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Sep 26, 2016
a little hard to write a review about this show, because it has seinen genre, that means you wouldn't feel the story until it happen to yourself.

i would say it has a good story, why ? because when you watch it, it remind you the feeling of eating with someone. the comedy part support the main story too, and it became a new sense that different to the other show. you may have a complain with food fanservice, maybe you feel it's disturb, but it is not koufuku graffiti if it doesn't have fanservice because it is the main part of this show.

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Sep 26, 2016
i rarely write a review, but i write it for guide if you cannot decide watch it or not.

if you a fans of martial art, it may suitable for you, because so many martial art showed every episode and you never bored watch that part. but i must warn you if you looking for a good show because so many thing doesn't support the art itself.

i can say the story is a fatality, unstable pace and some part doesn't connect with the other part may the main reason to drop it and there so many unnecessary fanservice which disturb the enjoyment of the show.

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Jul 31, 2015
I just want to write short review about this movie.

The story begin with more complexity about sybil system. it start to expanding, so the background is another branch of sybil system. it give new great sensation and more sense. because at these floating island, there some intern war and some new killer machine type appeared. you can see some great action from the war. the story is more than good, but it make me remember psycho pass 2 because there sort of sybil system for the reason of war.

for the art, i don't have any complain because the art is good even for the details read more