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May 31, 2019
I only make reviews when I get super glad or super mad about an anime. In this case, I got real mad.

Please take notes that I talk about stuff that are spoilers for those who didn't saw the entire anime.

Blue Exorcist had a GIGANTIC potential to be a super fucking mega shounen series (like Bleach and Naruto and all that shit)... if only the story had been better developed!!!!!!

They made all the plot available in the manga at the time into a 25 episodes anime when it had enough for like, 5 seasons, not kidding:
- Season 1: History of the characters; basic explanation of supernatural read more
Nov 16, 2017
I love everything about this anime. It is probably one of the most interesting, innovative and well-made shoujos I have ever seen in my life. I was anxious to be able to watch it and now I feel that all my expectations are being fulfilled very well. And I'm still being surprised.

Art (10)
The first thing I wanted to mention about it, is the beauty of the drawing and the color palette. The colors are mostly very soft, pastel tones, giving a more innocent and pure connotation for the protagonist characters. The antagonists, in turn, always receive stronger colors - I found this quite interesting. read more
Nov 16, 2017
I almost went into labor when I knew that Natsume Yuujinchou got a new season. And ooommmggg, it were four long years of waiting, goddammit! I thought they had canceled the animation projects, but then this came out and I became extremely happy to continue watching the adaptation of one of the best Shoujo manga (if not THE best) that exists in the manga market. Geez, I don't know if I'm able to tell in this review how much excited and sincerely pleased I'm right now. Finally!

Story: The plot goes on telling about a high school boy who can see and communicate with spirits (actually read more
Nov 14, 2017
Writing a review for the second season of Hibike was not an easy task to do. Maybe because I'm a musician, this get even more emotional and hard to express in words. But all I can feel for this anime is love. I have the most deep and fond love for this whole story. So, please, don't expect a totally unbiased review, I really can't talk about it without showing how awesome for a musician is to see a music genre anime like that and not talk about it with passion and even excuse some minor failures. Specially because here I'm talking more as musician read more
Nov 14, 2017
This was a fine story destroyed by fanservice. And I'm here writing this only cuz I'm f* tired of it.

Ok, I get it. Dudes were trying to show all the aspects of a japanese animation, but they felt on the most ridiculous points of cliché and "chuunibyou" syndrome ever...

First of all, If the anime is not gendered as ecchi, PLEASE DON'T PUT ECCHI SCENES ON IT! Jesus christ mary and joseph! I'm sick and tired of this shit everywhere. It's really frustrating trying to watch a quality anime and see it falling into the roughest possible traps. I felt like I was watching a read more
Nov 12, 2016
Talking about Chika Umino's work is hard because her writing is something that always hits me very strongly. The way she describes mental illness, anxiety and youth problems is something absolutely touching and sometimes agonizing because, at least for me, is really relatable. Honey & Clover is my all time favorite manga, but this time, 3-gatsu animation is somehow a different kind of Chika's work. Relief happens less often and the excruciating feeling of drowning in negative feelings is more constant. Episode six was hard to watch non-stop. Maybe because now it's a story mainly about sadness, loneliness and depression. And that is actually something read more
May 23, 2016
*This review contains minor spoilers*

Kuma Miko is a very cute anime. I quite enjoyed watching so far, but there are some reasons I couldn't feel but disappointment... And I'm just writing about this so people who feel the same towards the situation on this anime can already know about it.

Art is amazing, trully outstanding. High quality animation, for real. I really loved the traits, the expressions, the background scenario, everything. I didn't had anything to criticize here, also because this special way to draw characters and animals are kinda my favorite ever.

Sound is great, the endings and openings are cute as well, relaxing musics, pretty read more
Sep 26, 2015
Zoku Hoshi Mamoru Inu or The Other Star Protecting Dog is a really warming manga which is the sequel to Star Protecting Dog or Hoshi Mamoru Inu.

It tells the story of the Happy's brother from the first manga. This time, into two independent and touching stories, you are able to know how much a little dog can change people's lives. In the first story we have a bitter old lady who finds a very sick and abandoned puppy in a cardboard box and decides to look after him - and eventually she starts learning to find the strength to keep going on life and to read more
Sep 21, 2015
I was waiting the whole entire series just to hear Suguru's voice ): "he doesn't speak much and has very little presence" no shit sir, he doesn't speak at all! Damn it!

Jokes aside, I loved to see this reprise of the series, which is one of my favorite slice of life of all times. The characters are still lovely and cuddly as ever! You just feel like you've reached nirvana while you watch this anime. I seriously would love to move to a small city being again just a child with a simple and fun life as theirs.

Some minimal details that I've missed in this read more
Sep 11, 2015
So... Nobody wrote a review for Million Doll yet? That's a huge responsibility for me, hahaha. I'm sorry, but this time I'm a bit disappointed and I don't know how to explain that well, but anyway, here we go.

I do not usually make reviews about anime that I didn't identify myself, but I made an exception this time, because... Ohhh, gosh... Such a boredom... But I struggled to keep up watching the series so far because I do not like to criticize without having access to it's entire content and, for real, Million Doll had potential to be an "all cute anime", but it's just... read more