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Sep 21, 2019
I don't recommend this feature film for anyone interested in getting into the Cutey Honey franchise or anyone who is already a fan of one of the more mainline series. It doesn't adapt from the manga like the original, it doesn't have the titty factor or fight scenes found in Shin or Re. Danpei is the principal and Alfonne is mostly cut out entirely. However, those of you who are already familiar with the main Flash Series (which in and of itself isn't a good representation of the franchise as a whole) and understood what it was going for may gain some enjoyment from this read more
Jun 27, 2019
*Warning! Heavy Spoilers!*

Story: 3
Art: 3
Sound: 5
Character 3
Enjoyment: 3
Overall: 3

This will be a review for the anime “Re-Birthday”, a film that so few on MAL have seen yet is considered a hidden gem. Were this film to reach the wider public by some obscure, low budget, 70s kids anime oriented youtube channel like “AnimeEveryday” I have no doubt that it would be absolutely beloved by the entirety of MAL. As you can sort of infer I didn’t really enjoy this movie and there are good reasons for it. 

As those of you can plainly see: this anime was directed and animated by Magic Bus, a low budget hentai read more
Oct 13, 2018
Since nobody will bother to make a fair review of this literal ONE SHOT series (emphasis on the fact that its only a single chapter).

Story: Not the most original in comparison with the rest of Bleach. Just plain fun and interesting. But I like it that way to be honest. Things synch up well and it's an interesting read. Instead of Zanpakutos the British branch has guns. I feel like this could have used in a more creative way with the pistols changing form based on the commands their given like morphing into Shotguns or LMG's.

Art: Great as ever

Characters: I liked Noel's attitude and thought read more