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Special A
Special A
Jul 29, 6:00 PM
Re-watching 6/24 · Scored 9
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Jul 29, 3:24 PM
Watching -/25 · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero Specials
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie: Futari no Hero Specials
Jul 29, 3:13 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 7
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Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
Apr 22, 1:19 PM
Reading 10/? · Scored -
Love Prism
Love Prism
Feb 16, 7:31 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 3
Abarenbo Honey
Abarenbo Honey
Feb 16, 7:31 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 6


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joshuad2002 Jul 18, 10:52 AM
ok no playing nice anymore. this is the official announcement of the hashtag I came up with. #Saveuzaki vote with your words and wallets people. they won't cancel us. the manga is a good start. let's get this going on twitter or anywhere else hashtags are used #saveuzaki
joshuad2002 Jun 19, 6:38 AM
You're Good. the ova is rare anyway.
joshuad2002 Jun 18, 6:33 AM
it's a dead website. if I find it I want to download it because of how rare it is for whatever reason.
joshuad2002 Jun 18, 6:30 AM
Thanks, I'll let you know if I find it.
joshuad2002 Jun 17, 4:03 PM
this might be a dumb question but I saw your review of the junjou Romanica ova and I'd like to know how you got the 2 episodes of the ova. the ova seems to be hard to find and I don't think their on the blu-rays. so if you could help me that would be great thanks.
Haru-san337 Apr 13, 3:25 AM
Hi!Thanks for the add!
Tomo_01 Mar 3, 11:35 AM
I see you're back. or not

Interesting to see Tokyo Ghoul in your favourites. I'm currently reading the manga, and loving it quite a bit more than the anime.
Tomo_01 Jan 7, 11:13 AM
Ah, diverse! Those are part time studies you're doing on top? (This word is confusing because the 'minor' is part of our third year, in which we're given the freedom to follow basically any courses we want). So apart from just writing, you're also doing a study related to it, nice! What type of things have you written?

So purchasing power and the Dutch version of the word are literal translations of each other. That's indeed the definition we got with economics as well. I dropped the subject, but actually thought it was quite interesting too. What's with me and broad interests?

Taxes are about 37.5% for anyone with an income lower than (roundabout) €70000. Only if you earn more than that, the taxes on money you earn on top of the €70000, are about 50%. America has a flat tax rate, I think? How would lower tax rates play into the money issue, though? I might be misunderstanding your question here XD

The process around retirement funds is more strict here too. The amount of money that's held back isn't negotiable. I do very much prefer the system here, though.
Wait, if I understand correctly, when you work until the agreed age, you get twice the money you let your employer hold back? Wow.

Also, as a bit of randomness... There's a group chat of people living in the same student complex as me, and I am sure its ridiculous name is only an inside joke. But for some otherworldly reason, it has the same name on Google Maps. -_- This inside joke went way too far XD
Tomo_01 Jan 6, 12:17 PM
I'm actually surprised at myself for not including a dead-serious, non-hypocritical "I dO NOt AppREciATe sArCaSM!" in my previous message. That's a very admirable job to study for, though. Sounds like a tough study as well, considering you've gotten so caught up in it the past months. Ah, well, that's to be expected. It also aligns with what I hear about it in the Netherlands XD

The average salary here is around €35k. Converting that, I think that's very similar to the low salary in America you mentioned ($40k). Now, I've tried translation sites for a specific word, but... don't tell me 'purchasing power' is actually correct English. It already sounds stupid in Dutch, but that sounds even weirder. XD
I assumed you could buy pretty much the same in America and the Netherlands for an equal amount of money, until you first mentioned the debts. Could a difference in that regard play a role? Regardless, I can see what you're saying about consumerism being very prominent in America. To some extent, it's a thing here as well, but definitely way less so.

Here, depending on how high it is, a certain portion of your income is held back as gradual repayment (with things like student loans and mortgages, anyway). Do you mean that with doing budgets, or people themselves reserving a certain portion of their income to repay debts?

Thanks, I'll definitely check all of those out at some point - except for the diabolical one. The rest sounds like very fun stuff!
Ako- Jan 6, 6:30 AM
You are right and nice insight I didn't think of the length of each media. I also know some lesbians who like yaoi too, but it makes me feel they are a bit bisexual because of that. (maybe they refuse to date men, but like men in anime?)
that's true, that women, to get something sexual they go for yaoi. I've heard that normal porn is more oriented towards men since the camera is always on female parts which is why women turn to gay porn.
I did hear in news or somewhere that women watch a lot of lesbian porn. I think I even read that link before. It made me curious why lesbian porn is popular for normal girls, but gay porn is not for normal males. I think it was because women don't like how normal porn is always about penetration. The link says that p***** licking is popular. What kind of porn do you like to watch, if you dont mind saying? My strangest fetish is trans lol. I can understand why the link says that trans is getting popular because I am part of the statistic. Not real life trans though, mostly anime.
I thought it was interesting that you said you werent that attracted towards penises. What part of males do you like the most?
I would go into detail about what I liked about the female body but I'd just sound like a pervert. But I pretty much like everything anyway and I think the face is important.
For male body, I can admire good abdominals and a good back. I know the "back" part is weird but theres just something very different about athletic's back vs normal man's back.

Well that's great that clits are not like penis since it wouldn't be a turn-on for straight males if clitoris were like penises anyway
I did enjoy Banana Fish, thinking back I think it may of been a bit similar to Princess Principal since both had stuff related to crime, and the MC were sneakily doing stuff. Both had nice climaxes(not the sexual climax, the story climax) Both is a bit gay, but banana fish was more gay since it had kisses, rape, etc.
Real life gore, not staged. Not porn either. Just random news on people getting hit by cars, their insides getting squished out, etc. Theres a site where you can watch stuff like that. The users on the site even do stuff like take out their own eye and video it online. I don't know much about the site though, I only go there rarely.
I do feel disgust when I think about incest in real since I have siblings,parents etc. My disgust goes a bit lower when its cousins for some reason. And then I feel no disgust for sibling incest in anime, in fact it is a bit exciting because it is forbidden love, just like how gay relationships used to be. But parental incest in anime still seems disgusting to me. So I think I kind of know how you feel.
Tomo_01 Jan 5, 2:50 PM
Damn, sounds like a mess! People having trouble with fully paying back a debt with an income of $40,000 boggles my mind. So there's way too little information given at high school about loans and the job market?

Any outstanding ones from that anime shorts binge, or other great shorts in general?
Tomo_01 Jan 5, 4:07 AM
Pfft, the difference... If I count all 5 years I will be studying (to get a master degree on top of the bachelor), the total tuition fees will still be just short of €10000. So in comparison, that's virtually nothing. XD
I'm very happy with my choice of study, it's very interesting so far! You're doing some kind of biological study, I presume?

I'm incredibly tardy with sequels. Mushishi is literally one of my favourite things ever, but I finished the first season half a year ago, and haven't even watched the seasons after that yet. -_- I still have to watch the second season of Code Geass as well. I'll remember to read your piece here after I've actually done so.

I've seen a few shorts:

Plastic Neesan: 12 episodes of only 2/3 minutes. This is, by all means, one of the most wacky and random comedies out there. I had a good time with it, it's actually very funny stuff.

Eve no Jikan: 6 episodes of ca. 15 minutes. Centering a story about robots gaining human conscience isn't especially original, but this was a very nice and subtly executed take on it.

Bookseller Honda-san: 12 episodes of ca. 10 minutes. Its comedy is far from amazing, but it's still a wholesome slice of life that shows a fun little rendition of working in a bookstore.

And then we have Shelter, which is just a music video of a song that's not even really my thing. The visuals are stunning, though, and tell a surprisingly impactful story.
Ako- Jan 4, 5:29 PM
I read the article, it was interesting to read. I even read the comments below it lol
I see where the article is going and what you mean. But I still strongly believe the main reason that girls like yaoi is because they love guys. Why one girl and one guy, when you can look at two guys? for this same reason, is why i think some guys like yuri.
Also I noticed that you said that you feel disconnected when you watch yaoi, which is why you like it. So I read this article before that guys don't like lesbian porn because they feel like they can't related since the girls dont have a penis lol. This is also why many guys want to see a male MC in harems otherwise they cant relate. Which is probably why yuri isn't as popular as yaoi.
That makes me wonder, how do you feel about penises when you see them in yaoi? Sorry for this weird question. It's often said that clitoris are like penises, have you heard that before?
It's not really that I don't like yaoi, I'm OK with it. I watched banana fish, it had gay kisses but it wasn't romantic it was for the plot I didn't mind it.
To add to that, I'm fine with NTR, ryona, incest, any fetishes, etc. I used to watch real life gore just out of curiosity. That's not good I guess lol.
I've seen doukyuusei before when I was checking out the top 500 anime and felt like watching a movie.
I remember being surprised when the kiss happened because I wasn't sure what lead that to happen. I guess I was young when I watched it. Other than that feeling I don't remember much, I know it was a happy ending though.
The Poem of Wind and Trees seems interesting, when I searched it I found that its already on my plan to watch list. Will try it when I find the timing. I watch different types of anime depending if my parents are home.. or if i'm eating something or not.. etc. I usually watch yuri when I know I won't be interrupted.
Do you do something similar?
Tomo_01 Jan 4, 1:33 PM
Ah, no, I haven't mentioned my study yet. It's a unique one, only given at my university: Soil, Water & Atmosphere. Examples of themes are soil processes, water management and climate (so climate change and human influence on the environment play a big role in the study as well).

A job on the side wouldn't be the best idea for me, since I'm slow as fuck with stuff like reading, which means I really have to focus on studying. So luckily, I can avoid it. I'm rooming alone, but it's still only €300 a month. I receive a monthly €350 as a gift for studying (thank you, Dutch government XD), so that goes a long way. This month, I'm gonna determine how much other expenses will be, so that I know how much I have to bump it up with an actual student loan.

Ah, I know what you mean with Lain, it's definitely confusing, and not an easy watch - but it did keep me interested all the way through.

Code Geass was polarizing, even on a personal level. It honestly had a lot of great things about it as well. As for things I disliked:
- I have a hard time accepting the way Lelouch decides to stand up against his father. I can't help but shake the feeling that using his ability to get himself on a plane, and then travelling to his father to kill him would have been way more effective. Instead, he leads the country into giant war that will take many people's lives, and that seems to have a smaller chance at succeeding.
- Lelouch made sure that everyone who found out about him being Zero, would forget that again. After a while, I thought that became kind of predictable, since it was pretty obvious he would eventually succeed in making them forget.
- I started out thinking Suzaku really had some decent points, but the more the anime proceeded, the more I just thought "Oh boy, there we have the dense block of never-yielding morality again".
- I do understand why some people liked Lloyd, but I personally thought his character was misplaced, and should have been put in some action comedy instead.
- That twist near the end really grinded my nerves. I don’t think “I could make you kill all those people” can be interpreted as an order in any way whatsoever, so it just doesn’t make sense that the Geass would react to that. It also ruined one of the most interesting developments in the series so far. Consequently, I wasn’t invested in the following developments and dramatic moments at all.

I actually know all of the series you recommended XD. I didn't really like Another (I've dedicated one of my only reviews towards it, actually), but I do get the appeal. Overall, Boku dake ga Inai Machi is indeed pretty good *cough* I have the manga in my favourites, HoW dID yOu NOt noTiCE? *cough*

As for Higurashi... I've read part of the VN, and that one is absolutely fucking amazing! I've only read 1 out of 5 chapters, and I finished that one quite a while ago... I should really get back to it sometime soon, its creepy moments really get under your skin, and its mystery element is nothing short of godly.
Tomo_01 Jan 4, 7:56 AM
Nope, no dorms around there, only rooms for 1 person (or 2, occasionally), which means there's quite a shortage of rooms. Normally the kitchen and bathroom are the only shared facilities, but I got my hands on a room where even those are individual (which is nice, if the average kitchen is actually as badly cleaned as some people say XD).

Kill la Kill does have a pretty ridiculous concept, but it executes it so well that I couldn't help but love it. It also helps that the show doesn't take itself too seriously, and I thought many characters were very funny, and I really liked its timing of jokes.

A few other recommendations:
One Punch Man: This is a very boring recommendation, but it is an amazingly looking action series with great comedy.
Serial Experiment Lain is a great series in the mindfuck realm, and Paranoia Agent is a pretty good one too.
Yakosoku no Neverland is a lot easier to follow, but still has very thrilling psychological battles (and the dark, horror-like setting is great as well).

Not too big on gory/murder centered stuff myself, but I do really like psychological horror, and don't mind if there's some gore or whatever coming with it (I mean, Outlast is my favourite horror game, so.. yeah). I actually had quite a few problems with Code Geass, but I love politically tinted stuff of the like. I've seen very little anime in those categories though, do you have any recommendations?