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Musmontis Sep 24, 2016 5:22 PM
Это постер фейкового мувика ufotable, "анонсированного" 1-го апреля в комплекте с еще несколькими, которые даже наверное можно и найти, если поискать.

Твой очарователен и красноречиво транслирует романтический флер, охвативший чью-то подстреленную душу. Что неудивительно, учитывая исходник кроссовера и о чем он.
Musmontis Sep 24, 2016 3:42 PM
Только после вас, падаван.
ЗЫ: скинь ссылку на весь кроссовер, пожалуйста.

> Монтаныч вернулся
Замечено с самого что ни на есть начала
Konani Feb 8, 2016 5:07 AM
well; Berserk had the worst ending i've seen ever in the history of seeing/reading anything at all _xD!
-but i've only seen the old anime, still, horrible!

i think End of Evangelion had a pretty weird ending, just the two of them left on the world, or in japan? the story doesn't tell, but it was a pretty fucked up series anyway, so i can accept that ending.

i think that... Magic knight Rayearth, possibly; they didn't have a name of the place, which pissed me off.. or if that was RG Veda...-one of those, anyway.

Escaflowne was somewhat unsatisfying; it left too many questions. whatever happened to that girl, what she was even, etc.

oh; and Sora no Otoshimono.
40 minutes of tension building up, then POOF! fuck you audience 8D!
that was like a massive, unwanted object shoved up the rear. -but that was also an open ending, or something..

as for stuff that has ended in a way i didn't want it to end, hm... that doesn't exactly have an open end, hm..
i think... hm, that's a pretty tough one; since open endings, i don't quite count as endings, whereas when it comes to endings....
maybe the Mononoke-serie...
-or Katanagatari ended with something i didn't want to happen, that person kinda-.. died, and it made me sad, i felt sorry for the other character and didn't like the end because of that..
-the ending of Cyborg 009 from 2000s was unsatisfying, since i felt like there should have been more to it, or that it was kind of a trick-ending rather than a real ending..

and Ranma½ manga, i didn't like the end of, i wanted some of the characters to get together for reals but that didn't happen -w-....
Konani Jan 24, 2016 11:04 AM
hm, i like accurate information though, and what could be more accurate than the original creator's own original work?
if they write a character's 8.5 feet tall, then the character's 8.5 feet tall .o.~!!

-sounds like some rather poisonous things there in the fandoms, but i don't think i've been around those kinds of crowds since the discussions i've had about fandom things has usually been civil and people's not been all that harmful.
i mean, DearS manga even had an 'official fanbook' printed and released, with stories from fans rather than the original authors,

but i like closure _xD
i like not being left guessing "but are they a couple or is it just friendship?!!"
and all of that kinda stuff .w.
besides; isn't it also very nice when the authors actually manage to give the readers/watchers what they want? I was very thrilled when it turned out that Xaki, love at first sight, got super-attached to the womanizer of the series Owo!
hilarious, über-cute, very satisfying -w-

i rather get pissed if i don't get closure once i've finished a series. it doesn't feel like it's finished if there's just a big-fat open ending, like Berserk!
Konani Jan 23, 2016 4:15 AM
yeah, i know- i just never liked her much -.w-.

and no, i'm the kind of person who likes answers _xD
there can still be things happening afterward; if people don't die, they can go on doing stuff and being happy, you pretty much know what they'll be doing even after the series end and that makes room for more stories about the characters anyway .w.

and i don't regularly go against the original creator's ideas and thoughts; if it's canon, then it's canon, and i'm happy with that. if people want to make fanon kind of couples or content, then they're still very much able to do that, from any point of time within the series and with whichever characters they want, there's nothing stopping them even if this character ends up with that character in the story .w.
Konani Jan 22, 2016 4:47 AM
hmm, i do like some happy endings myself, i mean; Evangelion's original "happy" ending was that Shinji had just been seeing everything that his life Could be like, if he chose it. Or it Could be just a regular life of a regular highschool boy, without being forced into a gigantic robot and fighting aliens to protect humanity and whatevers. That didn't feel like a happy ending, really _xD
-and then the compensation happy-ending, from the End of Evangelion movie= there's just Shinji and that girl left,.... ta-dah, then it ends= wtf _xD

and i think, and feel- that if a character has suffered through enough, i think they deserve to have a happy ending >w<'
i kinda-sorta dislike those open kind of endings to a series, that leave you guessing "but- how did this go? what happened next?!" Kinda like how Inu Yasha (the anime at least) had a happy ending _x3
-i think the characters deserved it, for everything they'd been put through >w<'

on the other hand, i think it depends very much on how the series has been, what kind of things the characters has been through; Barakamon and Gingitsune doesn't have much in terms of conflict, and the characters just go about their regular, everyday lives as the series ends- while Brigadoon on the other hand has had such heavy conflicts, emotions, events- people dying (or being mortally wounded) and so on, so forth.
I'm rather content with endings in general though; as long as they answer the questions the show has _xD!
Like big, fat, crucial things; did that character survive? did those characters become a couple? did that nation go to war or was it solved peacefully? did they ever find that super-important thing they were gonna find? etc. etc. _xD
Konani Jan 21, 2016 12:10 PM
well- i love Melan, but would probably not have liked him as much without his relationship with Marin, the ones making it to my list are big-BIG-time favorites -w-'
and unfortunately i love lots of things, i easily become engaged with characters and their stories, but out of the many, many hundreds- if not even thousands, of characters i've come across, only a selected few makes it to my list, same with anime and manga; there are space available for more, yes, but iiit's.... not quite there, simply ^^'

my number 2 and 4, i love because they're so wickedly evil -w-
number 1 and 3 are my faves since they're socially awkward, but are still big, good guys despite being rough on the outside =w=
number 5 and 7 went through a lot, struggled, overcame huge obstacles, and developed very far in terms of character -w-
-...basically they've all made a heavy impact on me, depending on what they've gone through in their series _xD

i like desperation, wickedness,
and big-strong undivided love towards their object of affection; which would be Xaki. I don't think he spoke more than 3-5 times for the entirety of the manga, but he... was.. just like a gigantic puppy ;w;
-and the only *real* male x male in the manga, which also boosted him up as a favorite _|D!
-the anime simply doesn't make DearS any justice -_-''

oh, yeah, and i suppose another thing in Melan's case;
he was there, doing things, but you didn't really get any insight -or whatever it's named, to the character. There were hints at him thinking or feeling things some very, very few times, but nothing (before the end) was really concrete either, you just had to keep guessing and keep guessing _x3
maybe he just felt kind of... what's the name, dislocated? alien? stuff, like if the ones making the anime even wouldn't let the audience really get to know him, only scraping a bit on the surface on the character-...... kind of ._.''''?
Konani Jan 21, 2016 4:56 AM
heh, it's an excellent show; it's just the right length to love without it becoming too long, or too short. but i still wish there was more to it, and that not everyone was left guessing what happened after that last scene _xD

but i think it's pretty unique with.... everything _xD
girl x bio-engineered android (or somesuch)
younger than 14 with their entire world against them, literally- except the people that raised her, it's so goddamn cruel- i love it _XD!
and all the purple blood O_o' -i wonder if the age-rating would have been different if the blood wasn't purple _xD

but it was so. good! >w<'
character development, bad moments and good moments made a good scale for each other, seriousness and comedy, lots of fanservice _XD
seriously, i didn't think anything much of it at first, due to the art-style of the show, but you simply can NOT get enough of these kind of series, and i love Melan's character; he's so socially awkward >w<'
then there's the obvious bonus for being the strong, silent type and all of that _x3
Konani Jan 20, 2016 8:23 PM
heh-hah- friendship across the pages _X3

i'm hoping to up my doodle-skills too and produce some fanart, if i'd ever be able to make the characters justice ;w;'
Konani Jan 20, 2016 4:02 PM
oh, i'm on myfigurecollection too; Konani there as well ;3
-i really love collecting figures though, and would pay some hefty money for the characters from that series,
....if only i had the skills to make one myself, i'd prolly try red melan while holding marin =w=.....
Konani Jan 20, 2016 5:03 AM
So it seems :)
so if only some 2-3 milion people shared that passion, maybe there'd be more to the series- like in terms of merchandise and getting to show off how much of a fan you are >w<'
Musmontis Jan 10, 2016 3:46 AM
>гибче меня

С чего ты взяла?
До ликующего появления хантероты в жизни вашего покорного слуги, ассортимент как любимых вещей/фандомов, так и любимых персонажей у меня находился в могильной стагнации полных два года, что гораздо дольше любого твоего срока. Я уж даже думала: все, перегорела для свежего мяса.

>список любимого если и меняется, то как-то очень плохо и неохотно.

И это я слышу от человека, буквально на днях проникшегося Big O так, что аж десятку ему влепил, и сочтенного недалекими тумблеринами UC-элитистом)
Musmontis Jan 4, 2016 3:00 AM
Я не сколько вернулась, столько никуда и не уходила. Мисато всегда замыкала великую четверку (с недавних пор, к счастью, разросшуюся до пятерки) поистине незыблемо царящих над моим сердцем женских образов. Остальные: Токо, Хрона, Реки и многия другия раскрасавицы - игроки замены, которыми я периодически освежаю общий консервативный застой. Просто давно не обновляла лист.
OpenDoorLeia Jan 2, 2015 7:36 PM
I see.
It's getting pretty cold out, for me ;w; Honestly, I can't stand winter.
OpenDoorLeia Dec 29, 2014 10:27 PM
Thank you, comrade! I assume you had a pretty good Christmas??