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Dec 11, 2013
Bimbougami ga! Is a story abou Sakura Ichiko , a girl with an excessive amount of Luck is being hunted by Momiji, the god of misfortune. Momiji's mission was to take all the excessive Luck of Ichiko because she have this ability of draining the luck of the people around her and adding it to her own, thus the battle between the two started coz Ichiko doesn't want to give up her luck. I'm in Momiji's side all thru the series, because of Ichiko's attitude and personality which I hate the most out of her.
My expectation is high in this anime, read more
Dec 11, 2013
Do you love stars? if yes, then this anime is for you...Just finished re-watching this anime, my mp3 player played the OP song "super Noisy Nova" by Sphere that's why i decided to re-watch it. I love the songs of the group Sphere, good OP songs can sometimes attract viewers, well that always happen to me :D
This is about Ooyagi Saku, a boy who's re-united with his childhood friend who loves stargazing named Akeno Mihoshi. This anime focus around the activities of the astronomy club where Ooyagi was forced to join because of its low member count. There's a little comedy and school romance too, read more
Dec 9, 2013
Tanks, one of my favorite toy during childhood and i always dreamed of riding one of those. I dont have much knowledge about tank except that tanks are soo cool.

the story is about Cute Girls driving tanks. the story starts with a girl named Nishizumi Miho, which is from a family famous for Tankwando, she transfered to a different school that don't have tankwando for some reason and to avoid from participating in it. But alas, the student council re-established the school's tankwando and Misho was forced to participate in it.
the story is really enganging from start to finish. I really loved the tank battles read more
Aug 27, 2010
This is the first anime that I watched that was written by Mitsuru Adachi. I love baseball anime so I give this one a chance, I never thought that I'll love it so much~ :D Just finished re-watching it for the third time.

Honestly, i was blown away by the first episode, what a very strong start for an anime. It was all unexpected, Just the first episode and it already made me cry... The story was about the cat and dog relationship of Kou and Aoba. Adachi-sensei used his usual pattern of story, the childhood friend route. With a lot of twist read more
Aug 23, 2010
The reason I read this manga is that it’s made by one of my favorite manga author~ and its only 26 chapter long~

The things that happened in the first chapter is so sudden~ Basically a very beautiful and mysterious High school girl named Hagiwara Natsuki suddenly intrude a Middle school boy named Ochiai Kouta's house asking him to let her stay there~ The plot use is a basic one so expect it to be predictable in some point of the story~ but I still like the concept of a middle school boy and a high school girl living under one roof, it makes me read more
Aug 22, 2010
The first time i read this manga was about 7 years ago, this is the first ecchi manga that i've read. Well, I didnt know that this is an ecchi~ i thought this was a hentai~ yeah yeah ive seen this together with some bunch of hentai mangas back then~ and the author said that this is not a hentai, its just an erotic one (laughs)

This is about the love-comedy story of two newly wed couple Makoto and Yura-san. The Author, using them as a sample together with the different people and couple they encounter, discuss about the basic problem of both man and women read more
Aug 21, 2010
J again is like the episode 26 of the first season that been cut into 6 parts and watching it straight is like watching a movie~ now now Mecha-harem anyone? :D

A lot of things has happened in this OVA, but the main story was about a sudden awakening of a Marionette with a serial number NSMX-1, with no memories of who made her and from what country she came from. She met Lime in the forest and thus begun her daily life in the Otaru household together with Faust saber dolls named Tiger, Luchs and Panther. No one knows the impending danger that awaits them read more
Aug 20, 2010
Man~ it sure is good to re-watch some old anime sometimes, too much 720p-1080p is bad for your health (hehe). Specially if its Sci-fi, Comedy and Romance... well the action is not bad either.

The story revolves around Otaru Mamiya and his three Marionettes named Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry, but they are not just an ordinary ordinary marionettes, they have a system called "Maiden Circuit" that act like the source of their emotion thats why they can laugh and cry. A futuristic setting in a planet named Terra - II in the country of Japones where there are no female and all male are born from read more
Jun 30, 2010
i never thought i will write a review of an anime~ well i guess ill try~ I just finished re-watching this anime~ I miss this anime... last time ive seen it was 1996 or 97... and become one of my all time favorite... cant believe that this is a Shoujo type of anime XD~

Story: 7
Its a story about a 3 random girls that been summoned from earth by a princess from a different planet and the only way home is to save their planet Cephiro but there's more to it than that... The story was made so that children and children at heart read more