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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
May 21, 8:47 PM
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
May 21, 7:13 PM
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Somali to Mori no Kamisama
Somali to Mori no Kamisama
May 21, 6:57 PM
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Jan 31, 6:33 AM
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Solo Leveling
Jan 18, 9:15 AM
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Jan 11, 9:11 AM
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ccenkcc Mar 20, 5:51 PM
I see your Keyaru. And feel your grindset.
HDQJ8 Feb 9, 10:18 PM
Pupa is too infamous not to try out lmfao

Now that you mention it, Redo does have a lot of rewatch value. I would argue though that as an anime not soo much. But for the good s3x scenes yea sure why not.

Hey it's fine! I don't mountain climb all that often either, just go for it when the timing's right and everything should workout fine. 3 weeks? That's bonkers I have not heard of such a thing. Legit crazy level of commitment just to see something

An anime related to mountain climbing would be "Yama no Susume" They climb a lot of different mountains in Japan. Not sure if you have seen this but season 2 is way better than season 1. Season 1 was just 3 mins per damn ep unfortunately. Season 2 took it up a notch to make it 13 mins per ep which made it much more significant when exploring the mountain climbing side of things.

Nice to hear that! I'm g anytime if my studies don't interrupt. Otherwise game!
FourSeasonSage Feb 8, 8:55 PM
FourSeasonSage Feb 8, 8:52 PM
Ahaha, I have been labeled many things in my travels and proudly accept the title of degenerate scum; in fact, one could even say I've fallen too far into the abyss, the white whistle around my neck a trophy rather than a curse. Ah, Megumin-dono, is that not a white whistle I see as well?

Ah, I see, I see- this path yes; it is one that I have also found myself traversing from time-to-time, occasionally my faltering step would lead me into truly darker paths where even the bravest hang their heads in shame and fear, but in search of wisdom, one cannot doubt the decisions they make. It could be said, Megumin-dono, that while some enjoy the hills and dips of well worn paths, others may yet prefer the untouched flatlands as true signs of beauty on the horizon- my path to enlightenment encourages a traveler to be prepared and accepting for whatever comes their way.

Now then, as to your enquiry, it would seem that my grimoire's of older renown may be of interest to you:
I'd suggest looking up the works of, Bitimaru (The Kyouko to Are series especially), BadHands' Souko no Tobari series, Girls Aloud! by Arekusa Mahone (a classic) anything by Yukiu Con, Kedama Tamano's succubi epic, and a personal favorite, Gomennasai's 'that girl is an urban legend'. I'd also throw in the tankoubon 'Mida Love' by Ootsuka Reika as a true tome that embodies my sage philosophy, and the obscure, Kyoutarou Suzuki's 'JC Ex'. If the darkness beckons, then I'd say 'Atatakai Yuki' by Amagappa is a gentle, light starting point, though do remember, 'when one peers into the abyss, the abyss peers back.'

However, Megumin-dono, it may interest you to know that there is even transcendence beyond this! Alas, it is no longer the words and arts of the devilish sirens that stir our blood to its core that make the hairs stand; rather, it is the alluring yet blasphemous songs and utterings of their maiden tongues that has awaken new interests in me. Ah, the wonderful sounds you can hear, truly, a wonderous time in our empire. Oh, my dear Kozue, cough cough forgive my foolish tangent, whimsy strikes me sometimes.

De-wa, I take my leave and if we hold audience again, then so be it and I look forward to your thoughts.

Tacticallusion Feb 8, 6:11 PM
Tacticallusion Feb 8, 6:10 PM
what does this mean
Tacticallusion Feb 8, 6:10 PM
they are both good in their own ways
HDQJ8 Jan 31, 7:09 PM
When climbing a mountain a lot of factors come into play. Athleticism, experience etc etc.

As somebody who literally lives in a mountain, the best advice I can give would be pacing. Don't try to go too fast as you can be gassed out immediately regardless of one's athleticism. Maybe go with a group. It's better if there are others there serving as your benchmark and motivation too.

For things to bring
1. Water and some sports drink
2. Snacks/Food ( Usually I bring one or two protein/breakfast bars)
3. Flashlight ( I always bring this just in case as I have used it at least 3-4 times)
4. Maybe a change of clothes ( I rarely change when I hit the peak but there are circumstances this would be useful in)

I am not the most experienced as I hike often but I rarely scale huge mountains. When it comes to Mt Apo, it would be better to bring more than I suggested above. Though those are the bare minimum I usually bring.

Goodluck and have fun

HDQJ8 Jan 28, 8:52 PM
Which reminds me, interesting that you gave Redo of a Healer a 10! Is it due to the revenge plot with the taboo theme of r@pe added in? Or perhaps you just enjoyed all the lewd aspects of the anime that are worthy enough for it to be classified as a masterpiece? Strange yet fascinating for someone to score it a 10 hahaha

P.S: I am very proud to be your 69th comment hahaha
HDQJ8 Jan 27, 7:48 PM
Well part 1 so far is not too good. It's quite cringe plus the Dio stuff I'm not really digging it. Alrighty, sounds good hahaha. I'll definitely watch this anime slowly and not too fast. It does not seem like the type of anime I would want to binge tbh.

Maybe I will binge Mushoku Tensei soon since you have recommended it several times already? Let's see where it goes.
FourSeasonSage Jan 27, 8:36 AM
No no, Megumin-dono; in these troubled times for the empire, it is only justified that one be weary of random inquiries.

My travels, if by chance or providence, have somehow brought our paths into a cross-road, so I ask- does thou seek the wisdom of a long wearied sage? It would seem that we are creatures of the same cloth; followers of the religion known as hentai, and I feel that my knowledge on such matters is... vast, and learned.
HDQJ8 Jan 26, 6:28 AM
Tbh I expected more from Jojo and 4 eps in it's pretty boring. I'm watching Jojo cause my friend keeps shoving this recommendation down my throat every other time we talk about anime. So might as well start? He keeps saying it gets better from the point I am at, just saying after 4 episodes of Phantom Blood, I am not impressed. It's just some confrontations of Dio being an evil arse and Jonathan learning the "Hamon" technique. Def a 6/10 thus far, I hope it improves soon.

Lmfao right? Since Albedo, Shalltear and a few other members of Nazarick wants to mate with Ainz. It feels especially weird when you imagine if he has a p3nis or not. Like seriously? Why they all fighting for him if he ends up having no d1ck?

Well that's def not my type of anime waifu or preference when it comes to real women. Hence why I seriously disliked Komi san because the comedy was the entire class simping for her cause of her beauty for 12 episodes. It was seriously cringe. But hey, I on purposely watch bad animes from time to time just for the sake of watching XD. I mean you need to balance it out right, not every anime you encounter is gonna be an awesome 9 out of 10 would recommend.
tyoshi9 Jan 25, 6:06 PM
HDQJ8 Jan 25, 8:21 AM
Agreed the soundtrack was pretty neat. I loved the tribal sounds and the sudden AHHHsss in between. Tower of God still has it's saving points hence why I gave it a 4/10. Overall it was still pretty damn boring, I really did not enjoy watching it.

I will watch Jobless Reincarnation in due time, that is something I will watch for sure.

Oh nice, I'll see you off virtually on Feb 5 ( if I remember then haha)

Well I kind of do agree with the cringy close interactions. Hence why I mentioned that it was a 9.5 and I just rounded it up to a 10 instead cause why not hahaha. The enjoyability really was there and I genuinely enjoyed the show.

Lmfao I understand where you are coming from in Overlord hahaha. I wonder can Ainz even do it with any of his subordinates? Like can he manifest a p3nis? I mean c'mon now I'm pretty sure he can since he was able to alter his appearance when he was asked to take off his helmet as Momon. So can he grow a p3nis?

Oh Miss Nagatoro was cringy? I was gonna give it a watch at some point and now you have convinced me to put it further back in the list.
HDQJ8 Jan 25, 12:29 AM
Yo Hentaimaster69, still in the PH? I notice we are both watching the same anime (Tower of God) it’s pretty bad and overrated ain’t it?