other and do have an order, even if technically they are parallel chronologically. So I guess this is why you end up with massive differences between routes. Also if the S;G anime is anything to go by, it seems when Okabe hops to another timeline he isn't aware of the changes until he actually experiences them, meanwhile in FSN you go through all the little details so the differences are more pronounced.

True dat. Despite everything I am glad to be part of certain fandoms :D
Mfw you made it to Mario Party 4. I did not make it past the first one with my friends :feelsbadman:

Yeah you should have seen the Devs talk about how the process went. Apparently at some point when one of the community managers volunteered to wear the electronic suit thingy and record dance moves, the creative director went "wait, we're actually doing this?" Visual director was like "guess we are." XD
I mean, what's to hate about a space ninja iron man suit that brings about destruction using music? Nothing right? Thought so :p
Never played Ninja Gaiden, as such I can only make lower tier references haha.

Ohhh I see. Hmm, while it sounds good on paper I've never really cared about trading crates in games that have them. Mostly because I end up being not that active so I don't get much to begin with. I am currently occupied with a bunch of things, but I'll keep it in mind for whenever I get bored of the things I'm doing atm.

Well, that's that XD
Interesting bit of info about Samurais and Archery, the more you know.
And yeah you need to pump out some salt from time to time, holding it in will only destroy your body from the inside.
Botato Oct 22, 2017 3:38 AM
Wait wut. I know he was in a recent OVA that adapted some side chapters, which I haven't seen yet, but pretty sure he wasn't anywhere in the main series' 24 episodes. I will check the openings to make sure o.o
Graphic as in more gore? No I don't think so. I think the anime was rather faithful in that area, didn't hesitate to show blood or limbs getting cut off etc. Again the anime was more or less faithful so imo the only reasons anyone should read the manga are 1) to get any details the anime might have missed and 2) The art in the manga is nice. Also if you are impatient and want to know more of the story without waiting for S2 :D

Yes that is more or less correct. Iirc you read Steins;Gate right? It has different routes which are basically different stories in parallel timelines, that's basically FSN too. Now technically Heaven's Feel can only be unlocked after you finish UBW, so I guess that's what you should watch, but you've already seen it so really go ahead and watch the movies.

Ah. I actually haven't played 7-10 from the classic series XD
I'm a terrible fan, but I like to think I'm a hardocre fan so slowly trying to play everything, at least the main games. I am taking my sweet time though because if I play everything, then I won't have anymore Megaman to look forward to. Thanks, Megaman fanbase you evil bastards ;__;
Metal Slug is an awesome meme game from before memes were cool. I remember fighting with my cousins over who gets the power ups XD
Not quite as destructive as Mario Party, however.

Ah, that I agree with 10000%
I remember spending like a month trying to get this part I wanted with friends, but RNG bullshit screwed us over every time. The grind was real. On the bright side they've added new systems that are more rewarding, you still get screwed by RNG bullshit occasionally but it's never as bad as it was.
Bows are bloody awesome, I have a nice collection each with a different special stat. High crit, instant charge, poison clouds, hell even one that shoots explosive arrows that reminds me of Archer's Caladbolg II from UBW. Bows are :ok_hand: <--- Discord emojis XD
Anyway, this 40 second video basically sums up Warframe currently:
I currently don't have many people to team up with, but will definitely get it at some point. It's also worth noting I haven't been in an fps mood lately, CSGO is gathering dust in my Steam library.

Sorry for the rant XD