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Apr 6, 2016
A post modern masterpiece, which will be remembered in centuries. The genius writing, the clever use of symbolism, foreshadowing and depth, combined with lifelike characters, create one of the most unique and immersive experiences I have ever come across in my life, even rivaling classic novels and puts them to shame. It even crosses the line of some taboo topics such as racism and conspiracy theories, a marvel indeed. But it doesn't stop there, it comes with top-notch visual fidelity, even now for a 20 year old title and a soundtrack, that will make you forget Hans Zimmer, Michael McCann or Yuki Kajiura existed. A read more
Dec 4, 2015
This is probably the greatest anime I have the good fortune to even gaze upon the art style, let alone watch it. I have merely watched it for 2 hours and it has already changed my life. Before watching this anime, I weighed 647 pounds, Now I weigh merely 178 pounds. It has gifted the gift of a good career in film directing, and has guided through the troubles of early adulthood. This Anime is a second parent to me. Zumomo to Nupepe, is my savior. All hail Zumomo to Nupepe!

As my dad was always fond of saying,
"You'll pay for the whole seat, read more