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Mar 30, 2014
"Do not forget who you are"

In a world that the south and the north at conflict the ones who suffer the most as always are the civilians. Sentan Island where our mc is located where everthing is beautiful, it never heard or felt war, when the gears of the destiniy starts to revolve nothing stays the same, some will change for the better, some will perish...

Our MC Akiyuki by some white haired girl named Nazuna recieves Hiroko or Xam'd in a terrorist attack and then forced to live a life that is away from his family and the love of his life -helluva girl- Haru. read more
Sep 15, 2013
------Includes Ep 1 Spoilers--------

Story: In a world that giants/titans exist the humanity is nearly become extinct. The humans trying to oppose the titans fought them over and over till they could not and suffered great losses. They lost their homes, their lands, their fellow friends to these non intelligent, non caring, and disgusting giants. Just when they gave up all the hope they built a "wall" that is so high none of these creatures could come in. Humans finally found a way to oppose the titans... but it was not for granted. The peacefull days were over after 100 years when the 2nd greatest disaster read more
Sep 15, 2013
Like all of the "High School" themed animes it starts pretty normal. Though after a few minutes into it you start to see the uniqeness in this serie.Our mc "Hikigaya Hachiman" the lone wolf, a guy who has no friends but unlike the other animes this guy has no trouble with it instead he is proud the fact that he is alone. He doesn't involve himself with others, other than when it is necessary,he is a pretty slick guy with brains and a uniqe outlook at the society, his home room teacher seeing this and worrying that he will not blend in with the read more
Jul 4, 2012
The Mightiest Disciple... do i need to say even more :D This anime (also manga) is a top notch fighting, martial arts anime.Well think of it as a anime that progresses as the mc gets stronger it adds content, more amazing stuff and ecchiness..

Story :
Well it is a cliché stroy. The weak are bullied and thay want to get stronger to protect their beloved ones. But the presentation is buffed with characters, emotion (voice acting) also fights ! and it doesn't seem out of place so (10/10)

Sound :
The animes all time music is good the fights are much more epic and it also adds read more
Jun 28, 2012
Code Geass even for it's name you would give a 10/10. The anime is just pure awesomeness they don't go and make animes of this caliber any more...

Strory :
So it begins pretty normal introducing Leluch and his genius in chess and all, from that moment on you realize that this anime would be an brain buster. Not only it uses strategy it also uses "brain" unlike most of the animes. Continuing that he meets our mystrious power undying girl C.C .From that point on he gives Leluch his power that he desired so that he could change this world for a better for his read more
Jun 26, 2012
Story :

The story is about a boy who falls in love with a ghost.That much maybe is not exiting or interesting nor it is unique. But the making of the story is what is good. They could just have made something cliché but i am glad it didn't turned out that way. It had it's sad, funny, scary, ecchi ? :D moments and all were processed so wel into it that nothing seemed out of place. Once you start watching you crave for it, that' s the kind of anime Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is (10/10)

Art :

Art seemed very well made it was read more