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Jan 31, 2015
Preliminary (39/? chp)
This is going to be a short -spoiler free- review, mainly because of the fact that nobody did a review on it gets on my nerves somewhat.

My first opinion? Its nice.
This isn't a mindblowing piece of work but it's nice.

The story is a bit/alot more unique compared to what i have seen over the time i have been reading it really is different but I wont talk about it much because there is a small synopsis if you scroll up ^. But can i just say the story or rather not much gets moving till chapter 20+ i guess? Maybe less.

The artwork its nice in ...
Dec 23, 2014
Preliminary (12/51 chp)
Wow, Wow and possibly another WOW. That's my opinion of Clockwork Planet.
So why do i think that? (Keep in mind i don't review often so please don't be too criticizing)

I Found Clockwork Planet whilst mindlessly clicking through manga sites and am i glad i did, i suspect nobody would like to read big blocks of text so i'l keep it short.

Now as of the time of this review only 12 chapters have came out but wow the story is quite intriguing, writing any more may be classed as spoilers but i am very excited to see how it plays out.

Unless it's very obvious i ...
Nov 9, 2014
I FINALLY FINISHED IT!. Wow, its hard to believe that this manga started in 2003 and now over 10 years later i'm here writing a review wondering why the hell i didn't start reading manga at 4 years old instead of playing on my dreamcast or whatever.

I saw this manga catching my eye not long ago and since then i have marathoned it from start to finish and I am telling you now, its worth it.

Now I'm not personally good at writing reviews so I'll just drop a few things here:
> Give it time for the story to start - at the beginning it's a ...
Oct 31, 2014
Now i don't do reviews. its not me so but i just had that feeling to write my opinion on this one especially. I'l keep it short and sweet.

+ What i liked:
> Nice characters, the MC reminds me of that in Trinity Seven and is actually not useless at all.
> Nice art, to me it felt very consistent throughout.
> It was actually quite a funny read for me.
- What i Disliked:
>Its too short, in the end the manga was axed and thus resulting in a really rushed ending in the last two chapters. Its a shame really as it was quite a fun read but ...

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